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Our GIG GUIDE is the music and entertainment orientated information service for Kent and E. Sussex. We supply The Gig Guides and information weekly to the media services our mail lists, websites and anywhere we feel it will be of benefit to the cause of musical and live entertainment.

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In 1981 our first Gig Guide represented only 12 Venues in the Folkestone and Dover area. Since then we have been pleased to have promoted 100's of venues in Kent and E. Sussex and the 1000's of different acts performing there, from the local singalong piano player to internationally famous acts on tour.

We collate information on a weekly basis for participating venues and bands, then distribute it to the media services in time to meet their deadlines for publication.
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Some landlords are wondering where their old and valued customers have gone. One probable answer is, they are at home watching television or at a venue they know has a good act on. Now, more than ever, all venues and bands need to promote their events and reduce their advertising budget. - We can do that for you, and save you time.

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If you advertise in the newspaper, ask for your advert to be placed next to our Gig Guide. "Why?" you may ask. The truth of the matter is, who in their right mind is going to search through all of the local papers for your advert, when everyone knows the best place to look for local music information is in our Gig Guide information supplied to and used by all of the best leisure pages and linked to and from all of the best websites.

If your local newspaper does not publish our Gig Guide then ask them "why not?'' we probably supply them. We feel that people have a right to know "Wotson" locally and thankfully so do most newspaper editors. Our charges for promoting your events are small, and the results are obvious to those venues who have used our services for the past 29 years.  Get started Now


Kent MusicBiz
The History of Kent Bands and Musicians

This section of is called "Kent MusicBiz" and is dedicated to the people in South East Kent who helped form the live music scene as it is today. Good or bad, we share some odd facts and figures, puff ourselves up and bring ourselves down. Some of us have been "at it" since the 50's and some are babies.

The heroes we remember are not just those who "made it" but those who entertained us. "Every pop star is someone's next door neighbour". Local band is not a dirty word here.
Some of us want to share a few experiences with those on the scene now that are unlucky enough to be "too young" to have shared the best years of live music in Kent. Alright, you can argue about that if you like, but browse through the project and see what's been happening. As the project grows it will cover 50 years of Music in Kent because the motivators are still there, driving it.

We want your input, if you can show a link to the people, gigs, venues, recordings etc. already on Kent MusicBiz you can join in sooner, email your stories pictures and links to the Kent MusicBiz Project. Do you know any old Muso's that would like to tell their story?

Please be patient if your submitted an article, CV, photo or whatever and its is not live yet. The construction will concentrate on the oldest information first, it's a monster of a story and is under permanent construction.
Current bands and new venues, should go to and request a link there. We hope you feel you are a part of the future not the past.

Photo attachments should be minimum 640x480 pixels and should have full descriptions, names, and other details in the text of the email. You grant us permission to use any photograph, picture, logo, item or wording that you send to us for use on this site. It is your responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright owner for this purpose and declare them.

Start your journey, follow blue text
Warning this site is "Picture Rich", to get the most out of it, wait for the pictures, they only need to download once, then they will be available in your cache ready for your next visit. Please let us know if you find a broken link, there will be some. - Have fun.

smallwht.gifThe aim of the Network is to help musicians freely find  musicians, teachers and local music related services like studios, rehearsal etc.

Kent Musicians Web
Nationally Networked Musicians Resource

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