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submitted by ( on Thursday, July 18, 2013

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Thanks to everyone for the warnings. I've been very fortunate over the last few years and haven't had mnay issues with payment. Most of our gigs are repeat "friendly" gigs, and we don't have any problems. We've had the odd moan when attendance has been poor, and the landlady of one pub in Broadstairs, where we played a couple of years ago, thought it very clever to keep us waiting for an hour after the end of the gig before paying us, aware that we had to get back to Maidstone. One central Maidstone pub did manage to double book us three times in a year a couple of years ago, but they're now off our list! These events are, thankfully, few and far between. As has already been mentioned, most landlords/landladies/organisers are decent, and full marks to those that are continuing to support live music even though many of them are having a tough time of it financially.

Kevin (Jumbo Gumbo and Atlantic Currants)

Hi Kevin, thanks for your feedback. No doubt about it, times are harder for the venues and bands (and us) After 32 years promoting bands and venues through millions of media placements every week we need additional venues and bands to use our services. With bigger audiences brought about by promotion, everyone wins.

submitted by ( on Tuesday, May 7, 2013


A polite message to all bands contemplating playing THE STAR in Ashford! Be careful, we have been given the run around three times now by this venue. They chop and change their minds like the weather and because of this we have lost good gigs we could have done at other venues…you have been warned!!!

Telephone: 07747 065967

Many thanks your website is brill and your efforts are greatly appreciated.

JJ Brunel

Thanks JJ, We are pleased to be able to provide what is needed.

It really is the end of Brandywine Music.

Brandywine Music, a music promoter based in Kent was founded by Keith Stockman, an avid music fan who wanted to bring quality acts to out-of-London venues to save the community the traveling and high priced tickets. They aimed to also give local performers opportunity to showcase their talents.

The company bravely expanded its promotions from Sevenoaks and took in additional venues throughout the South East. Keith gave up the day job in London and was joined by Kevin Tudor and Bob Whitehead and others to bring additional skills to the enterprise. The community indeed responded to many of the great acts that the team brought to some of the friendly venues in Kent & E Sussex but early in 2012 there were rumblings that there were problems. The concerts continued but it seems that the number of 'bums on seats' were not enough to compensate for costs.

It has been reported that Keith Stockman resigned from Brandywine Music in September, the remaining partners took legal advice over concerns they had with the finances of the company and have passed Brandy Wine Music LLP into the hands of a Liquidator. Needless to say that previously advertised events have been cancelled.

The promotion of live music has become a difficult and maybe tenuous venture without solid financial backing. We at help bands, venues and promoters cheaply distribute news of their events since 1981 with massive support from our media friends. We have watched the devastation over the the past couple of years in the business of both live and recorded music with giant record companies, promoters, festivals and venues going to the wall.
Perhaps it is time to ask WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?.

What is to blame?
For concerts
Tickets too expensive
Wrong acts being booked
Bands charging too much
The internet or TV devalued music
Too much music
Prefer video
Not interested
Can't afford to go out anymore

Free live music in pubs
Wrong acts being booked
Drink Drive problems
Can't smoke
Drink too expensive
Too much music
(if you are British) The weather
Not interested
Can't afford to go out anymore

Your comments are valued for our feedback page -

submitted by ( on Sunday, October 21, 2012

band: I am in a band

I want more: Gigs

comments: "Elementary" experienced covers band looking for gigs in Kent, playing a mix of old and modern covers from the eagles to ed sheehan. Low rates!

Mark -The right place for this notice is on Kent Musicians Web - Acts available

submitted by ( on Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I want more: drummers to just "shut up" when I am talking -

Other requests: Cowbell -

Great site. I have used it before, some years ago and it is very useful for musicians.

submitted by (THE FM ) on Thursday, March 8, 2012

the fm, gig guide, advert, thank you

You are welcome.That's what we are here for.

submitted by (terry***** on Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Band played a show in Sevenoaks for ******** just before Christmas. To date, they have neither paid us or returned any calls or e-mails to explain their actions. We are not the only ones; the other band playing that night have also been affected.

They had a very good Christmas on the back of that gig and even had the audacity to shake our hands.

We are now looking to take legal action.

Hi Terry
based on info on the web I assume you mean the 17th December 2011 - you don't state the bands names, are you the main band or the unmentioned support.
Sorry to hear you have had a problem with a Kent promoter, they are not one of our clients so I do not have info that is relevant..  I would post your comment in full but have not heard of others having problems with this promoter and if you are proceeding with legal action could affect your case or a counter action by them for defamation. I note that you or another has posted comment on their noticeboard/feedback page.

I suggest you look at the contract between yourselves and the promoter,  on paper, email or verbal to create your case and would be interested in the final verdict.


Dear Chris

Find you venue listings helpful but after many frustrating months trying to get in touch with ******** at the ********* in Maidstone I wonder if you could have some kind of protocol for those who want to appear on your listings, that they have the decency to get back in touch with bands, even if all they want to say is they don;t like a band.
I've sent e-mails and posted CDs at their request and heard nothing. Many places do get back in touch but there are those - like ******** - who are unable to treat bands with some level of courtesy.
I for one won't play there now, won't go there and will deter anyone else I know from same. Do you think kent gitgs should get venues to sign up to a 'fair play' policy which includes treating bands with a bit of decency?

Hi Adrian
Thanks for the note.
We do not control the activities of music venues, we just list their events to the web and media.
Re: *********
We have found them to be good clients and a popular venue with the bands.
They have already supplied us with the list of bands for the whole of 2012 so it makes sense that unless they have a gap it is unlikely a band unknown to them will get booked until 2013.

One thing I am sure of is that they are not rude and would not intentionally pick upon anyone in particular submitting information to them.
The popular venues in Kent are swamped with submissions from all over the UK in the same way as record labels, publishers, radio stations and newspapers are. It is just not possible to reply to everyone and of course only the best choices will be selected for a gig, a record release, editorial.or airplay.

Your choice of  which venue or band you go to see is your choice but I personally think that bad mouthing a popular venue because they have not replied to you would reflect upon your judgement with your friends. Why not do the same for the Leas Cliff Hall , Royal Albert Hall or BBC Radio 1- Have they invited you to play?.

We have a fair policy regarding what band see as unfair treatment and post some messages on our feedback page and copy to venue with a right of reply. At this time you have not stated your band name or locality as a clue for those interested.
Kind regards ....... Chris

Att.of Adrian
Im sorry no one came back to you on your e-mail I seriously dont remember receiving it. 
I always reply but if at first you dont succeed  why didnt you telephone , as you can see from my reply to Chris we are not horrible people and I really dont think you should bad mouth us.
We have been putting bands on here for 26 years and have never had a problem before. I dont even know the name of your band or you.
I trust you wont jump in with your feet first before trying the good old fashioned method of sending a cd and phoning next time.

submitted by  ( on Monday, October 31, 2011

Hi Chris,
Just to let you know I have found the team! Hu-flippin-rah! Many many thanks to you and your team for a such a great website.
THE musicians resource.

Thanks again for a superb job, the ad Are you a bass player or drummer that is looking to get back to the metal? can now come down.
With grateful thanks
Mark Heathcote

submitted by (***** on Monday, August 8, 2011

Please watch out when playing at D-REAM BAR GRAVESEND KENT (formerly The Railway Tavern) Played there last Sunday as a dep, pub quite full and all had a good time.
End of the gig packed down and was informed by the bar manager that they were not going to pay us due to not making enough profit.
The GUTLESS owner of the pub spoke to him from his home in Hoo and would not make anappearance.

submitted by (******** on Monday, August 8, 2011

comments: I went to the CLINSTONES gig at D REAM, formally the Railway Tavern last night, the 7th AUGUST. The manager of the pub was told by BASRA the owner of the pub not to pay the band. In other words he knocked them for the money! Because he didn't fancy paying!!!!! The pub was very busy, plenty going into the till from what I saw, and he got the kid who runs the pub to tell the band he was told not to pay them! To all bands out there, do not take a booking from this pub. They have to be taught a lesson. From what I understand legal action has been instigated with the small claims court and a report made to the Licensing department at Gravesham Council.These theives should not be allowed to get away with this!

Note:...Anonamous explanation from contact of the venue.
Apparently the band that arrived was not the band they booked and they spent a lot on advertising a wrong band !! Hence non payment and dissapointed customers !

submitted by (***** on Friday, August 12, 2011

comments:matter of interest, although i was only a dep drummer and did not know there was another band booked, the pub was informed before we started playing that we were not that was advertised.
Nothing was said about it and we were allowed to carry on. All punters that were in the pub loved the band and even got asked for an encore.
If the pub did not want us to play you tell the band BEFORE they set the gear up and BEFORE they play two full sets.
Bottom line is they just didnt want to pay for the band because the pub isnt doing well.

Did the Venue or Original Band discuss or arrange for the Dep. Band to attend and perform?
What were the terms of agreement between the hosting venue and the Original Band?
What were the terms between the Original Band and The Dep. Band to do the performance on their behalf.?
Did the Original Band or the Dep Band explain to the venue that there was a change to the expected performance before setting up and playing?
Did the venue accept the start of the performance of the Dep. Band?

If this case goes before a court the above will need to be answered and proved to establish who has breeched agreements and is liable for payments to the Dep Band.

It is possible that the Original Band is liable to the venue for non-performance + costs and to the Dep band for their fee.


Submit comment

Hi Chris
We have a major issue with this venue... Our apology to fans is below
Apologies to anyone who turned up for the Captain Howey gig. (9th March 2011)
Unfortunately when we arrived the landlord took an instant dislike to us and told us to "F### Off" refusing to pay us as well.
Needless to say the Musician's Union will be getting a call Monday to initiate legal proceedings. In the meantime we would love to hear from any other bands that have had a similar issue with the Captain Howey.
What I haven't included that the 6'+ behemoth also threatened to punch my 5'4" bass player....
A black listing of this venue would be more than appropriate, and I would be happy to convey the whole story over the phone.

Mark Simpson
Shameful Behaviour
Tel: 01634 229733 / 07908 912570

Hi Mark,
Sorry to hear about the landlord at The Captain Howey. It is rare that Kent venues renege on their contracts. Happily it is not a venue that promotes.
With any postings of this nature we welcome comment from both parties

submitted by ( on Friday, January 21, 2011

I am in a band

I want more: Cheaper Beer

comments: My Bands name is E.C.A we are a five piece eclectic outfit playing everything from Chilli Peppers to Van Morrison. Check us out at htp;//

I  would  like our drummer to shut up when im talking  ,,, JASE

Hi Jase,
Funny ol things - drummers. Could be that all the noise makes them blind?.
Why they have to keep hitting the drums in between numbers is a mystery, surely they would notice if someone had removed them...Chris

Just an epic thanks

For all that this site has done for me and sooooo many people. It's utterly brilliant, I've gained 8 students teaching pretty much just from putting an ad on kentgigs and it snow balling. This is getting me out of my dead end job slowly and that's a big deal. As well as this I've met musicians and bands through this and just really, thank you so much, it's brilliant, I hope you realise how much it's doing for people. SL...

Saw a news headline today saying Abbey Road to Record Pixies.
Not surprising really, quite a few good looking artists have been chased around the console there by faries.

Subject: Local Gigs

Hi, My names S***** I'm in a band called *********. We're from Canterbury and Herne Bay. We are looking for gigs in and around kent.
I wondered if you would be able to help us or at least point us in the right direction. heres a link to our Myspace

Hope to here from you soon,


,Hi S====
We don't book band ourselves but the are a lot of pub venues our there that are as bad as promoting themselves as you are. Your band, getting together with some of them may help you both.
I have spent a little time looking at the information you present. My reply may feel a little sarcastic, rubbish or close to the truth but there is no free lunch here or in the real world you have to stand up and be counted.
You say on your website that you have been around since 2007, yet we have not heard of you, you haven't even asked for a free listing on our Bands Page at or bothered to create a page on Mr Gig. Are you Hermits in Herne Bay?
You need to learn to promote yourselves and become confident and write more than -
You quote on Myspace
"A RocknRoll band of 6, we've been On It since 2007 managing to Wangle support for Kitty Daisy & Lewis, The BEES and Good Shoes along the way! "

I guess that it was a local festival and you didn't get paid.
Bands don't 'support' main artists they are supposed to entertain in their own right, based upon their talents to wow crowds and fulfill the the confidence in you given by the promoter.
The idea is that you should grow from the experience - not become shrinking violets afterwards.
We are not able to help you get gigs. Our job is to promote those already organised, on behalf of band or venue.
1. Get some decent photos of the band.
2. Write a meaningful One Sheet on the Band with past present and future information and prepare a press pack.
3. An agent or manager can book the band but are you good enough to attract and pay one? 
4. Just look around you in a 50 mile radius and get on the phone and call the venues, if you make enough calls you will get a booking. You just have to be prepared and professional.
5. Be prepared to visit the venue to discuss or supply promo kit..
6. You will normally be expected to provide posters for the venue in advance of the event. Even an A4 in black and white for a pub still needs someone to get off their backside and get proactive.
6. Make sure you have some popular covers in your set. A very small percentage of gig goers are purely interested in getting into new songs unless it is those that have pumped into their heads by the media.

From your myspace site it sounds like the band is capable but lacking in descriptive flair.
If you are able to perform 2 x 45min sets, transport yourselves, with your own PA and backline then it is time for you to get off your meek butts and start promoting yourselves.
Bands have to entertain audiences, in general they don't care who is on as long the band entertains.
It is not about You until you have earned it.
ie. Not Yet for you, I hope these note will help you get stronger.


Hi Chris
Further to our little grapevine upon which we can report, for the benefit of other acts, misdemeanors by those that hold the purse strings and the wages until we have finished our performance, we received disappointing treatment from Earls Bar in Maidstone this evening.
The landlord was an absentee one and, reachable only by phone at the end of the session, tried to knock off £100 from our agreed fee; moving the financial goalposts, I assume, in an effort to recoup some losses brought about by the weather induced lack of custom. We eventually and reluctantly accepted a £50 shortfall in our wages.
Our fee was agreed over the phone and there was no mistake. I have been dealing, as you know, with landlords et al - 99% of whom are brilliant -since Cliff Richard was three old pence a loaf and I do not make this sort of error.

We battled through the snow and ice to honour this gig; the bass player all the way from Romney. I will not however, be troubled by bad and churlish treatment from this particular venue again; my diary will have happier gigs written upon its pages. Those run by landlords and promoters who have become our trustworthy friends.

In short, just to say really, Chris, would you please advise acts to make sure of and in writing, the agreed fee at this venue.

Best wishes
Geoff Everett

Hi Geoff,
Good to see that a new verbal agreement was reached. As you say, generally landlords are good and responsible businessmen/ladies. There are some that are not.
There are some that think that just putting on a band will save their business. It won't.
The whole trade is suffering at the moment and January is a bad month without the current weather problems and some bands have just not turned up and not even notified the venue.
(could be a blessing for the venue if the customers can't get there as well)
There are some that effectively promote the events they put on. This one has never used the cheap promotional service we have provided venues like this during our 29 years supplying the media.
There are some bands that effectively use us to promote their gigs events, you don't,
but we know you tell other how to get the benefit.

Yeh! I know, cheap shot at promoting our services.
We too, are suffering from non-paying venues and those going bust.

The Britannia at Margate has been with us for more than a dozen years and now left us with the bill after lying and conniving for months. Who can you trust?
Others that appear to have no honour
The Westgate Pavillion
The Bar Group (Former owners of The Frenchman and Beer Cart Arms)
Castle Inc. promoters.
Just the tip of the iceberg, it may help you understand why we now take payment in advance for our services now.

Some ways to improve the deal between pub and band.
Get a paper contract sorted between venue and band. Possibly with a cancellation arrangement on both sides of the equation. Both parties have money to lose from a non-event.
Supply venues with posters 2 weeks before event.
Supply landline and mobile for contact of the band.
Use email and fax or txt to back up verbal agreements.
Band and venue confirm event at a reasonable time before the day by phone email txt etc.
Make sure the event is promoted, (by us at least) both venue and band suffer from a bad attendance - either in the pocket or reputation.

Interesting one this
- when Inland Revenue are investigating a band musician or venue, everyone gets checked
Venue - Ask for a signature and address from the band on a receipt
Band - Sign the receipt
The venue could put you down in the books for many hundreds of pounds more than you were paid.
The band could say they did the gig free.

As a musician or member of a band you are a business - Unless otherwise registered a partnership with each member equally and severally liable for the debts of the partnership and misdemeanours of the other members of the partnership.

Any Inland Revenue investigations will involve both parties and thus all acts and venues will be asked for proofs.
This is a can of worms that has cost many musicians and promoters a lot of money and agro.

Here is to a peaceful and prosperous 2010 for all bands and venues

New Landlord at The Plought & Chequers Gillingham.

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you all know that the Plough & Chequers Gillingham is now under new management.
I played there two weeks ago with The Throwbacks to a full house and it was an absolute pleasure. We got paid at the end of the show without having to ask or waiting for the till's to be cashed up and were all offered a drink. We have also excepted another booking for Dec 5th and four new dates for next year. There is Live music at The Plough every Saturday from Jan 2010.
Keep Music Live.
Smiley Lead vocalist from

Reason for pasting is because the old landlord was a pig , ignorant and aggressive as well. .....Ed.

Dear Chris
Have you had any feed back about "Billy Shears" Keeping the 60's fab?
His name is R Yoxall he is touring Britain doing his solo act.
 Appears professional with a signed contract and deposit required.

On the night lots of my customer including a birthday party arrived in fancy dress as advertised, he played for about 15 minutes said they were too young and didn't appreciate his music, packed up and left.

The pub was packed I had paid for all the staff to be in fancy dress and by 10pm most had left to go elsewhere with entertainment.  He lost me a lot of money.  I was on holiday at the time so my bar manager was unsure of what to do.

It would be interesting to hear from other venues and how he performed.

a disgruntled venue

Oh! Very professional, the man is obviously not an able entertainer, we hope your manager did not pay the the remainder of his fee. Life is tough sometimes for musicians in pubs, but there is no excuse for a professional who can't hold an audience to blame others.

Hello Chris hope you are having a good day :)

I found your email from Kent gig guide, I really could do with your advice on booking our band for gigs around Kent,  could you possibly tell me the best way to do this? Do i just contact all the venues separately?
Please help
Many thanks

Hi Tina, We at don't book bands but promote events for bands and venues that have already arranged the events. We supply relevant media and a huge mail list of interested parties on a weekly basis.

Getting gigs is a bit of an art and relies upon someone in the band getting on the phone or in the car and talking to people. There are a lot of changes going on and places closing, but venues are booking. Make sure you have a demo of your music and /or paperwork and card to leave behind if you are visiting venues. Be specific about the genre of your music for example don't try and book a punk band into a country and western venue.

Know what the going rate is and performance time required, be prepared to be paid little or less for your first booking in a venue but be specific about the price you require for a return booking if requested. If you don't have a set of 2 45 minutes, do events with other bands.
There are also promoters around the county who may take you into a multiband promotion where there is a door share. These are generally not so well paid but it will get you amongst others who have the same problems being new at it. Don't rely upon venues to bring you and audience, be pro-active.  
Good luck


The truth not a whinge - Upcdownc

We thought that we would try to clear the air as to why our album took so long to release, and why we parted ways with Tap N Tin Records.Basically, things just weren’t working out between us and the label. When we signed to the label they already had people on board just to run the label. Well, to be accurate, it was really just two.
Anyway, before long the label people ended up working at the Tap n Tin pub, and just occasionally helped out with the label. It had looked like the label was going somewhere at one point, but it soon became clear that it was just a part-time hobby.We had the album ready and waiting around October/November 2007 but due to all manner of delays, changes of mind and ‘u-turns’ on the label’s part ‘Embers’ was finally released in October 2008.We’ve now recorded a new album called ‘Firewolf’ that’s a lot more straight balls-out rock. ‘Firewolf’ is going to be mastered at Abbey Road Studios very soon and then we’ll be looking to release it through a NEW label.We now have some free recording time coming up in February and we are hoping to record some brand new tracks and bang out some live tracks from ‘Embers’.
We’ll probably be selling these ourselves at gigs etc.
Hopefully fingers crossed 2009 should be good to us!
Gary, Chris, JimE and Dale


Further to the Noise limiter Petition we have been sent a copy of a letter from Ronnie Bridgett Department for Culture, Media and Sport. It appears that there is no declared intention to make sound limiters standard as a part of the license application and local councils already have power to regulate noise via these methods. This may be true but it would not be the first time that government has fired a dummy shot to feel public opinion.

Chris Ashman editor at feels that the petition has not been wasted.
" When we spread the word last Monday there were 11,000 signatories, which incresed to 16,000 in 24hrs and is today over 76,000. We think it demonstrates that the music community is not passive and will not let beaurocrats who may have other agendas to mess with our lives and businesses"

Deadline to sign up by: 23 January 2009 – Signatures: 76,617 22nd Jan 2009

-You may be interested to learn that the Number 10 e-petition about mandatory noise limiters was a complete red herring! No such legislation is proposed by DCMS or the Health and Safety Executive and the chap who started the petition (Warren James) has since admitted his mistake.
Please see his website (attached) for more information.

Ronnie Bridgett
Public Engagement and Recognition Unit (PERU)
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
From the horses mouth see Warren James

It has been brought to our attention that new noise ligislation is about to be introduced, that is likely to dramatically impact live music in the UK. Noise limiters have been around for many years. In all cases this except acoustic music this has resulted in the cessation or severe restriction of live music.

The sound pressure at a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra concert is enough to turn the electricity off, how are their electronic devices going to cope. By cheating like everyone else? The regulation of these limiters will come under the control of local councils who are stretched enough trying to manage the governments draconian laws brought into place to destroy the pub and leisure industry.

Enough is enough.
There are enough musicians and music lovers to remove this government from power.
Pity we can't do it by clapping loud enough to cut them off.
Please sign the petition!
The government wish to consider it a legal requirement in the new tax year to introduce laws insisting anyone applying or re-applying for an entertainment license must have a noise control device fitted to the venue. This will be the final NAIL for ALL entertainment in the UK as the level at which these devices CUT you off is dreadfully low and damaging to musicians equipment.



Warning about a venue - life threatening behaviour
Hi Chris,

I'm writing in to let you know of an incident that happened at The Swan Inn, Edenbridge, Kent.

My band did the gig on Friday night and all seemed fine. It wasn't until the end of the gig that the landlord started complaining about our times and refused to give us the full money. On our publicity poster I had put 8:30pm - 11:00pm and had already explained that the real start time was 9pm but I would put 8:30 to try to encourage customers in early so they are ready when we start playing. (We did end up cutting the break short and overrunning anyway.) However at the end of the gig the landlord denied all knowledge of this and the more I tried to explain the less he was prepared to listen. He reluctantly handed over £170 whereas the agreed price was £200. (really I think he was trying to re-coup some of the money as it was quiet in there). Then he said that I had said we have a massive following (which I hadn't said) all the while he was getting more and more purple and angry. (Later my bass player said he obviously had been drinking all day). I told him that I had bought 5 people (which I had) and when I told him (diplomatically) that we are not 'rent-a-crowd' he followed me into the car park threatening to kill me and had some sort of weapon in his hand, I lept into my car and he wrote down my car registration. I reported it to the police for their info.

So I thought I'd just let you know really so that you could kindly spread the word amoung us fellow musicians to beware of that venue?

Kind regards

Thanks C.. we are always interested in rogue venues. Not sure this is the case but the present climate is driving some landlords to drink and bankruptcy,
however there is no excuse for thugery and violence, Be assured that that this venue is blacklisted here.

Commet from the Musicians Union
Sounds like a really nice responsible landlord here!  One comment I would like to make that I ask you to pass on to the band concerned is that without having a written contract (or letter of agreement) that states the set times and break times, their poster is misleading (stating 8.30 - 11pm when they had no intension of starting at 8.30) and has given the very nice man the opportunity to claim the band did not perform to the verbal contract and giving him the excuse of paying less than agreed for the gig.

We have long said ‘get it in writing’ to musicians and bands as this type of incident can be avoided.  Of course this does not excuse any threatening behaviour and the band did exactly the right thing by reporting it to the police.  The police have the power to revoke a landlord’s personal license if they are ‘not fit’ to hold one, complaints like this will be logged and hopefully will appear when his license comes up for renewal.


Just to inform you that the CD, Arthur Kay & The Originals - Ska Wars, arrived in good condition this morning. Not sure how interested you are in this, but tracking this CD down was a bit of a saga. It's been unavailable new on Amazon for ages, and the only second-hand copy on sale there is from some American asking £272 for one. I then tried to order it off someone on eBay, but that fell through when the seller contacted me saying he then couldn't find it amongst his stock, so I was very pleased to find your site via Google. Thanks.


I recently submitted an ad for an ageing bass player on the 24 May. Im happy to say I have been overwhelmed with the response.
Your ads service really works!!
Best regards and thankyou again Phil

Philip Thanks for the good news, your Ad has been removed now Ed.............

Hello Everyone,

Firstly, a big thank you to West Weston and the Bluesonics for entertaining the club with a masterful set. As you are aware, I had booked this band following West's guest appearance with Big Pete, with a following flurry of requests from members asking for a full gig. I had not seen the full band myself, however, as I made my 8th trip down four flights of stairs, laden like a donkey with PA equipment after the gig, I did not regret a minute of it as I had witnessed a delivery of magnificent music made with such enormous ability from all participants. "Relentless mechanics of their chosen art" as I was moved to describe them on the night, coupled with West's leadership qualities that only great talent and experience can bring, all made for a real night to remember!

Moving on to this month I have secured, by way of something different again, a very special artist in the form of Lisa Mills accompanied on double bass by Ian Jennings. Lisa is described by the band themselves as "one of the outstanding singers" to perform with Big Brother and the Holding Company, the band with which Janis Joplin first made her name. Ian is one of the founding members of The Big Town Playboys and has also worked with Van Morrison, Jeff Beck and Paul Rogers - to name just a few! As if these pedigrees did not speak enough for themselves, here's what they say about Lisa:- "A Missippissi blues songwriter picked by Robert Plant himself as support on his American and European tours. 'She looks at you with a wide-eyed stare and piercing blue eyes set in a child-like face. Her innocence belies the depth of the woman behind the child. As she takes up her guitar and places herself in front of the microphone, her eyes harden, her face becomes that of a woman who has had a lot to deal with and the voice that comes out of her mouth will knock you out"- The Mississippi Press.

"These dynamic and inspiring performances help prove that Lisa Mills is the real deal; no studio tricks needed, no airbrushing required. By Invitation Only, is a wonderful listen-soothing, bluesy, rocking, and sexy." Wade Wellborn, Currents Magazine.

Here is a link where you can see (and be assured) that we have one of the truly great modern blues singers appearing at our club this month

Please note that this gig, definitely not to be missed, is on the last THURSDAY of the month and not the Tuesday as per usual.

So, that's Lisa Mills (with Ian Jennings) on Thursday 26th June at the Roffen Suite, New Road, Rochester.

Bookings by email to me earliest possible - please continue to support!

Thank you.
Richard Dobney
Bottleneck Blues Club

Good News for Smokers and Music

"The smoking ban is killing social life and killing the businesses of those who try to provide it. Sunday Times

At this time the above announcement is pretty dumb and months behind the real world we live in, where hundreds of pubs and music venues have had to cease trading due to the government legislation determined to destroy the social haunt called "the pub".

Rumours from Freda Bloggs this week. -
Folowing the move to make landlords responsible for controlling the drinking habits of customers there could be a Government ban on:

Licensed vituallers from the Weald have are allegedly holding a public treasure hunt next November.
The clues are going to be simple.
Entry is free.
The winners will have to travel to London from any town on the South Coast and have the highest aggregate count of the
most pubs boarded up +
largest number of smokers at one time under an eco-friendly garden heater with negative carbon footprint +
category still to be announced.

The good news for smokers who like live music is that you only have to go without a cigarette for 45 minutes and drink as much as you can get away with, while the band is on.
The rest of the time you can smoke and fall over - outside where the landlord can't see you.

Thank you Freda

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band: I am in a band

I want Gigs we cant get enough of them, ooh and drummers to shut uo once in a while too

Hey i'm part of a fourpiece called The Only (, currently gigging around the South East London area
we recently won a Bromley based Battle of the Bands, and successfully played at the Camden Barfly and now we're looking to expand our musical horizons to different levels
if you like the music on the myspace, please reply to this, as we'd love to play at any gig venues available that you know of. We can bring at least 200 people if necessary.

we have been together taking things seriously as a band for approximatly 6-7 months, however we've been playing together for over a year, and have more than enough songs to play a 30 minute set

we'd love to hear from you, so please reply!

Tom - The Only

Hi Tom There are many venues that would welcome you to bring 200 customers. I am sure they will invite you when you have a P.A and 2 x 45 minute sets.

submitted Friday, December 28, 2007

Thanks guys for the useful site - thanks to your "musicians available" section we found a new bass player for Glam Slam.
We did our first gig with the new lineup in December '07 and have been able to take on a lot more bookings for 2008.

Thanks again
Mark - aka Nobby Harder -

Thanks for the feedback Mark, I will delete the Ad now.

Element Blacklisted
3 counts and they are out.
After 3 validated complaints from music venues and clients Element are now on our blacklist.
1. Abuse of staff and gig goers more than once.
2. Extremely bad language in decent venue and company.
3. Not turning up at booked gigs, venue not advised - having false or unobtainable contact numbers.

I'd like to warn other bands out there that might play a rotten venue we just played at.

As agreed we would get £200 for playing 2 x 40 minute sets at a pub in Borough Green called The Henry Simmonds.

We are an originals band and were asked to start at 8:30pm, which we did. We then played a 45 minute set with a short break followed by 1 hour so we earnt our money. And we thought it strange they wanted us to start so early but, as the 3 local drunks pointed out Super Sports was about to start and we only had time for one more song. So we stopped at 10:30pm having played for well more than 40 minutes that set.

On the basis we didn't finish at 11pm they refused to pay us.
They didn't say about a finish time at any point previously nor did they ask us to play longer and had a go that we hadn't played till 11 after we had packed everything away. Well they argued and barred the lead singers mother just after screaming with a laugh "well you haven't had your f***ing money yet 'av ya?!" we were still refused pay.

In the end we managed to get half the money. The people in charge had a very rude and offensive attitude.They contacted us through a local radio website to book the gig so please be warned that if bands want to get paid to play there you need to play for an unagreed 3 hours and take a lawyer probably it seems.

We've e-mailed them to request payment before taking it further so we'll let you know how we get on. And the situation is even more odd when they knew we video recorded the whole gig. We have evidence of correspondence of rates of pay for the length of times playing as well so we have a good case.

Correspondent and band name supplied.

Sounds like a rotten deal from a rotten venue that can stay on our blacklist until they prove their side of the argument which we will publish here if they dare reply. Ed......................................

David Cameron - Blacklisted for attempted blackmail? (not exactly a hero of the unsigned) told the BPI that the Conservatives will campaign to extend the term of copyright on sound recordings - as long as the industry helped tackle "our broken society". Cameron announced that it will be Conservative party policy to extend term from 50 to 70 years.

Describing it as a "national priority for our economy", he said the change would help music companies, artists and consumers. He said a Tory government would take the issue to Europe and push for change. In return, he asked the industry to help tackle the issue of "the broken society". Rap music and other genres create a negative culture, he argued, asking, "does music help create rather than just reflect our culture? Yes it does." Music helps encourage truancy, gun crime and misogyny (hatred or strong prejudice against women), he suggested - arguing that the music business had a responsibility to help tackle the issue.

It was not enough to simply support community projects - music companies need to reflect their responsibility in the music they release.

Oh well! there goes Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll, punk, Oi, Urban - ( Formerly known as Blues Soul Jazz R&B ) - and anything a black man tried to explain or complain about. Repression, depression and slavery in recorded song during the last century - incidently slavery was encoraged ignored or condoned for 100's of years by greed and policies or moguls and politicians who stood to gain by the drug trade in tobacco - (a good target for taxation)

Doesn't his statement sounds more like blackmail. Why doesn't he get a proper job and stop hanging around in boardrooms and street corners begging for approval of his daft ideas. If he relly thinks it important to extend copyright (which we doubt), why doesnt he start working on it in Europe now rather than tying to trade favours for election with music moguls.
We are not going to hold our breath.

y the time he has overall responsibility for policy making for this country will we all be dead or in official EU shackles.

Now 2012 - well we didn't die personally but definately shackled. The copyright term was extendesd to 70 years and Cameron does not appear to have fixed the broken society - 2 of the major record companies went to to the wall with massive debts and now owned by foreigners. Is there a British owned Major record company?


Please, stop asking us to put comments up about the A**** Theatre at Deal, or announce event/bands playing there - however big or wonderful the band is.
We welcome feedback and have noted your concerns sent by email and letter but will not publish them here and be assured it is on our blacklist, the so called venues name will not be mentioned on this site, in our news, listings or advertising whatsoever until the fat man stops breathing.

Now 2011 - The cretin who ran the Astor has left the country and is now run by responsible people.

Hi Paul
Thank you for your comments and moral support.
I take on board what you say regarding the MU.
We musicians are so vulnerable in all respects, it seems, and the venues seem to have all the power. We are given the impression by them that we should be grateful to be performing in their establishments. The remuneration is often pitiful as it was in the Red Lion, Teddington case.
Contracts for "pub rockers" are not always a realistic procedure for various reasons. I suppose if one isn't a member of the MU then one should be prepared for the bad treatment by venues. A bonus if you get paid at all.
It's a shame it has to be like this. Musicianship is a singularly precarious trade.
I may well instigate a web site where feedback of the E Bay type is a feature. Trouble is, landlords come and go and it would be unfair to brand a pub itself negatively, although perhaps the new guy would be keen to earn a good reputation.
I still feel that a close networking system of "spreading the word" is the best way and install a degree of power to the artiste.
It is unlikely that an act would set off to a gig with the intention of not giving of his/her/their best - after all, pride in one's performance is 99% of a musician's raison d'etre. Especially having lugged thousands of quids' worth of gear around in the rain at 2.30 in the morning.
I would urge all artistes, whatever genre, to spread the word by e mail if treated badly by a venue or promoter or landlord. They have rights too, of course, but at the present time, we poor underpaid and sensitive souls have none !! We will still be in the weaker position but this might just adjust the balance slightly.
I will circulate this e mail with your comments attached at the bottom of it.
Thanks, Paul, for your interest in this case.
Best wishes to all performers
nil carborundum illegitemi
Geoff Everett
The Sharpees

----- Original Message ----------------------
From: Paul Burrows
To: ; sharpees uk ;
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2007 3:30 PM
Subject: RE: Musicians -Second Class Citizens - Kentgigs blacklist warning

Hi Chris / Geoff

Thanks for the info re the Red Lion, this kind of behaviour is typical of a venue manager who does not deserve to get bands playing there so you have my full support regarding the blacklisting of this venue. If the band were too loud then this should have been pointed out during the gig so it could be rectified. Allowing the gig to continue then complaining is a blatant attempt to screw the band after the event.

To put your comments regarding MU protection into context, I agree some publicans refuse to sign contracts; however it is in both parties interest to have a written agreement (don’t forget it is binding on the band as well as the venue). I recently recovered a fee of £1400 for a band who the engager refused to pay after their performance; he cited that they were not of the quality of their demo tape and that they had not played longer than their contract, so the protection is ‘enforceable’.

The main problem if issues such as this arise is that without a written contract it is a case of one persons word against another and as the civil court system works on a ‘balance of probability’ there is a greater risk of failure if action is taken, with a contract it makes the ‘balance of probability’ easier to put to the court.

I would of course recommend that all gigging musicians become members of the MU even is if is only for the £10,000,000 public liability cover that comes with membership. If we all (and I include myself as a bass player) stood together against this sort of practice we would go some way to stop it happening. As it is there will always be a band willing to play for these people.

Best wishes

Paul Burrows
East/South East Regional Organiser
Musicians Union
0207 840 5536
07967 449091


We had a similar thing happen to us (Snakebite, Europe’s top Whitesnake Tribute) at the famous Ruskin Arms, Ilford. This venue was once a rock Mecca having been the place Iron Maiden started out. To be honest from the time we got there we found:

1. The landlord had not displayed any of our posters
2. The landlord had marketed us as Whitesnake themselves…………
3. No engineer turned up until 9pm and then he only had a single DI box which lead to us fudging around for solutions to the fact we need 4
Finally after finishing the gig at 12:00 we approached the bar manager to collect our winnings to be told they did not know what the score was with money, and were not authorised to pay us anything.We have handed matters to our solicitors as venues like this deserve to pay for their indiscretions.
I can see it coming to a position where gigs that are not based on door takings are pay up front or no performance.
If landlords can get away without paying, there is no incentive to promote gigs properly.
Well done Chris for giving us all a soundboard so we can protect ourselves or at the least know what the score is

As seen Classic Rock July 2007

You can easily slap them into the small claims court.
If you need help I know enough on how to draw up a reasonable document for the purpose.
You take it down to the court house, pay the small fee and in this case
you would get judgement in your favour in 5 minutes.
If he doesn't pay what you've been awarded, just contact a bailiff
company who will take your judgement and use it to distrain his goods.
The MU aren't very good at representing us for things like this
and I am now taking steps to start doing it myself.
You can even start a claim online.
Don't let the bastards get away with it!


Hmm interesting...
How about the other cancer eating away at us, government legislation based on EU guide-lines that all other EU countries read and throw away? I have a friend with kids in France. their schools still discipline and punish wrong doers in school. The chalk missile still resides, so does the cane, detention etc...they also do 9 to 5 at school, no half terms and no namby pamby, bleeding heart do gooding goes on...

Tunbridgewells council are introducing a blanket 87db limit on all live music in their pubs January 2008...I have this information from a publican who following the smoking ban now faces this final assault on his livelihood...Beaurocrats everywhere are interpreting guidlines for heavy industry and applying them to live music...But not large screen sports or juke boxes! that are now UNLICENSED (I refer to the sports)

I think common sense is a forgotten art! and these people get away with biting big chunks out of us because the British will not collectively stand up and say enough. They leave it to one or two individuals who if successful are heroes. They fail and they are labelled radicals or crackpots...

Time and again I have warned local musicians who have laughed in my face about it, but it is happening...Despite the human rights act being severly infringed.

Shameful Behaviour
2nd greatest band in the world!
Shameful Behaviour
Mark D Simpson ($lick Valentine)


Thanks for the alert message.
Regarding Geoff's comment:
"Do you know of another profession that is vulnerable to this abuse and has no means of redress? I can't think of one".
The answer is frankly, yes.
I am a member of Equity, and the quarterly magazine carries a 'Special Attention' page for Agents, Variety Promoters, Venues and Theatres, and Film and Television Companies with whom Equity are in dispute, or are red-flagged for exactly the sort of thing Geoff cites.

Maybe it's worth including a 'Special Attention' flag at the foot of your weekly mailer.
Ian (ex The Phantoms)

What an excellent scam Chris........wish I'd thought of it years ago, could have saved myself a fortune.
What about a sliding scale of fee "discounting".....10% withheld for being too loud, 10% for wearing dirty trainers on-stage, 15% for not shaving & 50% for being total crap.
Nah.......I'd rather just book good bands & bring my ear-plugs!!
All the best,
And he does folks - Ed.

Subject: Musicians -Second Class Citizens

Dear All
After performing to a small but delighted audience at the RED LION, TEDDINGTON on Saturday we were understandably peeved and surprised to be told by the landlord that we had been too loud and consequently our meagre wages were to be further reduced. This was the first time we had been approached regarding this by him or any member of staff. (We are a very busy band and are repeatedly booked in UK and abroad by scores of satisfied venues. This was our first gig here )
Clever ploy this - and we didn't see it coming. This pub has been by all accounts going down hill in terms of attendance and consequently takings. the band off !
What could we do without risking imprisonment for GBH? Nothing.
So - apart from warning all bands to avoid this venue, this is a good time to suggest to pub rock and similar musicians who are for their own reasons not in the M.U and have not their protection (such as it is - and pubs won't sign contracts which have no realistic enforcable value anyway) to broadcast by e mail to other musicians warnings a la neighbourhood watch regarding similar rip offs. And ask them in turn to forward these warnings on.
Musicians such as ourselves travel far and work hard for a pittance usually, yet have no rights or protection from exploitation it seems.
Do you know of another profession that is vulnerable to this abuse and has no means of redress? I can't think of one.
We must stick together on this. The vast majority of proprietors of pubs and similar venues are good eggs and pay what they can afford, but there are still rats out there who will have artistes over at the drop of a hat and they need naming and shaming.
I would urge all musicians to pass this on to others in the business and from now on to circulate warnings of these low lives. Word of mouth is the only teeth we have against these bastards without knocking theirs out. You would be advised not to..........(?)
Thanks for listening. Keep rockin' ( but get paid for it - your talent shouldn't be given away for nothing.)
Pass this on.
Best wishes
Geoff Everett ( The Sharpees )
Geoff (FM Studio)

Great site and valuable resource to Kent bands and gig goers
Keep up the great work!


Thanks - We Try.... Ed....

submitted by ( on Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A big thank yo for such an invaluable resource.
Thanks to you, within 2 days we had found a new guitarist for our band.

You are welcome, Kent Musicians Web was set up for just this task
Thanks for the communication we are always pleased to receive feedback about our success - Ed....

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Hi Chris

Ive been in a band for three years now.  We play a variety of alternative, hardcore, emo and punk songs, both covers and original material.  However we have struggled to get out of Thanet.  Youre website was recommened to me to help us get gigs around kent.  Can you help us? 

Hi Pete,
Hope we can help a little.
Firstly you are missing the point of having a band.
What is the point if you do not promote yourselves properly in your communications.********* is not enough, is it the name of someone or the the name of the band.
i.e.Name of Band
Contact Name
Telephone numbers
Official Email Address
Website - is free click on music and start creating a site.
Even a real dum dum can make a page. Proof - just go there and look around. Even we did it goto

When you have done that, log in to your site, find us and ask to be a friend. We aint proud !!!!
When you have some of these you can start making a noise and get out of your comfort zone, It is nice playing to friends and fans already tamed, but you will not develop until things get a bit uncomfortable playing to new audiences. I know this was you question but I had to say it didn't I??
Prepare a PRESS PACK - demo recording, write-up, photos, poster, design, logo etc.
Find out from my Gig Guide who is presenting your style of music or where bands like your are playing.
Then get on your bike, phone, email and start asking the venues if you can play for them. Say you have a promo pack and ask who you should address it to.
Be prepared to play the first gig for nothing or at a reduced or offerred fee. Why should the venue risk a duff night if their audience doesn't like you and move on to another venue after your first set.?
Go to other notes below this is not an unique question. Hope it helps
Enough for now

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I run a music venue

We have a hall in central Sittingbourne with a licensed bar which can hold approximately 500/700 people standing (if not more) we are interested in holding events. Anyone interested please contact me!
Dave Woollett
Function & Events Manager
Swallows Leisure Centre
01795 421421/420420

submitted by ( on Sunday, February 19, 2006

I want more: Venues

Hello Chris
As you are aware I am in a new tribute band
This is a general enquiry for any readers out there who are intending to hold a festival or concert in the not to distant future.
Please drop us a line or e-mail. The Railway Bell, Gravesend. The Beacon Court, Gillingham are a couple of places that would give you a reference.
Thanks a lot for the DVD Chris, good luck to all muso's keep music live

Big Malk

Hi Big.
A good place to promote your band is on the Acts Available Page on our Kent Musicians Web - Submit in your own words.

submitted by ( on Saturday, February 4, 2006

I currently represent SilverSky an up-coming Indie Rock Band from Beckenham. We have some gigs coming up that we would like to announce on your website. Could you please provide info on how I could achieve this. Regards Mike A. (SilverSky)

You can promote your act through our free acts available link on
Free band name listing on our bands page.
Gig listings 3 per gig in non approved venues you can submit and pay with our pay for gigs on line button.
Please supply sufficient venue and band information. - Our clients (approved venues) are on our venues page

More info below.

If you want ?

To place a listing on site. Costs 3 per gig.

Unfortunately we cannot post unsolicited gigs.
Our listings are paid-for listings from our registered venues, promoters and bands, all others need to be checked before we submit to millions of newspapers etc. that we normally supply. As you can understand we need to cover our costs. 
Of course if any of your regular venues should register with us you would automatically see your gigs appear more regularly in the media. If you have a regular venue you feel would benefit from our media services we will happily contact them, just send us the contact details.
The options you have are limitless based on budget, and of course you can do a lot yourself if you have the time and resources.  But we can offer standard listings as you see on our site which we also supply to as core data to around 4.5 million newspapers/guides around the region + plus many local and national websites.
Standard listing is 3 per event.
We can offer a text and picture Ad. on any of our pages . 5 per 100 pixel depth per page per week.
You may like us to transmit a press release at 10 per page to our mail lists and media associates.
In all cases text and/or graphics should be supplied by the client.
Please note that graphics on the web and ail are set at 96 dots per inch but we would advise that the grphic is sent to us up to 300 dots per inch to enable us to optomise it for the web - massive files are ok for broadband users but can tend to work against the main objective for dialup users who feel victimised when their screen just sits and glares at them for 4 minutes per meg of download, only to find yours or my ugly mug appear at the end of it, advertising a gig of a genre or band they don't like. Some people are so picky.!!!
There is always a risk that document attachments to a press release may not be accepted by some recipients or filtered out at some servers due to security systems. Sometimes a simple text email with a picture will be received more kindly with an invitation to pick up a document or photo from your on another website.
Our deadlines are always on a Monday (excepting Bank or staff holidays) when the guide will transmit 7 or even 14 days earlier. We cover publications showing dates up to 28 days ahead so you need to plan early in order not to miss publication of your event.
Our on-site listings of course do no have the same limitations.

submitted by ( on Sunday, January 22, 2006

I am looking for help in tracking down the guys from a maidstone based rock band i was in back in the early 90s called BIG IDEAL. Huw(vox)Jon(g)Scott(g)Neil(dr). I would love to get in touch snd hopefully they still have copies of the recordings we made and the video from the Margate Winter gardens gig we did. We were regulars in the Albion in Maidstone and Huw had longe blonde hair and was extremly popular around the towns.
If you have any info please contact me on

Hi There,

I have a few urgent questions that I wanted to ask you as your very knowledgable about the whole unsigned bands topic and I wanted to seek your advice.
(Love the Kent Gigs site by the way, it's brilliant for talented and upcoming bands). Thanks

I'm not by any means trying to chase a recording deal, it's just for gigging around venues and recording some material as most unsigned bands set out to do. You are welcome

1. After recording original work, what's the best way to ensure copyright is in place? I've heard displaying the standard copyright logo helps, but also something about posting your work to you via recorded delivery and keeping it packaged, is this enough copyright?
You own the copyright as soon as you have created the music. All you have to do is prove it. Make 2 copies of the song and words write contents and date. Pop 1 of them and the words in a stout envelope write on the outside of it what it contains and send by registered post to your self, solicitor, bank manager for your deposit box eg. When received never open it., use the second copy for reference. If you later have a court case pending you have your proof and date to be opened only in court. There are companies and guilds that will archive same, for a fee usually and supply you with a certificate.

Should you assign songs with a publisher like us we would register the copyrights with MCPS and PRS etc to show that the song exists, and when, in their database. You should still do the envelope jobby as well, pronto.

2. If playing covers at a live gig, does the royalties etc for using that song get covered under the venues license?
Yet generally, PRS and PPL charge venues to use music in their premises under a blanket fee. If your music is played publicly you should collect your part of the evening fee from the said society. Full records of all the music played that evening including your own should be kept as should also your set list for a tour.
If you hire a hall there is usually a fee to pay for PRS licence.

3. Do many unsigned bands register their band name as a trademark? I know this can be really pricy and I can only assume most don't.
You are right some do as there is no copyright in a name. You could go to now known as and register for a much lower fee. It is not bomproof but usefull in a fight. You should always check with them before you name your band if it is important to you. You can be sure that if you go further in the business it will be an important part of your armour. Be silly to to try and get a deal calling yourselves the Rolling Stones wouldnt it?

4 and final... If the manager of the band is a friend or family member, is it ESSENTIAL that a management contract is devised?
Ouch! Management contracts are for Pro's. Dangerous stuff. They can make or break a band.
See a solicitor before you get involved with one or contact the Musicians Union.
It is most useful to have an interband agreement and a simple agreement with your relative about how you intend to go on in the future but don't sign your life away. Thing change very quickly in the music business.
It is of course simple to agree as to how gig money is to be split.
Don't forget if you work as a band. Inland Revenue treats you all as a partnership and can come after any of you for all the taxes of the band for up to 6 years after the band has split, so keep books.
You are all responsible individually and severally for the debts of the band. If your flute player happen to go mad and and smash up a venue or hotel, watch out. The courts will go after the people with most to lose, not the loser.

5. More mini question, you mentioned about the Inland Revenue in the last question. If the band is to play the odd gig and only get small amounts of money, do we have to register with the Inland Revenue or do we only have to do this when we reach a certain income? (The band would be a spare time thing and not a full time source of income obviously)
As a partnership, declared to IR or not. You are obliged to declare "all" additional earnings or pay received out side of your full time employment or in some musician cases dole etc. in your self assesment.

Tax is payable on the profits of a partnership. The profit is split between the partners ie. it becomes a personal tax problem. Each member should collect their own receipts for equipment and expenses to balance earnings.
It is not normally a problem if you keep good books but Inland Revenue can come back on the remaining members of a partnership to pay the tax of a member who has left or untraceable.

If you only earn £50 per week each that is still £2500.00 each you have got to account for each year and show expeses and costs against - or pay out 22 % or so depending on your circumstances.
My personal advice is to tuck away 25% for the rainy day anyway with your books, and don't forget National Insurance - Thats another story.

Any more than this is beyond the scope of free help and advice I can offer.
Inland Revenue will always give advice to help you but you need time to absorb and manage it.

Thanks alot !! I really appreciate it. I just needed an answer to them and couldn't find it out on the web.
Hope these notes help

Thankyou so much

submitted by (cds@themusicroom.fsnet) on Sunday, January 1, 2006

decent landlords,

comments: a word of warning about the george inn, stone street-this pub is very quiet all the time! if you are booked to gig there be aware that the landlord will hold you responsible for no-one going to his pub and get shitty with you. be safe and dont play there!

Mmmmm. please note this venue is no longer on our recommended venue list - due to non payment of our bills. - now gone bust, lets hope the new landlords are honest.

submitted by ( on Friday, Sept 23

Hi Chris,

Just wanted to let you know about my band that is just about to play it's first gig and it's all thanks to you.

If it wasn't for your web site , then we wouldn't be together, as we got the drummer and vocalist through adverts on your web site. Thank you

Anyway, my bands called Griff Rising, and we are a Grunge/Rock band based in Folkestone. We've got our very first gig next month in The Harp Club, (I don't know if you advertise gig's on here, but I figure it won't hurt to tell you even if you don't) on October 22nd.

Here is a link to our webpage, which we update from time to time:

Thanks for your time.
Griff Rising

Hi Ash, Thanks for your feedback, glad to see we can still hack it. Pleased to see you join the 2000 musos that have used the service so far. Sorry we won't be listing the gig as the club is not registered with us. Your news has not gone unheard and I am sure our notices posted will do the trick. Have a good gig ....Chris........

submitted by ( on Wednesday, August 10,

i am in a band

Beware if you are thinking of trying for the "Waverley" at Margate. Our band was booked there for sat. 12th Aug (having switched from the Friday to suit them).
I received a call to say the gig was cancelled as they were stopping music. Anyway we heard thru the grape vine they weren't! So i phoned them up. Needless to say they haven't stopped music, they just wanted a different band, "Crossfire"(who play the same bloody stuff as us anyway!!). Andy the landlord wasn't willing to speak to me, he left it to an embarrassed bar person.&^&(%*&$^$*^£"£)"
So beware the "Waverley" (it's a shit pub anyway%$""") it's not sour grapes, I've played there many times). We, and other bands had the same problems before at this place. We just did it for the money!!!!
Charisma - hard road blues band

Dear John, whilst we sympathise and have published your message as a warning to other, please note that we will not publish derogatory remarks about people and found that we needed to edit your message.

From: James D****
Subject: Dear Kentgigs

I'm a solo acoustic singer/songwriter, I play mostly original material and (aside from one venue who hold regular acoustic afternoons) most of the venues locally seem to mostly advertise bands, most solo acts and duets I see play covers almost exclusively. I was curious as to the best way to go about getting gigs because I'm just itching to get my material out there.

Thanks in advance.
James D******

Not a new request, please read some previous answers at Dear Kentgigs Q & A. The basic dilemma is that you will probably need to play covers to get work and introduce your own material gradually. Not the whole answer, burt one that works if you want to work more.

Hi all

Did you play in a band in your teens?
Did you have some awful experiences with musicians?
Did you have any awful experiences with musicians?
Did you have trouble explaining your ambitions to your peers and your parents?
Did you get into any hairy scary scrapes with your bandmembers?
How did you cope / get by / get through / not get through?

I used to be in a band, and we were destined for stardom, except we were only
endlessly rehearsing. Then I moved to a band that thrived on never rehearsing
and a drummer who could bleed on cue.

I am working on a charity theatre project and looking to collect research on
experiences, stories and anecdotes about teenage band life. I'm looking for
anyone who has a story to tell: what did you go through when you were starting

There's no particular theme except the stories have to be true (at least from
your point of view!) and the sillier the better. Oh, but nothing incriminating
of course, unless you change names. I am looking to see what common themes and
factors come out of life as a teenager wanting to do music.

Can you help?
Do you know someone who can?

Please do send stories my way,

Haresh Patel

submitted by ( on Monday, July 25, 2005
I am in a band
I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide
slagging of for pubs that gazzump you
we were meant to play at the trocadero in gravesend on the ******. on passing we noticed our flyers not in the window. went in and checked and the landlords excuse was he had run out of budget for the month, but had failed to tell the band, so we would have turned up anyway. i now know his excuse to be a lie because i am a personal friend of band that has replaced us. WHAT AN HONEST LANDLORD bands beware of this nice person.

Dear MH. Times are tough for bands and venues out there at the moment but we do not think slagging off each other will solve it. Thanks for the advice though. Chris................

Hi again,
Nina Clark (again) is some info about me.

I am a young singer/songwriter from Kent with a background of jazz singing. I play guitar and piano and spent a year in Chicago, where I made my first album. Since my return I have been gigging regularly in the South East, in particular the Pizza Express circuit. In addition to their restuarants, I have now played their Soho jazz club 5 times, to consecutive full houses.

My reportoire is a mixture of jazz, funk, soul, reggae, folk, blues, brazilian bossas..and that's just the originals! I play in a variety of different set-ups- duos through to full band, and our sets are a lively mix of covers and my own material, of which John Fordham of The Guardian has said "Nina has found her own, lyrical originals".

My five piece band Kid Charlemagne also comes in a duo format featuring two guitars/bass and guitar and as the duo we play everything from Joni Mitchell to Zepellin via King Crimson and Marvin Gaye. It's a folk/funk thing, plus lots of originals. Our next full band gig is at Oranges as part of the Ashford Jazz Festival on Sun July 10th.

If you would like more information, please contact me at

Hi! Chris.
********** Jazz (Hastings etc.) have enjoyed a 9 month or so regular playing time, interrupted by a gap when we founs a new drummer.(a few weeks) and now we have, we seem to have run out of luck as far as gigs. Pissarro's still have us, and their new place will be good to play in, but I wondered if you could advise. I am fairly new to the area(from Yorkshire) and when I look down your gig list, I am not just spoilt for choice, but I haven't the vaguest clue which venues would be interested in jazz, and stuff we do!As I'm the PR person, I get to co-ordinate gigs, and feel bereft! Thw Waterfront(Bexhill) and lots of y say thay'll have us beck. Is it a difficult time for jazz/ time of year? We're about to put new website up, so that'll probably help! Sorry to lumder you with this long letter, but I am quite worried!

Hi ********,
It may not seem like it, but there is a bit of an uplift in Jazz at the moment. Hopefully not just a phase we are going through.

With the new Licecing Bill in place we think more places will chance their arm and put on some live music.

As you go through our lists you will see the jazz gigs, if we have been able to identify the genre of the band playing when compiling them.

I feel the message for you is the same as other bands on the circuit and to save repetition, have a read of our Dear Kentgigs Q & A (This Page) and see if my thoughts also apply to your predicament.
I hope it will help. .........Chris

Hi Chris,

Ok I have been drumming for 18 years and has been in many bands trying to make it out in the world of music, some have been good and some , well lets not go there.

What I am looking for is some management to look after me. I not sure what to do at the moment, I have been teaching for 3 years to play the drums in my own studio, and its been a success. I have progress so well in teaching, that I have got so much better in playing the drums myself, its now time to get back out on stage and do my thing, as us drummers do.

So I am looking for a knish band Tribute band or a very good Covers band, or and Dance band where you play to people who like to chive? Gigs where the people are coming to dance and listen to the music? , where could I start Chris to find the right band to do regular gigs, must be paying gigs, as I would like this to be a full time musician work, combined with my teaching...................If I work on Thursdays Fridays Sat and Sundays nights or daytime work do you think I "one" could make a living this way.

The very best to you Chris, *********.................

ps I live in Kent area.....................thanx again for your support

Hi ********,
There is always a lot of need for good drummers and your ideas are right, to make a living as a musician you have to do everything, somehow just playing isn't enough.
Playing in covers and tribute and function bands is a safe was to attempt going pro, assuming they have progressive and agressive bookers. Can't always expect people to listen to the music though, at a private event. That's life, never mind take the money.

Don't think it is a safe bet, working with a band that plays its own material, It isn't, unless they have a real good deal with major or minor major record company/management/agent behind them.

Don't give up the day job unless you can't cope with both. Even then, think carefully because it is a long term future you need to keep your present family life/circumstances safe.

Your first start is to look through the Musicians Wanted section of our Kent Musicians Web and make enquires to make sure the act is what you want. Place an Ad on our Musicians Available Section. Be specific about what you want your target reader to be attracted by.
There are also many other sites on the web try searching on with "Drummer Wanted" or "Musicians Wanted".
Make enquiries at your local Music Instruments Shop, they are always a good resource with their ears on the ground.

The are magazines and newspapers that carry musicians wanted Ads. There is good work to be had in the more MOR arena. Have you thought of checking out "The Stage" or "Variety". or their printed versions.

That should keep you going for a while.

Hey Chris,

Putting the word around in Kent about ourselves and the work we do in our (3) venues in S.E. London. looking to bring young bands that play original music (no covers) in from the Kent area.
We are a great 1st step into the london scene and a lot less unforgiving and downright mean as some of the more famous north london pubs.
You guys seem to know what you're doing perhaps you could help us put the word around.

Some of our bands are venturing into Kent with our help and we have just started to hook up with the good lads at the Tap and Tin Chatham.
Can you help further?
Take care

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band: I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Other requests: without my spectacles!

comments: I've just returned from our (DUPE) gig at The Flower Pot in Maidstone - a contact through Kent Gigs.
We had a great evening and a promise of more bookings.
Long may your website thrive and a big thankyou from a bunch of old-ish gits who just like playing the songs we like!

Dave - Keyboards - DUPE

submitted by ( on Monday, January 17, 2005

media: I work for the media

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Hey there, I'm a trainee journalist studying at West Kent College. I was wondering if any of you guys could put me in contact with somebody who'd be glad to talk to me about the Manics 10th anniversary Holy Bible CD and the disappearance of Richey Edwards?

Thanks, - Becky White

hello there,
Im in a band that has been going for about half a year and we are more than ready to start gigging. Do you you know any gigs my band would be able to play at near the thanet and surrounding areas. My band play PUNK and have a very good stage presence. Please could you help inform us where we would be able to play.
Thank you,
******* (vocals)

Dear ********,
In your message you do not state if you are a punk, covers band or have written your own music to sound like punk music of the past or that you may have re-invented the genre. Time to start really defining who you are. you have'nt really defined the band's name.

This may seem a little harsh but you are only ready to gig when you have developed more than just getting a band together. Including a promotional package, photos, demo and a host of venues that are presenting your sort of music. Research these potential targets. Select one of the band who has good communication skills and get them on the phone.

You will be expected to perform a minimum of 2 x 45min sets and know your worth when negotiating a fee.
Alternatively you need to contact some of the alternative or independent promoters who risk putting on 3 or 4 bands that might draw a crowd, you would not be expected to play for such a long period under these circumstances.
Try and obtain a support slot for your first outings to get to know how the system works.

I have tried to help many bands through the same dilemma before. You may find clues to what you need in previous notes to musicians before on "Dear Kentgigs Q & A" at (this page)

If you believe Thanet is your oyster then contact the promoter who books the Lido.

Loads of luck in your venture

band: I am in a band
I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Just a thank you. Went on the search for gigs last night in the Maidstone area, using your venue guide and had two bookings within half an hour. The venue list is excellent (with the exception of the Royal Albion in Maidstone, which we suspect is in the process of being developed as neither it or the road it stands in exist anymore!) and allowed us to target specific venues suitable for our line-up.
A very valuable resource - well done!

Dave - DUPE
Glad you found us useful. Thanks for the reminder, our recommended venues list has now been updated. Chris............

My name is **** and I am writing in behalf of my band ********.

We are four piece alternative rock band from Sussex. We are influenced by the likes of Green Day, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, although we keep our sound original by adding the keys. We absolutely love playing live, and sharing our music with new people. This means that we put a lot of effort and energy into our live music [and recordings]. Evidence of this was when we won a local charity battle of the bands, and our front-man ******, won “best front-man” in the same show.
We aim to keep pursuing our dream of becoming a professional band until our bodies will not allow us to do so anymore. However, if nothing comes of our efforts, we will still have the music, and that is what matters at the end of the day.
We would gratefully appreciate any help and incite that you could provide.
Many Thanks

I have added you band and Link to our "Bands Page" hope it brings you more contacts.

Sounds like you are doing alright for yourselves, slowly.

What kind of help do you need, we are not an agency.

I see from your site that you do not have a lot of gigs, this is a normal problem for Emo Alt rock bands. The dream of being a professional band means that you have to earn a living from your music alone, something that less than 5% of musicians of all genres manage to do.
Unless you are something really special that the public just has to see or hear the possibility is very small. Which means you will have to try harder.

I have heard some of your music, frankly that is not going to make you big alone, you need to be gigging to collect audience who may buy your records. You need to do some research, research and more research on where your style of music is played live and get on the phone. They are not going to come to you. Start locally and gradually move further afield adding audience that knows your name. Get support gigs so you can benefit from the main band's audience that would not have come to see you initially alone. Do posters for every gig and promote it via whatever resourses are available.

Next step?
Repeat above until someone take notice of your success. Chris...................

submitted by ( on Sunday, November 28, 2004

We are a Covers Band called Lenny and are look for gigs in Kent. We have lots of gigs approaching Christmas in and around Folkestone but want our music to be appreciated by others!

We do covers from Supergrass, The Foo Fighters, The Strokes, The Jam, The Who, Oasis, Franz Ferdinard, Greenday, T-REX and loads more....

If you are interested my E-mail address is and our web address is ... We have a CD recorded and we can send this to you if you wish?

Cheers Lee
Thanks Lenny, please send a CD to our A&R dept. Chris....

submitted by ( on Thursday, November 18, 2004 Kent Bands Radio Play

Hi, I'm from The Volts Show. We are an internet based radio show dedicated to playing unsigned bands only!
We are a voluntary organisation so can't really afford to advertise/promote on a large scale.
Would you mind giving us a mention in the next newsletter or just put a post in the forum letting bands know who we are.

We can give radio play for Kent bands and help promote their talent.

Check us out;

go to 'about' to find out who we are etc.
Dave Morgan
ps. Bloody nice site
Thanks Dave, I am sure some of our Kent bands will take up your kind offer.

I thought I'd let you know how successful our ad for a new bassist was - within a week we'd had a number of enquiries and found the ideal guy.
The Modways
The Modways advertised for a new Bass player on our Kent Musicians Web - 1150 Ads so far.

submitted by ( on Monday, October 18, 2004

comments: I am a resident in norther france and am looking for likely venues so a french pop/rock band can play in the UK.
They already have a national distribution deal over here with their first album in a national record store (FNAC) (it's like virgin ).
It is a guitare based band with a very british sound. Please can anyone help me with contacts for any relevant venues.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Nick,
In general, the internet is a good place to start. Oh you have already started - you found us.
If you are looking for work in Kent - Check out our "venues" page at The venues phone numbers are there.
There may be some bands that would do a gig swap - we have some playing in Belgium and Holland.
You don't say how much money you are looking for, or how large the band is. It can make a difference.
I have added you to our mail list as requested.

Q......Am wondering if there's any help you can actually offer us in the way of gigs or contacts, because we REALLY need some backing here to get
a move on - i think we have one confirmed gig so far and need to get back on track

Sounds like a good idea, but we are not an agency.
There is always the crunch - no gigs - no dosh - no recording - no fans - no gigs
Looks like one of the band or a close friend should play manager instead
Solutions - Start anywhere and follow the loop.
1. Find venues who appreciate your music and get on the phone. No success?
2. Change your music.
3. Still not winning - Play covers, find venues who appreciate your music and get on the phone. No success?
4. Change your covers - find venues who appreciate your music and get on the phone. No success?
5. Go back to playing your own music, find venues who appreciate your music and get on the phone.

I think you might see a pattern emerging here.

Find venues who appreciate your music and get on the phone.

Best wishes - No one said it is easy, but it works. Chris..........

submitted by ( on Sunday, August 15, 2004

I go to gigs

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Used to go to gigs a lot some years ago, when I was young & free !...Just wondering whatever happened to the superb vocalist/frontman Steve Howard AKA Skog...ex of Slam, Shiner, Crete Road East and ( I hear ) Orange Street + others. Any info would be appreciated......
Oooh got me there - ask at Music Bay in Cheriton or the Forum at

I am in a band

comments: Hi i am in a punk band mainly based round sex pistols/the clash have been going for some time now and have worked up a good routine, fan base and an original line-up self-written songs after performing at many venues we are now stuck in a rut and wantt o know how to take that next step towards a signing so can u please give me some advice? if so please reply with any useful infomation.
Why not start by giving the name of the band and where you are based, have you a website telling the world about you?
Do you have a demo and photos of your band.
Do you have a writtten profile of the band displaying your strengths and ambitions?
When you have these you could do worse than sending them to our A&R Dept -
More info at


Hi Chris I very sorry to miss you last night ( 26th June Leas Cliff Hall ).I hope you enjoyed it.
Just like to say a big thank you for all your support over the last couple of months. We would also like to thank all the people who came along and brough our CDS and T-shirts.
All the best mate....... Richie of Paradox
Hi Richie,
A great time was had by all. It is a pity the local promoter is being forced out of the venue by spiraling costs and lack of support and dates by the venue.
The Leas was once the hub of SE Kent musical life. It now appears to be just another venue leased by a multinational money machine run by management with no cultural intelligence. May they soon shape up or ship out......Chris

Hello chris,

we'd like to report the appallingh way the rejects bike club treated a local band called sibling rivalry, the two main guitarists are only 17 and 19 aandwere told that bike clubs were the best, they now have a different opinion, they were booked to play at their party as support and then the main band cancelled, they were then made main band, they played really well but the asshole rejects said they were no good and threw them off stage, they are old men and shsttering the dreams of young boys and just because they didn't sell enough tickets for their do, which shows just how populsr they are (not) they resort to bully boy tactics and intimidate two young boys with the threat of violence, these bike clubs should be exposed for their sxploitation with empty promises, especially barry who threw them off stage when they were doing a good job entertaining the crowd, it was just a cheap ruse not to pay them and I warn all bands to beware,

regards medway music

Ta, Let it be a warning to all that working without a contract and support, can be dodgy. Thankfully we do not hear of this sort of problem often.
If the Bike club would like to tell their side of the story we would happily publish it here.

Dear Chris
We are a young band, I am sixteen and we are called Silverside. We would probably like to start gigging around late summer maybe August.
Would it be possible to suggest any events we could play at or take part in.
Much appreciated

Hi Clem,
We are not an agency.
I would suggest that before you feel you are ready to start gigging that you put together an information pack including pictures, a demo and define the genre of the music you play.Always give a landline telephone number to be contacted on, plus a mobile.
Get on the web and the phone to contact the music venues that host your sort of music, so a little research beforehand is in order.Always give a landline telephone number to be contacted on, plus a mobile.
Create a website, it is as important as a business card. When you are ready let us know about you and we will give you a listing on "Bands" page.

We are a soft-rock/pop, male/female duo, shortly to relocate to the south coast.
Can anyone give us an idea of the current rates we can expect for a nights work in the area?
We have worked two clubs in Eastbourne for the last six years (one Saturday/one Sunday - three times a year) and the money is fine, but we have no experience of pub rates.
Could someone just give us a min/maximum figure to go for when contacting venues???

As for what we do... we're essentially 'band' people, moving into the duo world some time ago so as to make a living. We've toured Europe, done the recording bit - been there, got the T-shirt etc!!!
We are definitely not one of the Karaoke type duos, we're both musicians to the fore - guitars/keyboards/electric violin, all played live. It's just the bits we can't possibly play live at the same time that are put to minidisc. Everything we do is either played or pre-recorded by ourselves at home - everything you see and hear is totally 'us'.

Thanks for your time.
Pete and Lorraine

Hope you will be happy in your new location.
Difficult question.
We have heard of rates of £60 to £120 per gig based on minimum of 2x45min sets.
The pubs are variable in the amounts they pay and the size of audience can dictate this.
You would be advised to have a minimum fee to negotiate with. If you are unknown locally the venue is taking a risk and will offer their minimum.
It is worthwhile doing the first gig at your minimum providing you discuss what you would expect to receive for future bookings assuming a warm reception to your initial performance.
Remember, pubs are reliant on paying for their entertainment from their profits on food and drink. A small audience on your first night may not reflect on your future popularity but it will it might impact on your re-booking.
Ensure you use the venues in our listings who promote their music nights properly or be prepared to spend money to get an audience there on the night.

im in Folkestone based rock band called APV, we had a gig last week and after the thrill of it want to get on the local gigging scene. this is just a quick note to ask if you have any support slots that need filling? we can travel in the kent area easily and are ready for anything you can throw at us!
many thanks,
Hank + APV
submitted by ( on Saturday, April 24, 2004

Hi Hank,
We don't act as an agency, but maybe the notes below will help you
You don't state what kind of a band you are.
I might seem daft but the genre of your music make a lot of difference when it comes to getting work.
There are some bands who will never work due to the pointless bad language in their songs. Even though they are proficient musicians.
A Country & Western band might not go down too well in some venues.
Brass bands have their own place in the world.
Rubber bands don't get any work.

So I am taking the mick but - Think about answering these questions.
Decide who you are
What direction you are going in
The kind of music you are going to play.
The kind of venues that are suitable for your work
Is the material your own or covers
Do you have a PA and transport that can cope with all situations.
What dates are not possible.
Landline phone number
Photos for promotional purposes
Website becoming vital as a business card.
Age of band members
over or under 18
Music suitable for what age group.

When you have discussed this amongst yourselves why not give us something we can put on our "bands" page.
Place an Ad on our Acts Available at Kent Musicians Web.
Go to more local gigs and talk to the promoters about a support slot. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Best wishes

Jon Westbrook Musician Nashville TN

Pedal Steel / Pedal bro / Lap Steel / Banjo / Guitar Vocals 25 yrs experience including major artist-Pro gear + PA-All offers-No bad attitude or habits-

Jon Westbrook - Nashville TN
Telephone: 615.485.8649

submitted by ( on Wednesday, March 24, 2004
Hi Jon, Thanks for writing, I have browsed your site and listened to the the music, should you tour Kent UK The Centre of the World, please let us know maybe we can give you a plug.......Ed

I work for the media
I want more: Venues

I'm a music producer from Kent, and I work with a team of two male hip hop artists and one female solo artist. They are looking for venues to perform at. We have made an album which is selling well locally and have been very successful in internet R'n'B/Hip hop charts. Please visit
If anyone has any information about venues etc. please email me.
submitted by ( on Thursday, March 11, 2004

I am in a band
I go to gigs
I want more Freedom for The Hamsters

Other requests: crazy hairdos or hairdudes.

Bill from Pod studios in Maidstone would love and respect any musicians who would like to do any projects, rehearsals or recordings.

Our prices start at £10/hr and do check our website out for more.

It was submitted by ( on Monday, March 1, 2004
Blatant Avertising will only be accepted occasionally. Just think yopu could be on our front page for a tenner.

band: I am in a band

I want more: Venues

We're a brand spanking new band called 'The Watchers' and have recently been 'brought out' into society.
We are all students in Canterbury and have a lot of good original material.
Influences are jazz, muse, portishead, hendrix. Very large mix making us i would say a jazz rock kinda set up.
Looking for gigs in and around Canterbury and a reasonably priced studio to record in?
Anyone want to help???
If so contact Tanya at
submitted by ( on Monday, February 16, 2004

Pleased to see the Watchers have been "Brought Out" and not just "Come Out" into society. Now you are here - Welcome.
We all think there should be more Venues around Canterbury....Ed.

band: I am in a band

I want more: Venues

Nice to see people giving a shit about real music. Cool website.
Ii am in a successful band from se london looking to play paying gigs in this area we have lots of top quality original stuff and are looking to spread the good word of SilverSky. Check us out on and contact mike.
submitted by ( on Sunday, February 15, 2004
Thanks for your comments. We try.
PS Blimey, I thought Beckenham was in Kent....Ed.

LA Doors

from: "L.A. Doors" 12 Feb 2004

The Final gig of the L.A.Doors,

April 16th Broadstairs Pavilion

The tickets are finally available at the office
43 monkton road
minster CT12 4ED

they are £8 each advance, £10 on the door
This really is the last time!!!

cheques payable to Lizard Promotions please incluse self addressed envelope....

see you there....

I am in a band

I want more: Sense - The Word "Band" dropped from "GirlBand" and replaced by "Karaoke"

Hi Kent gigs
Just wanted you to Know That Paradox will be returning to the Leas Cliff Hall this year on the 26th June. This gig will be to promote the new album influenzic.Already ACCIDENT one of our tracks of the album is getting airplay on some internet radio stations.
Other radio stations also are interested as well as some record companys, all in all a very interesting time in Paradox is being had by all.
Here is a link to our web site if you want to know any more.
If you want to contact me please either email a return or phone 07904 892705.
All the best, and thanks for your help(we got our drummer from placing an add with you)
Richie from Paradox

submitted by ( on Monday, February 9, 2004
Thanks Richie, Remind me three weeks before the gig and I'll give you a plug- We don't normally promote the Leas because it doesn't pay our bills.

Female Vocalist Available

Hi guys. My name is stacey and i am looking for a band who needs a vocalist/backing singer etc. am in early twenties, based in canterbury, originally from Ireland. I can sing most anything and love all kinds of music old and new: beatles, stones, primal scream, oasis, chillies, jeff buckley, kings of leon; i could go on! probably best if i come to a rehearsal and see if the vibe is right. e-mail me -
submitted by on Thursday, December 18, 2003

The place to put a message like this, is on our Kent Musicians Web "Musicians Available" go to fill in the form Then click on "Send Entry"
You may find an Ad already on the site with someone looking for you?


I play in a band called Killing Moon and I was hoping that you'd put us up on the list.

We're a four-piece based in Canterbury (although we originate from various parts of London). We're all in our early 20's. We've been together for justunder a year and under a previous name (Morphic Fields) played some gigs in London, headlining the Kentish Town Verge, the Dublin Castle in Camden, and the Hope and Anchor in Highbury. We recently recorded a new demo, and are awaiting confirmation of more gigs in London.

Over the last couple of weeks we've played KIAD bar in Canterbury, the Venue at the University of Kent and ULU in central London. We're looking to play as many gigs as possible over
the next few months.

We'd probably describe ourselves as follows: Indie-rock/ post-punk. Influences include The Smiths, Joy Division and The Cure.

Sorry if this is extremely convoluted, but I just wanted you to know alittle bit about us.
We've just set up an e-mail account:

Thanks, Tim Scudder

Thanks Tim you are now on the "Wall of Fame"

I am in a band
I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: I am in a newly formed, Kent based rock covers band called LAST EXIT FOR THE LOST It would be great to get some support band work for experience.
Recently completed debut gig with The Gents for a charity event. The band is formed of five thirty-somethings all in it for the love, not the money.
Great website, needs more publicity. Cheers, Brian 07950 252772
submitted by on Saturday, November 15, 2003

Well your message is clear. We are pleased to see a new band joining the scene gently. Gaining experience as a support group is a very good way to pick up a following and learning the business, as it is these days. It isn't easy - Anyone need a support group - contact above


I noticed a reference to Masterstroke's 'prisoner of love' single on your website.
Do you have any contact details for the band as I am trying to find a copy of this record and would pay good money for it.

Any help much appreciated.
Many thanks

Tim Gale

Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
( on Friday, November 7, 2003 at 21:39:19

Subject: Some Feedback
band: I am in a band

I want more: Gigs

comments: I am in a band and was wondering how to go about getting gigs, thankyou.

Dear mystery musician.

Do you have a name?
Tell me more about the band. Are you Country and Western, Punk, Folk. Boy Band Karaoke.Girl Band?
Do you need a manager or agent.
What is the band name.
Are you in Iceland or Moscow?
Do you have a website or telephone number.
Small pub or Wembley Arena?
How much do you charge to perform?
Some of the above information could help me answer your question.

See also.........

Howdy people
Just a quick one, with details of the next round of our tour:
Thurs Nov 20 2003 The beacon court tavern Canterbury street, gillingham, kent 8pm
If you think this is too far to travel, then aside from being a wussy, you are quite wrong.

From my house (and I realise you don't all live there), it Is 17.1 miles. The AA think it will take around 26 minutes.
So you could therefore go to the gig, watch it, then go home, all in around 82 minutes.
The things we do for you people is staggering. You might as well wear your Slippers, eh?

See you there please!
The Meek

I am in a band
I want more: Gigs
i am in a band called experimental chaos. we have done some performing and would like to start playing more gigs. Our music is a cross between punk and grunge. Do you have any information or help that you can give us to get us a gig
Thomas Thurgood
submitted by on Friday, October 31, 2003 at 16:23:57

Hi Thomas, our business is promoting our customers gigs. But of cousrse if you have been to our site you will see that we do a lot more.
Unfortunately getting bands gigs is not one of them. You need a manager / agent or get on the phone to the venues that support or promote your genre of music.

See also.........

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide
I Run a label
comments: BLUE CHEER

Blue Cheer, named after their friend Stanley Owsley's special brand of Acid tabs, formed in late 1967. They came from San Francisco. They made raucous, frantic slabs of greasy noise, took trips by the truckload and hung around with Hell's Angels. They used the basic heavy psychedelic blues format of Hendrix and co, added giant, heavily discordant guitar workouts and a pounding, overdriven bass, then played it all at full blast. Vincebus Eruptum is a 60s Rock Classic. It spawned a Top Ten hit in America (Summertime Blues) and the album itself reached no# 10, selling over a million copies in the US alone. Legend has it that whilst recording their second album, "Outsideinside", they were so loud they blew up the studio monitors and the album could only be completed with the band playing outside. They were friends with and played on the same bill as Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin and The Grateul Dead amongst many,

These dates (Blue Cheer's first ever UK tour) should appeal to all fans into bands from Motorhead to Pearl Jam, Nirvana to Chilli Peppers, all who cite Blue Cheer as an influence.

Wed 19 BRIGHTON Concorde 2
Thu 20 SOUTHAMPTON The Brook
Fri 21
Sat 22 BRISTOL Thekla
Sun 23 CREWE Limelight
Mon 24
Wed 26 SHEFFIELD Boardwalk
Thu 27 LONDON Borderline

"They preceded Black Sabbath, Deep fact all of the pioneers of metal and hard rock. That's how significant Blue Cheer is" - Classic Rock
"The Californian power trio are justly revered for their part in inventing the genre currently known as stoner rock" - Uncut Magazine
submitted on Thursday, October 9, 2003 at 18:51:39

Hi Chris

Subject:Vocalist urgently required.
I don't know if you can help me but I am in an Ashford based band and we are desperate to get a decent singer. I have advertised in Kerrang, FreeAdds, Local Music Shops and on Kent Musicians Web, but we've had no luck yet. Our music is sounding awesome and I'm worried that if we don't get the right singer soon then it might fall apart and all out time and effort will be wasted.

I was wondering if it would be possible to place a 'higher profile' advert on your Kent Gigs homepage?

I would be really greatful if you are able to help me.

Ok Gary Let us see if we can beat the odds - Just this time though - I hate to see a grown man cry - Chris

Singer/vocalist Urgently required

Can you write lyrics?
Ashford based heavy rock band looking for vocalist to complete line-up and to assist with writing lyrics. We are all experienced musicians aged between 24 - 30.
We have written all new material for this project and we are eager to gig asap.

Influences - system of a down, korn, drowning pool, pod and similar bands. Might be best to come a long for a listen and see if it's your thing.
Give us a call if you are interested.
Telephone: 01304 212354

Hi Chris,
nice site!
I am looking for anyone who may have seen Uriah Heep way back in the early 70s and pre Heep bands of the late 60s.
Could you put a mention on your site? I am interested in hearing from anyone who saw such bands as The Gods, Toe Fat, Spice, The Stalkers, New Nadir, The Cats Pajamas and The Jimmy Brown Sound.


submitted by ( on Wednesday, July 16, 2003 band
I am in a band
I want more: 2 in a bar rule abolished! Bands of any size should be able to play in pubs and clubs, trouble free!!!
Other requests: Venues for my band to play at

Please help. I've taken over managing a 4 piece Sittingbourne Band named Tallon. Need some ideas of venues to try. The Band are willing to travel. PLEASE HELP!!

Your problem is not new. There is a shortage of band venues is Kent. I am afraid you will have to do as all other bands do.
Get on the phone to all of the venues that show up as having bands on and etc
Don't be afraid to look outside of Kent and Sussex.
It might help others if you describe the music genre of the band, age, experience, contact details and willingness to work for a pittance.
If the band is new try to get some support work by contacting those who are organising independent multiple band gigs
Submit Act Available notice to our Kent Musicians Web

I run a music venue

I work for the media

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Hello my names Natasha Steer and I am president of the student union at North West Kent college Dartford-I'm also a 2nd year BND media student and video producer.

Im currently trying to arrange events at the college for the students union and have had a few ideas.Would you know of any bands in Kent that require promotion with an upcoming single release?Just I had the idea of planning a launch party for a band-we have facilities for them to play at the college etc at our new miskin theatre-although everything would have to be cleared with the college owners etc..

Anyway if you do have any suggestions please e-mail me at

Brilliant you have been very helpful!
Many thanks,
Natasha Steer
President of Student Union
North West Kent College

p.s May I highly commend your website it has been brilliant help to me for my music video promotion and being able to contact bands!

media: I work for the media

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: hello !!!! My name is Jaroslaw,
I guitarplayer, composer, poet, leader of group " TURN of FATE " .
For knowing me better click on
you can find there my translating of my texts of my songs because i am writing in russian and ukranian languages and now in english too ,fragments of our free mp3 ,
submitted by on Thursday, July 3, 2003

Jaroslaw - Thank you for writing. I have visited your site, most enjoyable

Dear Chris

I really hope you don’t mind me contacting you like this, but my band have now reached desperation. We are an established, female fronted, alternative rock band, and we are DESPERATELY seeking a keyboardist. We are currently in the middle of re-working all our songs and adding new keyboards and samples and we have tried putting ads everywhere so now we have come down to emailing recording studios and music shops and anything to do with music to see if anyone knows of some who can play the keyboard.....

Please help us, or at least let us know of any other places we can email or place on online ads.

If you have broadband I have a few mp3’s that we have recorded and I can send you, so if you do know someone they can get an idea of our sound!!!

Many thanks

Greg Fayers (and SPeNT)
Greg, you have come to the right place. I have added your request to our "Musicians Wanted" page on our Kent Musicians Web also keep an eye on the Musicians available page,

Dear Chris Ashman,
We are a six piece instrumental psychedelic JAZZ/FUSION/FUNK/ZING band called ELECTRIK BLANKET, instruments include Drums, Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Saxophone, and on special occasions Digerydoo and a live DJ's.

Would it be possible to include us on your website?

We have enclosed our web page below, which so far includes CV, some of our tunes(mp3) and pictures of the band, we would be very grateful if you could help us in any way as we are currently looking for gigs. If you can please could you contact us on this email address.

web page: -
Kind Regards, Robot

Dear Robot - Did you notice that this site is for Kent & Sussex Bands not Wolverhampton - Still here you are. Look forward to you visiting the centre of the world - Kent.
Regards Chris

I am in a band

I want more: 2 in a bar rule abolished! Bands of any size should be able to play in pubs and clubs, trouble free!!!

Hello all,

I'd just like to say to anyone who came along to The Green Fair in Maidstone I could kiss ya! Thanks for making the effort to come and see 'The Days'. We had a great time and it was good to see a wicked turn out of people.

Well I just thought I'd let you know, we have another gig coming up, this time at The Halfmoon in Putney, London on Wednesday 11 June at 8.45pm. So if you fancy it, and you want a free CD (now we've gotcha) it would be great to see you.

There's more gigs on the way so I'll keep you lot informed, oh and we're in the studio next month to do another demo so if you fancy one or would like more info about 'The Days' email us at

We love you all! Ro
submitted by on Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide
Other requests: 2 in a bar rule abolished! Bands of any size should be able to play in pubs and clubs, trouble free!!!

I play in The Groove Connection, who are still going strong by the way. I thought you might like the link to our website.
The next gig in Kent is Friday 13th June @ The Bat and Ball in Gravesend.

Nice site by the way, never seen it before.
Thanks Paul - Your band link is now live - I'll add you to our mail list to help you keep in touch

The Kent Guitar Festival - Monday 19th to Sunday 25th May

Held at different venues throughout Kent, KCC's John Rice has put together another excellent programme featuring guitarists from all styles of music; Jazz, Blues, Folk, Celtic, Classical, World etc. Including Adrian Byron Burns & Jim Mullen, The Haydn Lute Trio, Tony McManus, Koen de Cauter, Dave Sutherland & Emma Peters, Aziz Ibrahim & Dalbir Singh, John Etheridge ~ I can't list them all but there's just some of the Internationally respected artists on offer.
Email John on or pick up a brochure from your local library or at the next Bottleneck Blues gig.

John & Dee

Thanks John

I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Hi! I am part of Motion Picture Soundtrack, a 4 piece band local to Canterbury that is getting more and more well known in East Kent. You already have some of our gigs listed on your gig page, but we would also love it if you could put our details on your band page.

We have an EP out at shops in Canterbury, Ashford, Deal and Broadstairs and our website is Nice site
Thank you! :)

Contact submitted by on Thursday, May 8, 2003

I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Other requests: scantilly clad dancers

Could you add FORGE to the band list please- we played in margate deal dover folkestone+ wiv Six Stage Suicide and kingskin+ battleska galactica and pple.
web sites
cheers- Sam Wilkie

submitted by on Thursday, May 8, 2003
Sam, You Are on the Wall of Fame Now

The Eight Bells Folk Club Sing-a-rounds
The second Tuesday of every month
Check the dates below for 2003

The regular sing-a-rounds in the bar of the Eight Bells in Tenterden High Street have been running since 1992 and are set to continue. They are run in conjunction with Tenterden Folk Day Trust, the annual Tenterden Folk Festival, local singers and musicians and the Eight Bells public house. The pub came under new management from the end of 2002 but we do not expect this to affect the folk club.

Many of you will remember the evenings at The Bells when numbers regularly reached 30 or even 40 people and the exceptional evenings when there were so many singers and musicians there that we were forced to move up stairs. Were you there on the evening when we had about 25 Italians all wanting to sing all the evening, or the evenings when groups of Dutch, German, Slovakian, Canadian or other tourists played and sang with us? Not forgetting those very memorable, and more typical, evenings when the likes of Tan Tethera, SkynFlynt, Bob Kenward, Bo Foaks, Ray Styles, Sean and Trooper, George Frampton, Bob Piggott and Mick Lynn, Galliard, No Worries and many, many others, held the crowded bar spell bound. I also remember the gent who kept telling me he had his mouth organ with him but that he did not play folk music, then after a couple of years Les finally played that mouth organ and has not stopped since!

Folk singers and musicians from Kent and Sussex gather in the Bells from around 8.00 p.m. and the music starts at about 8.30 and continues to 11.00. All folk singers and musicians are welcome to come along and join in or just come and listen. The music is mainly traditional English but we also include contemporary, blues, Irish, Scottish, European music, music hall, acapella and in fact most good acoustic music.

Each evening at the Bells will be lead by one of the resident musicians or groups that will include Tan Tethera, Bob Kenward, Bo Foaks, Sean and Trooper, No Worries and others. We will also occasionally invite other local or visiting musicians to lead the evening.

During 2003, the sing-a-rounds will continue take place on the second Tuesday of every month. The dates are as follows;

June 10
July 8
August 12
September 9
October 14
November 11
December 9
How to contact Folk Spots;
You can contact Alan Castle at Folk Spots in any of the following ways;
The web
Telephone (UK 044) 01233 626805

Mr DuncanSmith has asked me to thank you for your e-mail and to reply on
his behalf.

He is grateful to you for your comments. We are concerned over the
Government's proposed changes to licensing laws. These would make the
performance of live music licensable in pubs and clubs, places of worship,
schools, community centres and village halls. But it goes further, it would
make private parties in private homes and gardens require a license. We
believe, that if enacted, this Bill will have an enormously detrimental
effect on musicians and live performances. Whilst the penalties for
breaking the law, of a six month jail sentence or a £20,000 fine, are far
too draconian. It also seems grossly unfair and inconsistent that live
music will not be licensable in Scotland but will be in England and Wales.

This Bill represents a totally unacceptable regulatory intrusion into
mainstream activities; and we are calling on the Government to amend the
relevant parts of the Bill in order to remove these iniquities.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to write.

Ian Philps
Correspondence Secretary

Dear Chris,


A new ITV programme is looking for couples, families, students and other house sharers to spend two days filming with television relationship expert Tracey Cox.


Is living with your partner, family or flatmates causing you stress?! It could be ANYTHING that you disagree over: pets, the décor, money, untidiness, bad habits, hobbies, the kids or even the in-laws.

Whatever the problem our top TV relationship expert might be able to provide the solution.

CONTACT US NOW on 020 8877 5623/5527 or

David Hodgkinson
Development Researcher

Prospect Pictures
Wandsworth Plain
SW18 1ET

020 8877 5623 (Direct)
020 8874 0139 (Fax)
020 8877 1234 (Switchboard)

Dear Chris,

Though you might appreciate these for your news bit.


New Study of Obesity Looks for Larger Test Group
Crack Found on Governor's Daughter
Something Went Wrong in Jet Crash, Expert Says
Police Begin Campaign to Run Down Jaywalkers
Iraqi Head Seeks Arms
Is There a Ring of Debris around Uranus?
Prostitutes Appeal to Pope
Panda Mating Fails; Veterinarian Takes Over
Teacher Strikes Idle Kids
Juvenile Court to Try Shooting Defendant
War Dims Hope for Peace
If Strike Isn't Settled Quickly, It! May Last Awhile
Cold Wave Linked to Temperatures
Enfield (London) Couple Slain; Police Suspect Homicide
Red Tape Holds Up New Bridges
Man Struck By Lightning Faces Battery Charge
Astronaut Takes Blame for Gas in Spacecraft
Kids Make Nutritious Snacks
Chef Throws His Heart into Helping Feed Needy
Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half
Hospitals are Sued by 7 Foot Doctors
Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery; Hundreds Dead

Thanks John, not our normal sort of feedback but I like it

Dear chris

Please would you be god (!) enough to add our name to your excellent website.

We are - FILTHY LUCRE, a four piece blues/rock band of rare pedigree (and a combined age approaching 200 so no lack of experience there then !!!) comprising Dave "Golden fingers" Irvine (lead guitar), Paul "Magnum" Milton (bass), Paul "Beatmeister" Godley (percussion) and Andy "Iron throat" Heathcote (vocals).

Along with a catalogue of original material we play a wide range of covers from Bryan Adams, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy, Alex Harvey !, Donna Summer !!, ZZ Top, Delbert McClinton, Billy Idle, Tom Jones, Stereophonics, Blur, Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker, INXS, Dooby Brothers, Santana, Bill Withers, Wild Cherry, Lenny Kravitz, Bruce Springsteen etc ...........

FILTHY LUCRE formed towards the end of 2000 and have gigged consistently throughout North Kent since January 2001 - we will play anywhere that there is oxygen provided the fee is right!!

Best Regards

Andy H


Can you include our venues on your gig list please, we notice a lot of people come through your site to ours

These are the 2003 gigs booked so far.

Saturday 31st May, The South Eastern Tavern, Ashford
Saturday 23rd August, The South Eastern Tavern, Ashford

There will be some more gigs once we've completed our demo in a couple of weeks time. Thanks for your great site, its much appreciated,


I run a music venue

I go to gigs

I work for the media

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Other requests: Keeping the young ones going!!

Hello to all that might remember 'The Studio'. Well Greigy's never short of a plan B, Watch the News Shopper in the Bromley area and remember that rock'n'roll,soul, folk, and.......Blues and music for all ages will win the day.
Happy new year to all,
Andy Greig (MU)
May 'live music' live, for ever.
submitted by on Wednesday, January 8, 2003
See also Under Threat - The Studio, Beckenham

We are drinK!

The boozy blues band. Our website adress is
We are all members of the Rock n Roll Loony Party and play many of the clubs and pubs on the Isle of Sheppey,
fairly busy in the summertime but are looking for winter gigs in Kent area.

Could you please include us in your guide.

Thank You.
fatjacK for drinK!
submitted by on Thursday, January 2, 2003

Hi Chris,

Here's a cheery hello from Jagged Music who would like to introduce you to
indeed more original talented musicians for you to enjoy. I have to say
that you would be hard to pressed to find as good a selection on commercial
channels, I'm dead impressed.

Funky Noel from Harambé:
Lighthouse Family meets Jamiroquai - "Harambé", Jagged's most funkiest band.
Truly hot and if funk is your thing, don't miss these dudes.

Rocky Noel from Abinger Drive:
Uplifting with great guitar solos and vocal harmonies. If you fancy
something more rocky than Paul Weller, listen to "Abinger Drive".

Alternative Dance Noel from The Long Pause:
Melodic, strange and atmospheric. That's "The Long Pause". Think of
Portishead, Arom, Massive attack and you are getting near.

Song lovers Noel from Rawdon Evernden:
"Rawdon Evernden", bit of a mouthful and so are his songs. Much like Peter
Gabriel, Simon & Garfunkel with a touch of Twin Peaks.

Well, enjoy yourself,

Jagged Music Ltd

"The hottest underground music site around" - The Daily Mirror
"Great Unsigned bands" - The Guardian
"Jagged Music is much more than a virtual record shop." - Guitar Magazine.

PO Box 29538 London N8 0FZ

Other requests: and Community Clubs

Hi there, Paul Petit here from Vancouver Canada.While to my wife's family in Beckenham, Kent, I was privledged to sit-in on a Jam session held at a place called locally as "The Studio".It was real tasty home-grown sound, very entertaining.apparently, my wifes young brother Martin got his first gig on stage there. Wish i was there with her to have heard his Bass. Anyhoo, I have scoured more webpages than i cared to,to find a listing of venues at this local place.Unfortunately with no results. hope to get a tip from someone over there. Thanx for the webspace,
Paul Petit
submitted by on Monday, November 25, 2002

Paul..we would also like to cover more events in North Kent ...Ed. See Under Threat - The Studio, Beckenham

Dear Chris,

was just wondering if you could include my band on your website. The name of the band is Karma, and we are a keyboard/vocal duo. We're based in Ashford and have been working abroad for the last 6 months. We're available for any functions over the Christmas and New Year period. We do a wide range of music from 50's to present day and also incorporate saxophone and clarinet into our repertoire. Would be grateful if you could put our details on the site. If you need to contact me please do at
Thanks for your help.
Sam Collins

I will add your info for our next update....Ed

RUBBER BISCUIT will be throwing a combined 10th Birthday/Christmas Party at the King's Hall, Herne Bay on Friday 13th December 2002. We promise a night to remember.
Tickets are £5 in advance, £7.50 on the night. King's Hall Box Office = 01227 374188.

Keep up the good work!

David for 'Rubber Biscuit'

Hi Chris,
How about mentioning the Soul Cafe in Maidstone in What's On.
Tuesdays & Thursdays' are ROOTS nights. I saw Gene Parsons there last week. Brilliant venue for serious music. Alan Cackett runs it. It is tied in with the brilliant new Roots magazine produced in Maidstone..."Maverick"

Trails Mark Dean


I run a music venue

Venue under threat

Hi my name is Andy Greig and for many years now I have run a music club called Acoustic tuesdays at The Studio, Beckenham,Kent.The clubs popularity encompasses good standard amateurs, and some seasoned old pros! It is also licenced. Well here comes the rub; it's owned and run by Bromley Council, and they have slashed 40K off the budget for entertaining arts, the first thing to go will be the studio.
Young, old, male and female MUSICIANS.I plan to fight this to the bitter end, and you never know we might get lucky!!

Listen, sorry I haven't been in touch, hey this is hard work trying to save a venue from a cut throat council budget cut. Just do it to to the arts.............who cares.............TV?, Radio?, Theatre?, Stage,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,music!
All fingers crossed, Gary Hyde, might be able to to make a very serious case against this particular place closing. But very soon. Tues. 10:12:02 weds 11:12:02, that's it. Council closed.
Ask about, at least quite a few people in the kent area have ventured into 'the Studio Beckenham' and gone and tried elsewhere; and always come back to say hey! rock'n'roll.
This is the club of all clubs, the muther of all safe places, young, old, yobs (closely watched by ex yobs), dads, musicians, you know, everybody.
I can always cause a stir in the paper especially regarding the music clubs at 'the Studio.' I am the only one to stand his ground.
Fellow musicians and artists, and dare I say,, Promoters.... CHECK THIS OUT. It took years to build and weeks to kill..... I don't usually grovel, but as a father of a 14,16,(19, saved a boy!). 21, and 22 yr. old people, I must be either totally insane or VERY right about something potentially explosive with the 'new youth,' it is only one big circle, after all people.
'Listen to computer music,' 'Ok, so come and do it live with me?'
That place must stay because the potential is fantastic. This is too good to go.
Andy Greig 07974309047. or leave a message at Beckenham studio on 02086630103 I think but hey you've got mine and I'm happy to give it sake of keeping it live.
' slash/HELP!!
ps' Have yourself a merry little Christmas'.....

submitted by on Tuesday, October 1, 2002

I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Other requests: Useful information

Having surfed around the links to various Kent based musician resources sites I am amazed that there are so many live bands around especially as none of the sites I have visited, including this one, have any listings for rehearsal spaces.
Surely not everyone is either 14 and rehearsing in their bedroom with tennis rackets and cardboard boxes or 54 with a soundproofed loft conversion and a set of V-drums.
Is there anywhere within a 20 mile radius of Tonbridge that has the space and equipment? Somebody please help - either with the name of a rehearsal room or a site with this - let's be honest - fundamental and basic information.

submitted by ( on Friday, August 2, 2002

Ring "Burst Rehearsal Studios" Ashford on 01233 663148
Regards Chris

hi there

re: Freddie Mack

Marc Carapiet here from Glasgow. I am a friend of freddie's and can inform you all that he's alive and well and living near plains, airdrie (lanarkshire, about 22 miles from glasgow), with wife jan and cat 'psycho'. i'd be interested in contacting 'graham wright' (mentioned previously), with a view to asking him to sell his copy to me (which i'd like to present to freddie on his upcoming birthday, it would be nice as i know that the only copy he has, is in a very poor state).

loved the list of bands that you have here..and speaking as an old looked fab!

marc carapiet

I want more: Gigs

Other requests: BANDS WANTED

Pink Box Records are looking for bands to play in showcase gigs in the east midlands. Ok so now I've got your attention listen on, what we are looking for are bands who are prepared to set up return gigs for band on our label in your area. For this we guarantee a gig set up by us for any band who are any good and play original material. Please note that Pink Box are NOT a charity and any band unable or unwilling to book a return gig need not reply.
submitted by( on Monday, July 22, 2002

Your request has been duplicated to "Acts Wanted" at


I am in a band

I want more: Freedom for The Hamsters

comments: hi is there anyway our band 26xs faster can be promoted/given gigs by you people, our website is http:// and we have done gigs with plan 9 -, we're a three piece punk/ska band with 2 girls and a boy, and are intersted in some more gigs, u can email me at

anyway back to feedback, after being on your site for appros 15 mins i found out alot of useful info on bands and venues, its all good stuff and ill be putting a link on my site, cheers
submitted by on Wednesday, June 12, 2002 at 12:16:37

Ta Jemmax

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Hey, its Anisa, my best friend is in a band and i was wondering if you could help them get a venue to play at?

"Hybryd" they are an alternative rock band and are looking for more venues to play at.
My name is Anisa Biggs and im in a band and so are my friends. Could you have us at your venue? We are into good old rock and roll....
submitted by on Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Hi Anisa,
Sorry we cannot help you with gigs, we are not an agency. There are plenty of venues everywhere but 1000's of bands, you really just have to get on the phone and do it .Your request has been transferred to "Acts Available" a


I go to gigs

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Check out the Unofficial Friday Night Music Reviews from the Bear and Ragged Staff in Crayford on
submitted by ( on Wednesday, June 5, 2002
Good Read

Hi David,
sounds like an interesting concept and one that we could endorse and add to to our website, please send more details.
We do not endorse "pay to play" events unless the fee and costs details are previously stated.



Can you help....I need to find the best bands/acts in the UK, all
commercially viable(ie good song-writing) for the concept we intend to begin
(see below):

New monthly night starting in obscure club in the heart of West London
(record company land)...we want only the best bands/artists/performers under
the age of 25 from anywhere in the UK to be part of a spearhead to bring down
the barriers put up by the industry and bring on the next wave of GOOD AND

....Contact via email:

I look forward to your help and feedback

kind regards

David P

I am in a band

I want more: Gigs

BLOW 4 piece with male and female vocals, style: anything good.

Contact and and 07931 364116

submitted by ( on Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I am in a band

I want more Freedom for The Hamsters

We are a five piece soft rock band called "Paradise on Purple". We enjoy playing festivals and have almost finished recording our second album "Rainbow Child".
If you would like any more information, please visit our website at
submitted by ( on Saturday, May 18, 2002

I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Other requests: NAKED WOMEN AT GIGS!


submitted by on Friday, May 17, 2002

I am in a band

I go to gigs

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Other requests: free the renault 5

Good to see a site for the unsigned. I will be adding my own band to the site soon

submitted by on Thursday, April 18, 2002

Hi Chris

Just come across your site regarding Kent bands.

I thought I would drop you some info about my history as my name does appear in several places.
You may not know that I now live in FLORIDA and am currently playing lead guitar professionally for a band called 'Nitelife' I play about four nights a week in and around Orlando. Members of my present band have played with the BoxTops and Bruce Hornsby.

All in all, apart from the 2 year rest I have been non stop in playing and entertaining almost 37 years. For the history and dates go here
I would like to wish all of my friends and acquaintances in and around Kent my sincere regards.
Please pass on my email address to anyone who wants to say hallo, My personal email address is

One more thing to add, you English bands are so lucky today, the normal playing times hear in the US a minimum of 4x45 sets and at weekends 5x45 sets.


Gary Swinard (Ex Live'n'Kivkin)

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I am in a band

I want more newspapers to publish this gig guide

ACTNAME: Empathy

MEMBERS: Ross Purchase : Vocal
Elton Colin : Lead Guitar
Stuart Bennett : Drums
Grant Bruce : Rythm Guitar
Dominic Durso : Bass

HISTORY: Emapthy have been together for 3 years. Have spent much time writing, perfecting & recording original material and started gigging last year. The Union Bar - Maidstone, Tap & Tin + Bar M - Chatham and The Red Lion - Gravesend are just a few of the places played so far.

RECORDEDMATERIAL: A 6 track CD is available. Please contact via E-mail to for details.
Samples of the the bands material can be downloaded at

thur 13th june the happy frenchman chirst church rd. folkestone 9-11 free admission

sat 15th june the union bar pudding lane maidstone 9-2am £4 on door £3 with flyer contact for flyer

thur 20th june the command house dock rd chatham 9-11 free admission

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I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Nice page - keep it up. I live in Canterbury and its a nightmare trying to find out where bands are playing!!!

I am in a band

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

comments: Hello!
Well to be honest I'm not in a band, I'm a solo performer playing a Chapman Stick and singing along to it (half of the time), a bit African, a bit songwriting, a bit looping. Question is: does anyone know where all of this could turn into a nice gig?
Thanks a lot, eternal gratitude and the like,

Rob Rieter
5022 JE Tilburg
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I go to gigs

I want more: Freedom for The Hamsters

comments: Hi there .. was at the third round of battle of the bands at the beacon court last night ... a band called TSL won ... A highly controversial decision that I am at a loss to fathom out. Plus there are scandals of the TSL people filling out 10 or more voting slips each. I dont think I will be visiting further rounds :(

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Dear Chris,

Well, a few years have passed since we last spoke and throughout the last year Euston have been taking a break from all "band" things. But now the band are back and even more raring to go than before. The original line-up are once again and the band are now rehearsing new material to be released in the coming months.

new website will be launching soon.

If you require any more information please don't hesitate in contacting me.

Best regards

Russell English

Check out the bands Official website for gig listings and latest info.

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I am in a band

I go to gigs

I want more: newspapers to publish this gig guide

Subject: live music

comments: I should like to see the end of 2 in a bar rule, lets see more live bands with proper drummers.
Annie and Martin

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