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Kent Aid For Africa

Badge and Artwork John Milton - Badger BadgeAfter being moved by the resounding success of the International 'Band Aid', Folkestone musicians Gary Dean and Danny Clarkson organised 100 local musicians put on a charity concert at the Leas Cliff Hall to raise money for the starving of Africa. Nine hours of music and entertainment was provided for the 100's of supporters. More than 1200 tickets were sold during the day. Ticket Sales and other contributions raised over £3,500.00

The 25 bands giving their services included:
Abstract Lines - Acupulco - Beatles For Sale - Beat The Jeep - Berts Boogie Band - Bill Barnacle Jazz Band - Exit - Gary Dean Band - Gizmo - Harmony - Gargoyles Kiss - Innocent Victims - Keith Harwood - Maroondogs - Now and Then - Push to Start - Ranting Skifflers - Red Hot - Rhodes - Richard Reyn - Sleezy Beats - Stag - Stevidan - Taxi - Tickled Pink - Trees - White Diamond - Woodward Brothers -

Live Aid Kent

Rocking Horse Club at Europa ©Folkestone Herald

The Rocking Horse Club

In 1986 members of bands throughout the Folkestone area collected to record a charity single, They called themselves The Rocking Horse Club and their main purpose was to make money for Charity and " Have Fun" doing it. The record was sold during the Kent Aid concert and at other fund raising events put on by the The Rocking Horse Club,

Artwork & Badges John Milton - Badger Badge

Kent Live Aid Concert

To raise funds for Kent Charities an open air concert at Folkestone Football Ground was organised, where local, International musicians and the general public could join in.

Band participating on the day:

ABK - Abstract Lines - Alias Smith & Jones - Beatles For Sale - Black Roots - Birts Boogie Band - Bill Barnacles Jazz Band - Chas 'n' Dave - Denigh - Fantasia - Gary Dean Band - Gizmo - Harmony Country Band - Gargoyles Kiss - Keith Harwood Band - Maroondogs - (Mick) Mike Rodgers - Now 'n' Then - Richard Reyn - Stevidan - Tickled Pink - Torme - Vigilante - Wishbone Ash - Woodward Brothers-(Stand-in Band Reg Laws Alibi)

The 12 hour event was a wonderful display of musicians and businesses working together for a good cause but it was not a financial success. Said to be due to the price of the tickets, blustery weather and insufficient publicity.





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