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Marshmallow Tree

Formed from the remains of URF when Ellis (lead) left the band. He was replaced by Cliff Homewood from New Romney and Eddie Maitland from Woodchurch.

Below, The Folkestone Herald article that conned the band into distributing Marshmallows to the audience at their next Leas Cliff Hall gig.

A box of bagged Marshmallows was purchased from Dave Watkins, who at the time was partner of Mick Scott in the local Agency "Micave" Dave ran his dads cafe under the Bridge at Central Station, Mick was a photographer and later had a shop in Dover Road. The agency ran successful during the 50's and 60's giving many new bands their first break in the better venues. Mick and Dave were very helpful to us in the early days in the music biz. and we have no complaints and loads of praise - except the emergency stand-in for Acker Bilk, Dave arranged for us at Bridge Country Club for 2 pounds less than we normally got paid and then we had his fees to pay on top. To go with that we found out that Acker Bilk was not even booked, he was playing a big venue in London, still that was a typical Peter Melkin trick. As long as he got people in the door...............the band had a chicken dinner and gave the the bill to Peter after they had loaded the van to go home after the gig.
To continue - Bags of sweeties were distributed to the fans at the gig but quickly became re-distributed all around the hall singly - on the stage, the curtains, the walls, floor and even the ceiling. It appears if you suck them first they will stick to anything. The real suckers were the band, who got a real roasting from the Leas Cliff Hall manager with threat of the cleaning bill.

Note at this time Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band were in the charts with "Urban Spaceman" and regular visitors to Folkestone.

Pete Sewell left in 1969 to join Tristam Shandy. He was replaced by Les Sampson
joined Raw Material and The Vivian Stanchall Band later in his career.

One snowy winter night we were doing the support spot at the Leas for "Amen Corner" at the Leas and they had been delayed by the weather. The crowd was getting restless and screamed at anything that moved - even us. It was getting dangerous to to approach the edge of the stage as the girls were already hysterical. Amen Corner eventually arrived and did a blistering set with 2 or 3 attendants keeping the stage clear. At he finale the stage was invaded and all of the stacks knocked over. Later we were invitedinto the band's dressing room for a drink. One of the guitarist was sitting in the dressing room, crying and inconsolable. Apparently he had bought a Gibson 335 that day and it was behind his Marshall stack as a spare. The insurance had not been set up yet.

Classic Amps

  • 1969 -
    Shure Unisphere Microphone - £23
  • Van Tax - £9 3s 0d
  • Van Insurance - £17 0s 0d
  • Engine Overhaul - £22 0s 0d
  • Service - £2 10s 0d
  • Practice Hall - 18s 6d
  • Hire van - £2 10s 0d
  • Agent - 10%
  • Roady 10/-
  • Sunshine Cafe Cheriton - Hang-out of local bands after a gig The Calcutta in Tontine St. for a curry after a gig.
  • Gig - Anything from 1 hour to 3 and a quarter hours on stage at resisdency like Bridge Country club finishing around 1.30am
Some Tree gigs
01/01/1969Bridge Country Club1600
04/01/1969Leas Cliff Hall1500
11/01/1969Lenham Village Hall - ABC Ents.1800
18/01/1969Bridge Country Club1600
24/01/1969Sheerness - Seaveiw Hotel - Got a a leak in Petrol Tank1200
25/01/1969Sellindge Village Hall1600
01/02/1969Churchill Club Deal Marines1600
14/02/1969Kempton Manor1200
15/02/1969Leas Cliff Hall1500

Interview with Norton York Agency - Record Demo Disc

21/02/1969 St Moritz Club Wardour St London. Prop shaft fell of Cliff's Thames 15cwt on the way home in Maidstone 16 0 0
22/02/1969 Should have been at Bridge Country Club but van broke down the night before. -16 0 0
23/02/1969 Tilling Stevens Social Club Maidstone with Chicory Tip 1600
26/02/1969Jacknife Club Gillingham1400
28/02/1969Charles Dickens Broadstairs - Private Party, ruined by Ronnie Corbett complaining to police about noise. Bit tough for Ronnie, he didn't know that the client was the MD of The Rank Organisation.3000
15/03/1969Yalding Village Hall, Bob left his guitar outside venue1800
22/03/1969Bretts Social Club, Maidstone1500
23/03/1969Tofts Club1200
29/03/1969St. Augustine's Dover Road Folkestone - Private Party1800
29/03/1969Quickie at Leas Cliff Hall - Fill-in for Harmony Grass in break between sets at St. Augustine's - not pleased1000
05/04/1969Hartley Country Club1700
12/04/1969Lenham Village Hall1800
19/04/1969Woodchurch Village Hall1881
21/04/1969Marquee Club London000
26/04/1969Lydd Youth Set1800
03/05/1969Bridge Country Club1600
13/05/1969Lydd Youth Set1200
24/05.1969Leas Cliff Hall1500
07/06/1969Own Dance - Woodchurch Village hall3615 
13/06/1969Dymchurch Youth Club1500
27/06/1969South Willesborough Youth Club1600
12/07/1969Leas Cliff Hall1500
09/08/1969Air Training Corps Youth Club1000
16/08/1969Lydd Youth Set1500
19/08/1969Sergeants Mess, St. Martins Plain1000
30/08/1969Hamstreet Village Hall - Good Fight!1800
12/09/1969Dymchurch Youth Club1500
19/09/1969St. George's Youth Club1500
25/09/1969New Romney Youth Club1500
27/09/1969Leas Cliff Hall1500
03/10/1969South Willesborough Youth Club16160
04/10/1969Bluet Street Youth Club1700
 No more gigs - Cliff left Band!   


The band were very pleased to have been chosen to take part in a competition at The Dreamland Ballroom and came Second.

Nobody remembers who won, but their victory was marred by the fact that the mic. of the "clapometer" which the judges were to go by, was in the hands of one off their fans and he was yelling loudly into it.

Starting to have second thoughts about the music business. Who wants to be rich and famous anyway.

Reunion 2002

In March 2002 Cliff Homewood visited home turf again, and it seemed a good time to have a get together, so we did.

Pic left

Cliff Homewood - Chris Ashman - Pete Sewell - praying, Dave Shackle


Pic below

Standing:- Ellis Pelham Glasby - Cliff Homewood - Pete Sewell
Sitting:- Nick Ashman - Ted Maitland - Chris Ashman

And let's not forget the "groupies"




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