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Trade Partner of The Alliance of Musicians & PerformersTo Index - Submit Ad This section of is called "Kent MusicBiz" and is dedicated to the people in South East Kent who helped form the live music scene as it is today. Good or bad, we are going to share some odd facts and figures, puff ourselves up, bring ourselves down. Some of us have been "at it" since the 50's and some are babies. The heroes we remember are not just those who "made it" but those who entertained us. "Every pop star is someones next door neighbour", local band is not a dirty word here.
Some want to share a few experiences with those on the scene now that are unlucky enough to be "too young" to have shared the best years of live music in Kent. Alright, you can argue about that if you like, but browse through the project and see what's been happening.
As the project grows it will cover 50 years of Music in Kent because the motivators are still there, stirring it up. (Including me - Ed).

We want your input, if you can show a link to the people, gigs, venues, recordings etc. already on Kent MusicBiz you can join in sooner, email your stories pics. and links to Kent MusicBiz Project.
Do you know any old Muso's that would like to tell their story?

Please be patient if your submitted an article, CV, photo or whatever and its is not here yet. The construction will concentrate on the oldest info first, it's a monster of a story and is under permanent construction.

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MESSAGES - Latest messages and enquiries

Hi Chris,
I am looking for an old friend who goes by the name of Dave Godden who was a folk singer around the pubs and clubs of Folkestone in the mid seventies and eighties after which he moved to Manchester I think.
I also know that in the early seventies he worked in Germany where he and his guitar were run over by a car which broke his arm and the neck of his guitar.
I would be very grateful for any information regarding him or his whereabouts now.

Bill and Jane

Hi Chris,
I'm trying to research some information about a band called The Islanders.
My father James Callingham was in the band and I believe they played around the Margate/Ramsgate/Sandwich area in the 1960's. 

I beleive they released a record and would be very grateful for any information anyone has

Any info welcome

Rock-a-billy hall-of-famer Mack Allen Smith recalls the known and unknown musicians he knew (USA)

Sunbury Press has released "Rock-a-Billy Rebel: Known and Unknown Stars I've Known" by recording artist and rock-a-billy hall-of-famer Mack Allen Smith.

Any idea where I might find exact dates for the following artists which I saw at the Leas Cliff Hall please:

Stranglers (in the '80's)
Stereophonics (not the 2008 gig, much earlier than that.)
Moody Marsden Band (x2)
Mama's Boys (x2)
Snowy White
Latest messages and enquiries


My husband and I met at the Leas Cliff Hall on 18th October 1969 and cannot remember who was playing. I am sure I have the date correct. We would like to know as we celebrate our 40th Wedding anniversary this year. Are you or someone who contributes to the web site able to find out please.
Regards, Linda Ashford Kent.
info to
Thanks to Amy Woodland at KRNM who risked life and limb going throught the archive we are pleased to report that the bands playing that night were Savoy Brown with the Road Runners and Stan King. A picture of the advert that featured in that week’s Folkestone and Hythe Gazette.

Researchers are looking for more information about Singer Arthur Gomm born 1926 Canterbury- Stage name Art Baxter - Bands: Art Baxter and His Rock.n.Roll Sinners, Ronnie Scott Orchestra.
See Article
Tribute website and biography of Arthur Charles Gomm. Singer with Matt Moore, Jan Ralfini, Oscar Rabin, Ronnie Scott, Art Baxter and His Rock 'n' Roll Sinners. South London legend at the Frog and Nightgown youtube announcement

Ref: Trevor Willliams "T he Lonely Ones" Telecaster
Hi Chris My name is Eric Barnett. I live in Glasgow, I am doing research for a friend who may have a guitar that was once owned by Trevor and am keen to get in touch with him to establish if this is the case. The guitar is a 1964 Fender Telecaster. I wonder if you know a contact number, email or contact address for him. If you do, could you let him know and ask if he would be kind enough to forward his email address to me. This is a genuine enquiry - my friend is a fellow musician and has got me interested in the history of this guitar. I appreciate that I may just be on the wrong track, but I have got this far and would like to see it through! If Trevor agrees, I will send him all the information I have which have led me believe (hope!) that I am not on a wild goose chase. Your site is top class - wish we had something llike it up here! Hoping to hear on this enquiry Regards
Ref: Fender Telecaster owned by Chris Adams, who is a musician, hoping to contact Trevor Williams(ex lonely Ones, The Joint, Judas Jump) who may have owned the guitar at one time.
Received a reply from Caesar Glebbeek, a Hendrix expert. This was intriguing because there no mention of Hendrix on my post: but he's correct, there IS a Hendrix connection. In his subsequent emails he has suggested that there indications that this could be the Telecaster used by Jimi on the Purple Haze sessions.
We have not as yet been able to contact Trevor Williams, but we contacted his friend John "Andy" Andrews. Who indicated that Noel Redding's Telecaster, which he had traded with Trevor had had a pschedelic paint job. . Obvoiusly, we don't want to intrude on peoples privacy, but this could have real historical significance and any suggestions you could make to progress matters would be appreciated. If you know any guys who know and played with Trevor and, of course, photographs of Trevor and/or Noel redding with the Telecaster, would be of great help.
Noticed one of your 'posters' was asking about Trevor Williams' Telecaster. I recall him using the instrument with The Avengers /The Dukes of Earl - a bog standard white Tele c.1964 with a rosewood neck I believe. (same model as  the one Mick Green is playing in John Bowley's photos on: 'The Pirates Official site'. Think Trevor had it new - but I'm unsure. It certainly looked new. (I didn't really know Trevor... as I knew his brother).
I'm afraid there's not really much more I can tell you about the white Standard Telecaster used by Trevor. Just after I'd sent that info. to Chris., I realised I'd made a minor slip i.e. I'd meant to say rosewood 'fingerboard' - not 'neck' (which I assume was the usual maple with a 'stripe' inset?). I notice these things, as I've always preferred maple fingerboards - as they are supposedly 'faster' - according to ace players. (Not that that applies to me, sadly!).
I saw Trevor use it on more than one occasion at the Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone with 'The Dukes of Earl' - as they called themselves. (A local support group for the bigger main bands). Put through his Vox AC30, it sounded great - despite the appalling accoustics of the L.C.H.! (Earlier, I seem to recall he had a Selmer 'Futurama' three pick-up guitar). To the best of my memory and without consulting Chris's website they comprised Dave Hammond on chordal guitar using a sunburst Gibson - (later acquired by my pal Peter Hourahane - who converted it to left-hand); Martin Vinson on Fender bass (with whom I went to school), the late Derek Knight on vocals (I also went to school with); Ewart Pinch on drums and fellow from the West County on organ and vocals - Dave someone? The latter two were outstanding musicians. The others were what I call: 'workman-like' players - if you know what I mean.
To tell the truth, I was more interested in Gibsons at that time. I had a cherry red SG Special because the late Noel Redding (later Jimi Hendrix) had one. Noel and I were both Mick Green fans. I'd tried Noel's and liked it - so bought one myself up in London (110 guineas!) Later the trend around here in Folkestone swung back to Fenders and I rather foolishly sold my still mint SG Special to the late Cy Sutton for 60. Much later, when I went back to playing, I had become a Fender Telecaster fan... But in earlier times, I never examined the white instrument of Trevor's close-up. I never really knew him - but his older brother was working as a printer on The Bayle, Folkestone where I started work at 17 and became a newspaper artist for the next 43 years... as well as a gun magazine writer for the last 30 years part-time and evenings - which still occupies me.
So, sadly, I never took in fine details, or the serial number - or anything like that. The Williams's lived in a police house in Park Farm Road, Folkestone - so that's where Trevor's guitar would have 'lived'. Their father was a police colleague of my own father. I don't know what happened to them - or if either son is still in the area. His older brother would be around 70 by now I think? Trevor was a dark haired, very good-looking bloke from a girl's point of view - my friend Eileen still talks about him! He would now be aged about 65, I suppose? He never had a lot to say that I recall - but as I said, I never knew him, or some of the others in his groups - as none of my bands ever played with them, although I knew dozens of others in rival bands who became friends and I still see them from time-to-time. It's all a long time ago! Sorry to be of so little assistance.

John Atkins

Hi Chris,

I'm Dave Sheppard i wrote to you some years back when i was working in Saudi, i 've been retired 7 yrs now
Our singer in the later was GEOFF HILLION  who was orignaly the singer with THE DALTONS  he moved to Canada many years ago.
Sadly he died of a massive heart attack in January 2012 he was 70.
Would you kindly update your web site to reflect this .
Many thanks,
Dave Sheppard.
P.S.Ironically i've just been reading about Peter Butterfield , we were both apprentices together in the 60's so that's 2 gone to the R n R BAD IB THE SKY.

Hi Chris
Just seen your website and found it very interesting its even got a photo of my old six wheeler transit van on it when i was road manager for Rogue and The Occasional One Band ! amongst several other more famous bands lol
Anyway i can confirm Hendrix only played at the hillside club i used to see him in the cafe de Paris oposite as he and Noel didnt hang around together even then noel would go to the acroplis  (which answers another question on the post no Archie was never a bouncer at Tofts Harold disliked him and Archie never went there.
Hendrix never played at Micks Flamenco either but the Cream did (before they played at Tofts) Mick Micheals/Hambi is still around to confirm that .
You also dont list Thunderstick ? (Barry Purkis lives in pilgrim springs his on facebook .
Hope thats of some help
Alan (Big Al) Collins  Ex roady and GPC World Champion Powerlifter  and current WPC World record holder (thats what humping amps around can do for you )

Hi Chris

I stumbled across your site while googling ‘sundowners’ in a moment of nostalgia. I lived in Kent (Elham) from 1964 to 1966, just around the time I left school, got a job and had money and a car for the first time! The Sundowners were our favourite local band especially as Roger Ames came from Elham.  Scrolling through your pages brought back happy memories of teenage dances, pirate radio and an age when everyone believed they could make it big in Show Biz. Thanks so much.

Eileen Clark - Australia

Hi Chris,
I travelled all over Kent in the 60s, does anyone remember the G Ranch in Maidstone? I saw Maxine Brown there in an allnighter, she was awesome.
I lived near Sittingbourne, our local was The Cedars, no one famous but the resident band were really good on most  fridays, they were called the Manaics.
Dreamland Ballroom in Margate was a great Saturday night.Some of the bands I saw were Small Faces, Yardbirds, Fortunes,Alan Price Set and many more, the most memorable being Geno Washington.
My favorite Sunday night was The Central in Gillingham, where I saw Jackie wilson, Edwin Starr, and lots of great soul bands. Does anyone rememberAmboy Dukes from Kent? they had to change their name, I think, they became The Dave Amboy Band.My claim to fame was at the Central where I took my clothes off on stage at one of their gigs.
My most memorable gig of the 60s was at Dreamland, the band was either The Pioneers or The Upsetters, we were stood right at the front, the stage being head high,I saw this guy with a guiter round his neck hopping accross the stage,I turned to my mate Eddie Witt and said `he's a f***g good dancer', when he landed on top of Eddie.After we picked them up from the floor it turned out that his guitar was wired up live and he was being electrocuted.The poor guys hand was badly burnt but he got back on stage and played, they finished up with the biggest ovation I ever witnessed there. ...Roger Herne

CRISPIAN ST. PETERS (Robin Peter Smith) died this week 8th June 2010  

Hello Chris,

I see on your site the question 'Does anyone remember Beat 65?.  Well I know It became Kent Beat when it was taken over by Ian Bright  - a graphic designer - so the revamped version looked pretty good for 1965 even if it did cost the equivalent of 5p an issue.

Ian roped me in - a pretentious 19 year old - with my art school girlfriend Joanna (We are still married) to write, draw, model(!) and interview groups for it.  Ian drove me - scared stiff - to venues around Kent at high speed in his red Austin Healy 3000 but they were happy and exciting times for me.

I interviewed The Graham Bond Organization when Jack Bruce, Dick HS and Ginger Baker were part of the lineup and the Who for the second issue.

There were only two issues - the July one with Donovan on the cover - see jpeg - interviewed but not by me. The other August? September?cover may have had The Who on it but my mind's going so I can't be sure.

I'd really like to see a copy of the second issue if anyone out there has one - or knows where I could buy a copy.
Andrew Dickerson

Hi Chris,         
I am trying to track down any copies of Kent Beat possibly the second edition, I think it did feature The Who,but I am more interested in a local Wrotham Heath based group called Beau Kent and the Loosends,which also featured in the same issue. Beau Kent was lead singer,
Vince McGee lead guitar,Wally King on bass,Robin Gough on drums and on rythem guitar (Me) Mick Sloman although they miss-spelt my name   with a W. The group was resident at The Wheatsheaf pub on the junction of Sutton Road and Loose Road in Maidstone,we also had other gigs around Maidstone and the surrounding area.
I did have a copy but I must have lost it during several house moves over the years, I may be able help with details of other venues in Kent and names of some of the other groups of that era. If anyone can help with my search for a copy,or if I can be of any assistance please forward my email address,
kind regards Mick Sloman

60s Beat / Mod, Soul or Psych
We are looking for any bands that have unreleased material on acetate or reel to reel tape from about 1964-1969 that we can use on a second compilation CD/LP fo a well known record company..

We're looking for bands that played 60s Beat/Mod, Soul or Psych. Do you know any of bands that have recordngs we can hear for possible release. If the tracks get released the owner would of course get paid royalties against sales, the last volume which was issued 5 weeks ago has already sold 3000 copies which is no mean feet

If you know of anyone please let me know ASAP.

01303 893472

Hi Chris
I have just discovered your site, it made me want to go out and buy an old van covered with the groups names in lipstick (written by the members) and a kit of drums and start practising in a hall behind a pub in Canterbury.
Great to see all our old mates from years gone bye! What a fantastic privilege it was to live and survive that great period of fun music and history,i would not change it for the world.
Many Thanks for a fantastic site.
David Legge ( Dave Lee)
The Swinging Secrets, The Others, The Ways And Means and Chaucers Tales

Hi Chris,
Your Gig guide is great and looking through it has brought back some good memories especially about Freddie Mack, Vanity Fair Candy Choir etc,etc. I saw Freddie Mack and his band at the Aurora Hotel, Brompton, Gillingham when my now wife and I were just starting to go out together, so that brings back fond memories.
I also wonder if anyone out there remembers the night Amen Corner played at the Central Hotel, Gillingham. Apart from Jimi Hendrix the Corner were one of my favourite bands so as you can imagine seeing them live was mind blowing. 
Regards, - Bob.
My band supported Amen Corner at the Leas Cliff Hall around Christmas 1968. They were late arriving. The stage was a dangerous place to be with 1000 nutty females a yard away.... Chris

Hi Chris,
In response to your contributor Bob and the appearance of Amen Corner at the Central, yes I was there and stood at the bar with Andy Fairweather Lowe when he was getting a drink just before they went on, he wore a bolero style jacket with dark blue trousers with a red stripe down the seams and looked every inch the pop star!!The set was brilliant, the band was tight and altogether it was a fantastic night, and one I'll always remember, they along with Hendrix were my favourite bands at the time and I still have one of the Corners vinyl LP's.
Andy Fairweather Lowe can now be seen touring with Eric Clapton.
I also remember being at the Aurora the night Freddie Mack appeared there yet another fantastic night out.
In my youth I used to play drums with various bands in the Medway Towns and my claim to fame was being offered the chance to audition with Vanity Fare when they just started out but turned it down, that was years ago, ah well! who knows what might have been.I'm 65 now and have just picked up the sticks again to have another go with an Ashford based band called Rons Shed.
I'm also a keen advocate of keeping music live.
Regards .. Bob Godsiff

At last, thanks to BFBS Radio and Sanctuary, I've now been able to post a PODCAST of an archive interview I did with legendary DJ Tommy Vance in 1978. It lasts about 16 minutes and includes plays of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer <>, His greatest hit, and The original Flamenco. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the Podcast at

John Scott Cree
Horley, England

website -


I am trying of collect all the known live appearances of Slade pre to the chart fame days in you can appreciate this involves trawling through a number of sources including Ebay ..last week I was unsuccesful in winning a copy of Melody Maker for August 1969 included an advert for Tofts of Folkestone..Ambrose Slade were appearing there on 9th August 1969.

This would have been one of their last gigs before their name change to Slade and the skinhead haircut stunt.

I did a search for Tofts and discovered your excellent site and have just been happily browsing in the hope of finding a mention of Slade,Ambrose Slade,The 'Nbetweens or Steve Brett and the luck..unless my eyesight is worsening.

They must have played in your area at some time between 1964-1970..the groups I've mentioned toured the UK and the continent between these years constantly.

Hope the date is of some use to you.

Chris Selby

Many fond memories come flooding back of my time living in Margate in
the early eighties!
Would love to get in contact with Jenx from Naughty Thoughts.
Does anyone remember another local band at the time called Ghost?
Both these bands were responsible for some great nights out at
the Kokomo Wine Bar and The Saracens Head in Margate!
Also remember a great band called Flux.Best wishes
Dave Kirby (Northampton)

Hi can you help please

I am a local musician and am currently writing a book concerning venues that I have played since I began in the early 60's

In particular - I am trying to get some info on places that I rembember playing - but can find little or no no reference to in local archives

Here are some of them - the year could be one adrift either way

49) Headcorn Youth Club Headcorn Kent (1966)
50) Silver Palms - Maidstone Barracks, Maidstone, Kent (1966)
51) Regency Club - Rochester, Kent (1966)
52) (Queen) Carolines Bedroom - Rochester, Kent (1966)
53) Galahad Club - Strood, Kent (1966)
54) Cardijn Club - Chatham, Kent (1966)
55) The Big 6 Club Tonbridge (1966)
56) HMS Pembroke - Chatham, Kent (1966)
57) The Central Hotel - Chatham, Kent (1966)
58) Lenham Carnival - Village Hall, Lenham, Kent (1966)
59) Brompton Barracks - Chatham, Kent (1967)
60) Chuff Club - Wigmore, Kent (1967)
61) Hook & Hatchet - Walderslade, Chatham, Kent (1967)
62) The Seaview Hotel Sheerness - (1967)

Also the Supreme Ballroom Ramsgate and Micks Flamingo in Tontine Street Folkestone - both in 1967
Here are some clues .......

51 and 52 were the same venue - closed and reopened with a change of name
They were - I think - on th left as you come down Strood hill into Strood heading east
The Cardijn was behind Chatham station

I think I played downstairs at the Central - would that be right in those days or was that at Central halls ?

The Chuff Club may have been held in a pub ??

Were the Pembroke and the Brompton Barracks 'the same gig'?
When did 62 close ?

Ive got to cover around 400 in all mainly in London and the SouthEast but this early period has got me a bit stuck

All contributions gratefully received

Email : Brian Brockie

My name's Greg Palmer. I used to be in bands in the kent area in late 70s.
I'm trying to get some info. on a few bands - personnel etc - from early 70s and wondered if you could help.
I'm interested in getting info. on a guitarist called Mick Curd and his brother Martin who played bass.
The bands i think they were in were Funk and Wagnall ?, Porcelain Frog, Roundabout and a function band called Jenie. Don't know if you could post this anywhere where others might see it?
Thanks for your help.
Greg Palmer

Where Were You 31st Dec 1966. Did you see Jimi Hendrix Experience gig at the Hillside Social Club In Folkestone.

Where was the un-official Experience Gig In Folkestone 1967-68?

Do you remember Beat 65 a magazine showing different bands about at that time.
Hi Chris

I am looking for a copy of a vinyl album recorded live at Tofts in
Folkestone by Laurel Aitken around 1968/69
I think it was called Laurel Aitken live at Tofts. The front cover showed a
load of my skinhead mates crammed onto that tiny stage
Can anybody help?

Ray Smith

Hi Chris,
Was just wondering if you happen to have or if you know where I could get a
picture of The Casuals - hit song - Jesamine - 1968 (approx). I am specifically after a pic of Peter Ward of The Casuals.


Do you know any of these Kent Musicians from the band
Sounds Incorporated
Alan Holmes (Boots)
David Glyde (Griff West)
John Gillard (John St.John)
Barrie Cameron (Baz Elmes)
Dick Thomas (Wes Hunter)
Richard Anthony Newman (Tony Newman)

If you do, please get them to contact us. The BBC would like to do a feature on them in December
Thanks to all those replys - we found them...for the Roger Day show. Chris
saw the piece - someone looking to contact former members of this band, would be interesting
if you had any contact addresses; I was at school with some of those guys, could have given
them their first 'gig' up at Bexleyheath (think it may have cost me money) and latterly I
did keep in touch with Baz (Cameron) Elmes. Although having lived 'abroad' fore many years
it is great to remember all those old 'venues' in kent. Thanks for keeping it all alive!
dave (once known as dave the rave but that was a long time ago)


does anyone remember The Spirits of Sound ?
Margate based band. Les Mighall on drums. Reg Golden on lead guitar , Paul Craswell on bass......lead singers name escapes me.i went with them to The Oval , Cliftonville , `65/66 , met "The Others" ( Ways & Means ) plus Bob Levy,
i ended up lead singer with "The Koalas".
Regards Mick Janisch.

From: tony freer
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2005 1:05 AM
Subject: Freddie Mack Show

Do you, or anyone know anything about the 1960's
recording made at Tofts by the "Freddie Mack Show"
released on the Raynik label. Is it still available ?

Anyone know where Freddie Mack is today. Thanks, Tony.

Dear Chris,

I was most fortunate to find your website whilst trying to track down some of my old friends in the music business and am availing myself of your kind invitation to contact you.

I used to play tenor saxophone in the horn section of Freddie Mack Extravaganza ( amongst others ! ) from circa 1968 - 1971 and am attempting to find the people noted below :

Freddie Mack - The Main Man
Tex Makin - Bass Player ( originally with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames )
Viv Prince - Drummer ( originally with the Pretty Things )
Tony Gomez - Keyboards ( originally with the Foundations )

Even if you not able shed any light on their whereabouts Chris I should be delighted to hear from you in any case and look forward in anticipation to your reply.

Best regards,

Chris Burdett

Does anyone know the name and what happened to a singer on the Freddie Mack Show called 'The Little One' please? Roger at

Hi Chris,

Sorry to take so long, but thank you for the scans of the Bridge posters.( Ref - Yardbirds at Bridge Country Club)
I would be very keen to hear from anyone who attended these Yardbirds/Zeppelin gigs back in '68 as I know of no reviews nor info from these venues.

Thanks very much,
David Hope

Hi Chris

Can you help please. I am trying to trace Jack Mattin who I knew in the 60's in Gillingham. He was a brilliant pianist then and had a band named JMQ.

You can either email me with any details, or if you know Jack by all means forward this email to him. My tel no. is 01303 239791.

Your help appreciated.

Jane Milton
PS - I have searched the net high and low and have only come up with Mattin/Clark Band Jazz - but no contact details.

Hi Chris

I'm a big Pink Floyd collector and am currently undertaking extensive research concerning a future edition of a Pink Floyd performance history originally released in 1997.

Pink Floyd played the Canterbury Techncial College on two occasions : 19/11/66 and 11/3/67

A Margate based local band called 'The Koalas' supported on 19/11/66 and a Herne Bay band called - Spectra Quin / Spectre Quin / Spectre Quinn / Spectre Quin Team (spelling differs in places I've seen) supported on 11/3/67.

Have you ever heard of or collated any info on these bands ? I know from looking at your site that nothing is mentioned on your website.

I know this much of the the above mentioned bands -

The Koalas - Mick Janisch (vocals) / George Gurden (drums) / Chris Martin (bass guitar) / Bob Levy (lead guitar). Seemed to play in Thanet area from around late 1966 to 1968.

Spectre Quin - Band members unknown. Possibly gigged in 1967.

I'm not fromteh lcoal area, but I'm not sure of you have any other guys you might know from your site from that area and era who might be able to help. I gather a local venue was the 'Herne Bay Jazz Club', although there were no doubt loads in the 60s.

Hope to hear from you soon


Chris Leith
email :


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