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Crispian St.Peters and Old Crow, Mirkwood, Jack Castle, Mick Morris and Keith Harwood,
ENRY (live), Gary Swinard.

Chris Ashman   5th January 1949 – 7th August 2014
Chris Ashman 1969 before he was found Doing Things to a beetle©Chris Ashman
Founder of Kent Gigs
Chris sadly passed away in August 2014 after a brave six-month fight against Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Typically, he was still dealing with his numerous interests right up to the end.
His first involvement in the music business came about in 1968 when his younger brother Nick, asked him to help out as roady for the band he was forming. Overnight Chris became the vocalist, manager, transport and dogsbody for a series of bands Infinity, URF, Marshmallow Tree and Tree until in 1969 he "retired" from the stage.
In The early 70's Chris experimented with a tape recorder, got hooked, and stayed hooked. The first studio Kripps Studio was built in one room of the basement of his house in Harvey St. Expanded as Europa Sound Studios to operate until 1987 when Chris thought he had "retired again" to the country.
The studio had also started its own record label Red Admiral Records and music publihising Co. Cringe Music. Both had been aquired by Chris to enable local musicians to keep in touch.
Websites Cringe Music - Red Admiral Records LLP
In October 1981 Chris was not content with the press coverage of the wide range of entertainment available in Kent and started writing articles for the the Folkestone and Hythe Gazette, and then The Folkestone Herald. He created the Kent & E Sussex Gig Guide which now networks "Wotson" to all of the media by any means available including his passion
Chris built Europa II in Folkestone for a local musician but this was a short lived project producing the Volecanoes Album and some tracks for Judge Dread - retired again.
Chris was selected by radio entrepeneur Eddie Austin to run "The Local Band Show" on RSL radio 'Shepway Sound', 'White Cliff Radio' and 'Thanet Sound' (Eddies projects led to the granting of the radio licence for Neptune Radio). In this period Chris was able to promote Kent bands, musicians and their own music. During his 62 live hours on air of music and chat, no cover band music was played except the music of Internationally recognised Kent bands and writers. Never since the famous BBC Radio Medway Mike Brill "Kent Rocks" radio series has there been such support for 'The Kent Music Motivators', who are the people this web site is about. Chris also did the odd show for Romney Marsh FM.
Chris also found another passion (other than his long-suffering wife Sandi !) in creating “The History of Kent Bands” which he incorporated into his websites, giving a wealth of information and insight into life in a band in Kent, to people all over the world.
This was followed by “Kent Musicians Web” where bands and artists could advertise for new members , venues etc. This became a valuable resource for local musicians.   

Chris Ashman lived in the Folkestone area all of his life. Educated at St Martin's Primary School and Harvey Grammar School he joined The Post Office (BT) as a telecommunications engineer. At the end of his apprenticeship his bosses had already decided they did not like his involvement in the music business and made it quite clear that long hair and a beard was not the image they were looking for. Or was it the pale, tired, late-to-work hippy rocking the boat? Ok, you are reading this with the empathy of a musician so you will understand - Well, it was the 60's, and how do you tell the boss you had not been to bed because your van broke down after a gig at the Marquee. It was becoming clear that the company did not see this lad to be a leader of men ( well not for another 20 years or so). So the music biz still received love and attention. Chris left BT in 2000 when it downsized it's Project Manager team, and became an independent Communications and Media Consultant keeping his customers businesses alive. In 2004 Chris re-launched Red Admiral Records and Cringe Music and continued as proprietor of a Production Music Library and Commercial Music Publisher - and of course, the Kent MusicBiz.
Wise words from Chris 'Dont give up the day Job'.

Crispian St. Peters ( real name Robin Peter Smith)
Swanley, Kent. - 5th April 1939 to  8th June 2010 Obituary
1956 'The Hard Travellers' - 1961'The Two Tones' - 1962 'The Country Gentlemen' - 1963 'Beat Formula Three' - 1964 'Peter & The Wolves'.
Made his first acetate as Peter & The Wolves.
1965 Made first acetate for Decca, as Crispian St Peters. Appeared on 'Invecto Show', Radio London
First release 'At This Moment.' - Decca - on TV 'Scene At 6.30 February 1965 - 'Ready, Steady, Go' 19/2/65
1966 First top ten hit - 'You Were On My Mind'. Followed by 'The Pied Piper'.
LP - 'Follow Me' - EP released - 'Almost Persuaded'.
as a Solo Artiste - he had many backing goups including the Candy Choir - The Runaways - Old Crow
1 Jean
2 The Rain Song
3 She's Coming Back Home
4 Story Of My Life
5 Hello Mary Lou
6 Shenandoah
7 She's Not You
8 My Touch My Kiss
9 The Water Spring
10 Summer Love
11 Senorita Rosalita
12 There Must Be A Reason
13 Eighteen Yellow Roses
14 For This You Died
15 Winter To Winter
16 Sent From Up Above
17 Food For Thought
18 Robot Assasins
19 It Won't Be Paradise

Crispian St. Peters and Old Crow 50 years in the music business
Album now available at our on-line shop. and worldwide downloads on the top sites.

CD Album
Night Sessions Vol. 1
Country, Pop and Gospel
Red Admiral Records
September 1st 2009
Crispian St. Peters Born in Swanley Kent, began his career in 1957 and has spent his whole life dedicated to his love of music. He has travelled the world performing and entertaining and appeared on many television shows. He first was signed by Decca in 1965 who released his first single 'At This Moment' bringing TV appearances that lead eventually and inevitably his rising to fame with Top Ten hits ‘You Were On My Mind' in 1965, 'Pied Piper' in 1966 and his first album, 'Follow Me' in 1967. - Celebrating over 40 active years in the business.

Night Sessions Vol.1 - 19 tracks of Country, Pop and Gospel was made over a period of 3 months in 1993.with his lifetime friends and band Old Crow. It is a compilation of a few of the 200+ songs written by Crispian St. Peters, some not released before. Plus some classic covers that are great favourites of the band. Featured vocalists are Crispian St Peters, Margaret Rose, Gary Silver and Brian Star with Mainstays Mike Ford on Bass and Peter Salisbury on Drums. Valuable contributions to the album were made by Kevin Pyne, Roger Cotton, Toby Chapman, Anthony Wimshurst, Jeff Martin, Peter Sure, Barry Sibbett, Lorez, Ted Taylor and the band Gambler.
......more info and links on his
Obituary and Tributes

Ray French

Ray FrenchRay was in the group Ricky Robinson and the Downbeats (I believe he was Ricky Robinson) He was then a part of The Electrons as a lead vocalist and guitarist.
Ray then went solo for a while under the name of Bobby Knox and cut a few records
under his real name Ray French.
Since I Lost My Baby / Gun Me Down PYE 17215 1966

Finally he joined forces with Joe Fagin ("That's living alright") and they were called Robb and Dean Douglas to record seminal Deram 1967 mod smash 'Phone Me' This is where he achieved most success.
He cut several records and was played on the local radio station, performing at various venues in and around Gravesham and Medway and in London where he was support artist to Buddy Holly amongst others.

Bill Kent (Aka Billy Kent) - Maidstone and Kent's first Rock Pop Idol.

Real name: David Kingsman
Born.23rd January 1941.

His elder brother William was working in Alberta, Canada and sent all Elvis Presleys first records home to his younger brother David days after there release.before anyone had heard them in England.
David bought his first acoustic guitar when he was 15 years old. His uncle Jim, taught him chords on his Banjo. Young Dave Kingsman used these chords for the first few months of his early singing, and playing days. He was too young to go into Pubs and Clubs so sang and played outside. He sang Rock n R oll numbers with the doors open, entertaining the cutomers inside.

First spotted, by local Band Leader, Roy Jones, Dave sang at several of Roys bookings during the Band's breaks. He later Joined, Maidstone's Variety Time Revue. Sang in Prisons, Hospitals, and other charity workplaces.

Whilst singing at The Hazlett Theatre Maidstone on one of the charity shows he was spotted by the Ballroom manager of The Royal Star Hotel who asked Dave if he would like to sing at the Royal Stars next big dance on a Saturday night. The Ronnie Hughes Orchestra, was the resident band. David Kingsman made a big impact with this new Rock n Roll style and was imedietly offered more bookings by Bob Harvey later to become personal Manager of Bill Kent. From now early 1957 young Dave would no longer, be called David Kingsman but by his new name Dave Carrol, just with his guitar he played and sang all over Kent and parts of London Including Maidstone Granada in between films, Suday afternoons, and Saturday mornings.The Ritz, Maidstone plus many other Cinemas and Theatres all over Kent and London.

His big break came in 1958a tape was heard, by top London Agent Hyman Zhal of Fosters Agency Piaccadilly Circus, London. He wanted a singer, to replace Terry Dene another young Pop Idol of the day. After the audition at Max Rehearsal rooms, Soho. Hymy Zhal sighned his new boy up. He was sole booking agent for Paul Lincoln who owned The 2 i's, coffee bar and after a great session there with The Denaces, Paul was to become his manager and with Bob Harvey his personal manager.

The contract had been put together before any record or TV deals were made.  It read as follows:  Fosters Agency, Hyman Zhal and Sole Agents. Charm Enterprises - Paul Lincoln Manager.  Bob Harvey - Personal manager - 50 percent went to them

Dick Roe of Decca Records gave this new exciting singer from Maidstone, Kent, a new name, Bill Kent. plus a Decca recording contract. Years later Dick turned The Beatles down.

Bill, was soon in the recordig studios cutting his first record.

"The Prettiest Girl In School - flip side "Hasty Words". F. 10975. Sample

At this time 1958 most British Artists covered American Artists songs and rarely given the chance to sing material of the own choosing.
Young Bill Kent wanted to make a Rock n Roll record, but his Agent and Manager had other ideas. They thought, Bill would make the big time singing Ballards with his powerful singing voice. He was soon back in the recording studios making another record, this time a Jimmy Rodgers number:
"Oh. Oh. Im Falling in Love again". With the other side "In Love". F. 109997.

Bill started his tour the same time as Buddy Holly and the Crickets. One week, Derby Hippodrome. One week, Middlesborough Empire with Chas McDivett. One week, The Metropolitan, Edgeware Road. On the Old Mother Riley and Kitty Mcshane show.
Many one night stands, with the 2I's Show including Coln Hicks, The Most Brothers, Wee Willy Harris, Lonnie Donnigan, Laurie London, Terry Dene, Alan King, Dickie Dawson. The list goes on. A day with all the stars, at Battersea Pleasure Gardens, spent the day with Howard Keel.

First T.V. appearance on Cool For Cats, with Kent Walton. Another live show, Party on Cool For Cats. Numerous Radio Shows including: In Town Tonight, Town and Country.
After reaching number 30 in the charts with "Oh. Oh. Im Falling in Love Again" Bill returned to Maidstone, he formed a new band with lads who all came from London and m Made several attempts to get back into the Big Time but Cliff Richard and other new boys had come on the scene.

The London scene was all sewn up so Bill decieded to run his own dances and sing and play with his new group in Maidstone and Laddingford. Robin Trower with Paramount Twisters at Chatham Town Hall

From, late 1958 to September 1959 Bill played to packed dances at his own venues.Many top name singers came from all over Kent and London to perform at Bills dances. It truly was a time the teenagers and many adults from Maidstone and surrounding area would never forget. Left 1958 Raggetts Hall Maidstone

1958 Raggetts Hall MaidstoneIn September 1959 Bill sailed off to Canada. Shortly after arriving in Toronto he started singing with one of the local groups. The lead guitarist happened to be none other than Robbie Robertson. Pic Bottom Right Alas, Robbie went on to play with Ronnie Hawkins then Bob Dylan and of course lastly his own group, The Band.

In 1960 Bill formed a new band The Colts. The group, was called Billy Kent and The Colts. He was booked for several weeks in The Zanzibar Tavern in Younge Street, Toronto. and went on to play clubs in London, Ontario and Hamilton.

Soon after, he was given a tour of U.S.A. Bill played in night clubs and dances in many parts of America including, Grand Rapids, Michagan, Sue, Saint Marie, Michigan, Wisconson, Aurora, Illinois, Madison, Wisconson, Chicago, and many more.

Bill, can say, he was the first Englishmen to tour the U.S.A. with his own group and he was from Maidstone, Kent, England.

On returning to England Bill did several one night stands with The Vince Taylor show.

It was now 1961. Bill formed a new group and spent six months on Jersey in the Channel Isles on the Ronnie Hilton Show; also featuring Mr. Pastry.

Bill was introduced to The Paramount Twisters and sang with them at several dances and shows. The pianist, Gary Brooker went on to form Procal Harem together with the guitarist from the same group, Robin Trower. See more Pic Right Robin Trower with Paramount Twisters

Bill Kent & Robbie RobertsonBill was given a tour of Scotland by Jack Murry a big London Agent and Manager. Bands were supplied at each booking to back Bill when singing. Jack Murry then took Bill to Paris with the idea of making him a star in France. Regretably, Bill, could not settle into the French pattern even though the shows he did were very sucessful.

After returning to London he worked and sang in The Jazz Cellar in Kingston upon Thames.

In 1963, Bill took a job as a Butlins Redcoat. After the seeason ended he went to Hull with the resident group from the camp The Tycoons. He stayed with the group untill the end of the year.

Back to London once more Bill star ted singing in Pubs and Clubs all around the London area. Fed up with living out of a suitcase Bill decieded to call it a day and returned home to Maidstone. In 1965, he formed yet another group, Bill Kent and his Kentishmen with two old pals; John Lane on guitar and Fred Love on drums. Bills old fans had not forgotten him. The Pubs and Clubs he played in were always packed. Now married, with two young children Bill decieded to call it a day once more then in 1982 after a painful devorce Bill now 41, appeared back on the scene one final time.

From, 1982 , to 1985, Bill played and sung his old Rock n Roll in Pubs and Clubs around Maidstone.

To the crowds he loved the best, the ones who were always there for him. The People of Maidstone.

In 2010 Kent MusicBiz was contacted to find a master copy of The Prettiest Girl In School and thus Bill Kent was honoured and included on an album about the 21's Coffee bar and the stars performing there it is called Rockin At The 2Is An Album also stuffed with great hits of the time by notables such as Tommy Steele, Cliff Richard, Wee Willy Harris, Adam Faith, Lonie Donegan, Terry Dene, The Vipers, Marty Wilde, Vince Eager, The Drifters, City Ramblers,Vince Taylor, Lonnie Donegan, Frankie Vaughn and Chrs McDevitt.
See also Andrew Ing's Book Rockin at the 2i's Coffee Bar

Dave Balchin
It is with sadness that we report the death of Dave Balchin, (June 2010) a lifelong musician based in the Maidstone area who many will remember for his talent and contributions to popular music in Kent.
He played lead guitar in the early 60s in bands that included The Kingfishers. When he joined Factory in the mid 60s he changed to bass guitar, the instrument he played until the end.
His playing was tight and accurate and with the addition of harmony proved to be a steadfast member of the rhythm section.
Dave's CV of bands included
Dickie Lee and the Travellers,
Riff Raff,
Mick's Bunch and latterly BC Band.

Alf Ward

I was lucky to find "Kent Musicbiz" on the internet.
My name is Alf Ward and I grew up in the Mick and Keith days in Dartford in the 1950's - Mick's Dad was our teacher at Dartford secondary school.

We had a band at Gravesend School of Art in 1958/59 and then I went to Birmingham.
There I met Christine Perfect ( now McVee ) at art college along with Spencer Davis at Birmingham University. Christine was the manager of our band called "The Hookey Walkers" Spencer got Stevie Winwood into his band and then in the early 60's everybody moved from Birmingham.

I did some gigs around Birmingham and then Surrey in the late 60's and then joined Joy Webb of the Salvation Army group called the Joyfolk. We did a tour of USA in 1973 and were involved in many European tours throughout the 70's. In 1981 I moved to America and joined several Country Rock bands in Michigan and have continued to play gigs all over the States. Finally, I moved to "Rock" Hill in South Carolina and now play in a trio with John King from "Fatback" ( 70's era ) John continues play with Fatback all over Europe and Asia. I have attached a photo of our band "The Wild Cats" - from left to right John King, Tom Stanley, and yours truly on the right.
I don't suppose anyone will remember me but they may have seen me on TV with Joy Webb in the 70's.
All the best...................keep rockin'. Alf Ward

Martin Jones - Folkestone (Guitar & Vocals)      Boz(Brian)LeggettFolkestone (Guitar & Vocals)
Martin loved painting, drawing, science fiction, bird watching and recording,he was a talented musician playing Guitar, Banjo, Blues Mouth Organ, Keyboards and one tune on a Clarinet. His musical influences, the old blues guitarists.

His first guitar co-operation was in 1950, when he was in his early teens in Sidney Street when he met Boz Leggett, his since lifelong friend. They formed a band called the "Five Stars Skiffle Band" in 1958, which ceased the following year due to conscription. Martin joined the Air Force. Boz the Army.

In 1961 on leaving the forces at 22 years of age Martin and Boz joined Rock'n'Roll group The Travellers with Neville Takes on bass and drummer Roger Ames. They also acquired manager Dennis Pimlott.

During a forced name change they were called - Satan and The Zombies. Then again to The Sundowners who were one of Folkestone's and Kent's most influential bands of the 60's through to the mid 90's. Touring the UK in '63 with stars of the time made them a household name with appearances on the best TV Pop programmes.
The Sundowners were the first British band to record "House of The Rising Sun" which at the time was seen as a non-comercial ditty and only fit as a "B" side to Martin's own composition "Baby Baby". Their 5 year recording contract with Pye a real first for a Kent band.

For more info on one of Kent's most favorite bands, forllow the links above.

Martin Died 12th September 2002 Tribute

Mick Allen

Mick Allen played in many significant Kent Bands over a period of 20 years and has let us have a nearly complete record of that period from 1959 to 1979 His History page is here
Dave Penfold and the Escorts - Pat Barry and the Travellers - Neil Landon and the Burnettes -The Shades Of Black - The Purple Pennants (KANZA KONA SOUND) - The Four Just Men - Festival - Deep South - White Lightning - The Same Size

Bruce Winters
The Falcons
: 1962 - The Satans: 1963-1967 - Just 3 /Just 4: 1967 - The Variations: 1968-1973 - Becket 1973 - Apley Rise: 1974-1975 - The Variations (MkII):1976-1977 - Flame 1978 - Cascade: 1978-1983 - Now n' Then: 1983-1988 - Network: 1988-1994 - Lee,Winters and Gold 1994-1997 - No Justice: 1994-1998
Bruce went Solo in 1999
Goto Bruce's website for his Bio and the latest news

Roger Betts

Roger has been around the music scene for many years. He's been pro for the last 30, and played all kinds of music. In his early session days, he worked with a strange mixture of people from modern jazzers and classical, to heavy rock and funk. He's ended up playing with his old friend Mac (oh well ... you can't have everything).
Roger's great love though, has always been for the blues - not so much the cotton field blues, but the aggressive electric blues of the likes of Gary Moore and Peter Green.
Goto Roger's websitefor the latest news

Colin "Buster" Osmonds - Drums
The Lonely Ones
-Daltons 1963
Pat & The Cheetas
Satans 1964
The Variations 1968 / 72 & 1977
Now n' Then (1983-87)

Arthur Kay aka Arthur Kitchener, Bilko
Arthur Kay © Chris AshmanSouth London - Herne Bay
Arthur Kay first appeared in 1979 as did his his 7" Single "Ska Wars/ Warska" on the Folkestone Red Admiral Records Label, an enterprise he had partially financed due to the appathy of the music industry to his compositions and the personal need of a writer to write with a purpose.
Arthur Kay writes.
It all started for me in the spring of 1962. Their was Lenny and me on a street corner in London. It was one of those nights that you never forget. Every one was doing the twist to Chubby Checker,Sam Cooke and Gary US Bonds. I felt really sharp in my blue Prince of Wales check Italian suit and dagger toe shoes.
As the night closed in we moved on to a cinema showing 'Twist Around the Clock'. It was on this night I first heard Dion sing 'The Wanderer' and found three things in life I always wanted. An anthem, an ambition and Dion as my mentor.

By 1965 I had become a fully fledged South London mod with a Lambretta scooter, the full bit. I had one thing that set me apart from all the other faces, A Hofner violin beatle bass guitar. I had just joined my first proper band called the 'Next Collection'. We were a typical mod band playing a mix of Tamla, Stax soul and a few originals. One of our first gigs was the Ram Jam Club in Brixton the week after Jimi Hendrix. A few weeks later I was at a club on my manor in Streatham when I first heard Prince Buster and the sound of ska. Very soon the sounds of Jamacan ska was pumping out of every street and every club in Brixton. Around the same time my band had started recording in a studio down the Old Kent Road near Millwall football club. Our first session was for Decca Records with Harry Becket and trombone legend Rico, now with the Jools Holland Band.
About a year later our recording manager Vic Keary and Bluebeat Records boss Emill Shallet decided to start Challk Farm Studios in North London. The vast amount of Trojan reggae records were recorded their. By now I had left the band and they changed the name to 'Second Hand' and signed to Polydor Records. I started to write my own songs and do the odd session for Vic and Emill for young Trojan hopefulls.

About 10 years or so later I was living just off Exmouth market in Clerkenwell. Apart from having my favorite eel pie and mash shop in London I also wrote the songs that would later form a large part of the of ' The Originals' reportoire. The big buzz in London was the film The Who were making about mods called Quadrophenia. At the time I was working in a factory in Islington. Around the corner was a cafe called Alfredos which the Who used for filming the coffee bar scenes. Seeing all the scooters lined up outside reminded me of my mod days in Brixton and Streatham.

Chalk farm studios recording engineer Mike Craig moved down to Herne bay and helped set up Europa Sound Studios in Folkestone with Chris Ashman. I was invited to do a session so I started work on a song called 'Ska Wars'. We played it down a local disco and it went down really well. We decided to release it on our own label Red Admiral Records. While waiting for it to be pressed, I heard of a band called 'The Special Aka' who played ska live. Watching them play at the Nashville in West London gave me the inspiration to form my own band which I called 'The Originals'. Two Tone had arrived and everyone was dancing to 'The Specials' and 'Selector'. My single got caught up in the slipstream, but by now I had a follow up called 'Play my Record'.

Out of 'The Pete Nu Jazz Trio' I recruited Kieron O'Connor on Drums and Pete Scott on Bass. Ex Northern Soul - Paul Mylnarz & George Sketcher on Sax alongside Trombonist Frank Wildbore formed the Horn section, and the line up was completed with the Skanking Guitar of Bob Coltart. After 'Play my Record' was released I decided it was time to do a few gigs. Bob Coltart suggested using his band mates from 'Life and Soul' who both Bob and Paul Mylnarz worked for. Our first gig was in the Cabin in Herne Bay which went down a storm. Another session followed at Europa and two of Bob's songs were recorded, 'High flyer' and 'No One But You'. A gig was offered supporting 'The Bodysnatchers' at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone but the band had other commitments. I decided it was time to find another Band. There was a new Ska band forming in Herne Bay who needed a Bass player and Singer so I suggested we joined forces. We called ourselves 'The Originator' and played a string of sell out gigs in kent. We recorded two songs 'Doctor bird' and 'Watching The Rich Kids' but all to soon the band started drifting apart and I decided it was time to move back to London.

I moved in to a flat next to Kieron o Connor in Coranation buidings South Lambeth Road. I started standing in with the London kings of New orleans music 'Diz and the Doormen'. While playing with Diz I was introduced to Piano Accordian wizard Geraint Watkins. We decided to form a Cajun band so along with Kieron, Gary Rickards and Robin Mckidd we formed 'The Balham Alligators'. We soon became the top pub rock band in London and played main stage at Glastonbury. In fact Doctor John was so taken with the band that he asked us to be his backing group on several ocassions.

Due to family problems I was forced to move back to Kent and leave 'The Balham Alligators'. Link records asked if they could release a mini album of 'The Originals' so in 1988 they released 'Rare n Tasty'. In 1989 Link records released a second album of 'The Originals' titled 'The Sparkes of Inspiration'. A few years later we recorded our third studio album 'The Count of Clerkenwell' with my old mate the late Bob Coltart. We then flew to Berlin to play our first major Ska festival at Potsdam. We played alongside 'The Specials' and the first lady of reggae Dawn Penn. It was that gig I found the sound I was looking for. Bronx soul mixed with Ska and the London street songs I grew up with. The set was recorded and released on Step 1 Records. We then retuned to the studio to record three more songs. A tribute to the music of Dion called 'The Last Of The One Named Singers'. 'Back street Warrior' about my boxing Grandfather and a song for the free Tibet campaign called 'Night train to Lhasa'. We then went on to become Judge Dread's backing group and played on his last ever studio recording 'Skinhead Moonstomp'. We then backed Judge Dread on his last gig at the Penny Theatre in Canterbury where he died on stage from a heart attack. Sadly Kieron O Connor and Bob Coltart are now no longer with us but their music along with Judge Dread will always remain in our hearts and memories.

Today I drive a London Taxi in Canterbury. I have started my own Record label Skavalon Records to hopefully share with you the music of a Ska band that can hold an audience anywhere. I would like to thank our loyal fans everywhere.

See Also Arthur Kitchener - The Wordsmith

Ellis Pelham - Glasby
Ellis Pelham - Glasby © No one will own upFolkestone
Ellis Pelham - Glasby, (picture on the left with knitting needle apparently stuck in each ear) now in his fifties, first burst - if that is the right word - on to the musical scene at the tender age of fifteen while still at school, his public debut coming at the All Souls Church Hall in Cheriton at a Youth Club dance in 1964/65 or thereabouts. This was also the first public appearance of his first band - The Fyrebirds (note the spelling - very avant-garde at the time!), in which he doubled on both lead guitar and organ.
Following the break-up of the band about two years later, he then joined The Mixed Feelings as keyboard player. This was primarily a soul band, as was the next - The Concords. This band having eventually split up, there then came a brief hiatus in his musical career which ended following a chance meeting in Folkestone with Chris Ashman, resulting in his becoming a member of Infinity which, after a decent interval, evolved into URF. This oddly-named combo lasted for some while before disappearing into the mists of time when Chris and his brother Nick went to form Marshmallow Tree. Meanwhile, Ellis got together with some of the former members of The Concords to put together a band which didn't have a name at all, really, but instead boasted a number, specifically 1981, a year which, quite apart from any literary connotations, seemed at that time to lay so far in the future that it felt appropriate to the musical fashion of the day (this was the era of the so-called "progressive rock" and the "blues boom"). This band also stayed on the music scene for roughly a year or so before splitting up and the members going their separate ways.
Since that time, apart from a little session work and a brief interlude as part of a close-harmony acoustic trio with Chris and Nick, Ellis has retired from the music scene as far as live gigs are concerned, and now concentrates on writing and orchestrating classical pieces on his home computer. When asked if he would ever consider playing in public again, he replied; "Surely, you jest? Besides, I can't stand 99% of the stuff that's played these days. Most of it is such obviously manufactured rubbish, completely lacking in originality or talent. I want nothing whatsoever to do with it."

Eddie Maitland

Cliff Homewood
Romney Marsh - Canada
Guitar: Gibson 335
Bands: Marshmallow Tree - Tree - Daniel - Raw Material - Vivian Stanshell Band

Later Bio

Nick Ashman
Guitar & Vocals
Bands: Infinity - URF - Marshmallow Tree

Bob Hodgeman
Bands: Infinity - URF - Marshmallow Tree - Occasional One Band

Pete Sewell
Drums and Vocals
Bands: Infinity - URF - Marshmallow Tree - 1981 - Tristram Shandy - Crackerjack - Le Grand

Bob Coltart aka Bob Scott; Bobby Fabulous
Bob Coltart © Chris AshmanFolkestone - 1956 - 2001
Bands included:
Badge - Whispering Wind - Tricks - Life 'n' Soul - Herman's Hermits - Arthur Kays Originals - Bilko - Gary & The Moondogs - The Maroondogs - Cho-Zen - The Warriors. He also played Bass in Chuck Berry's touring band & Guitar for Chris Andrews.

Tributes To Bob Coltart

Who died in 2001, including reviews of the recent tribute concerts, photos and video and from the Leas Club Tribute concert


Dave Sheppard

Folkestone - Now working as an electrical engineer for British Aerospace in Saudi Arabia.

Bass Guitar.

Bands: Nomads, Vostoks, Thunderbeats

Dave writes
The very first band I saw were 'Pat Barry and the Travellers' (Ashford) at Toffs (pleasure gardens). Pat Barry (vocals), Ian Spratt (drums), Lawrence ? (bass). An outstanding left handed (upside down guitar) lead and rhythm. This was around 1960. I went to a dance at Kent House (Bouverie Road West) and a couple of groups were playing, one without a bass player. e.g. 'Nomads'. Keith Adams (lead), Trevor Sutton (drums), Dave Caswell (rhythm). As I knew Keith and Trevor from school I got talking and asked if I could join. (Not having a bass or played one). Only a tea chest one! I purchased a 'Dallas' bass from Arthur Seatons in Ashford which had belonged to Pat Barlow and the Cheetah's bassists (what a great band they were), and set about learning. My first appearance was at 'The Railway Club' Canterbury Road. We played only instrumentals and I shared Dave Caswells Amp. Occasionally I borrowed Trevor Wright's Amp until I could afford to have one built by Bill Fulford.

Dave Caswell and I changed guitars to 'Burns Tri-Sonic', bought from Goulden & Wind in Tontine Street. My bass had black strings. Keith Adams bought a Gibson. Whilst in the Thunderbeats I swopped my Burns for a Framus Semi-Acoustic (same as Bill Wymans) and bought a Vox AC30 Super Twin from Jennings in Charing Cross Road. I wanted a Vox T60 (transistor Amp) but they had none in stock. As it was I had to wait for the AC30 to come from Dartford so Alan Andrews and I went to a cartoon cinema next to Charing Cross Station 2/6d (12½p!). When I went back to collect the Amp 'The Who' were pushing their van up Charing Cross Road trying to start it. I later saw them at Tofts in Grace Hill and still have the tickets.

Dorian Gray (Tony Ellingham) - Vocals

Hello Chris
A bit of news about myself really, I am still going strong and fronting my band Unit Five.

In 2011 my hit single I've got you on my mind, was featured for the first time on a compilation album called BBC Sounds of the 60's and reached the top 20 charts and this year it has been featured on another album called Honey Honey, this peaked a few weeks ago at no 2, which meant in a way I was back in the charts after 44 years.

Other news is that I have written a biography, called The Other Dorian Gray, all profits are going to Parkinsons, it is self published, but the sales have been out of this world really and going to a good cause.

We are running out own Charity Dance on Sat 20 October 2012 for Parkinsons, at Lordswood Leisure Centre Chatham Kent, tickets ony £9 advanced sales only on 01634 863941 / 07711 572306 or from

I have also been added to the Dave Tewes memorial concert at the Brook Theatre Chatham in November 2012
+ Dorian Gray and Unit 5

Best wishes Tony Ellingham

Tony comes from Gravesend (in North Kent), where he started singing with local groups in 1958. He was most successful with The Casuals, who in the early 1960's had a huge following in the North Kent area.

Discovered in 1968 by Roger Easterby when he was fronting the Brian Jenner Band who were resident at the Moat Hotel at Wrotham.

In 1968 Tony recorded many singles for EMI on the Parlophone Label under the name of Dorian Gray. His biggest hit " I've Got You On My Mind "(Youtube) stayed in the charts for over 7 weeks. Tony made several appearances on TV and radio, including Top of the Pops and the very popular Simon Dee Show, toured the country with the likes of Tom Jones and Cilla Black and had his fair share of pretty girls running after him.. Tony's music was a popular hit with the pirate radio stations. It seems when they dissapeared he went as well but he is still performing in Kent.

Tony is a founder member of UNIT FIVE and now lives in Lordswood, Chatham. He teaches hairdressing at a Kent Training College.
Thanks to John Stubbins

Art Baxter (Arthur Gomm)
Art Baxter and His Rock.n.Roll Sinners
Ronnie Scott Orchestra


 Two of Art Baxter’s nephews, Julian King and Eric Gomm, have finished writing an ebook version of their biography about their uncle Arthur Charles Gomm (stage name: Art Baxter) entitled ‘From Here to Obscurity in 240 Days.’

 Julian and Eric are both retired and have spent the last ten years researching material for their project which has been a labour of love. Eric was born in Canterbury, Kent and lived there for just over 30 years. Julian grew up in Middlesex but spent many happy holidays during the 50s and 60s in Thanington, Canterbury at Art’s parents house in Athelstan Road.

 Although related to each other, and to Art Baxter (real name: Arthur Charles Gomm), they hadn’t seen each other since 1958 merely because their lives took different courses. Unbeknown to each of them, the idea of writing a biography about their uncle had manifested itself long ago with both of them independently conducting research. In early 2012 a chance discovery led to them being reunited after 53 years to completing the biography together. They both knew it was a story that they had to write.

 The biography charts Art’s life from birth in Wincheap, Canterbury in 1926 through to his death in SE London in 1997. Art was a great singer and at 14 years of age was singing in Covent Garden with the Matt Moore Band where he became known as ‘The Singing Pageboy.’ After the war he sang with Oscar Rabin and Jan Ralfini before being signed by Ronnie Scott in 1953 whom he toured with for over two years. During this time he also sang with Tony Crombie.

 In 1956, Jeffrey S Kruger (MBE) signed him to lead Art Baxter and His Rock ‘n’ Roll Sinners, Britain’s second rock ‘n’ roll band, the first being Tony Crombie and His Rockets, also managed by Jeff Kruger. Art’s band headlined 298 variety shows and one-nighters within a nine month spell playing to sell out crowds including six nights at the Finsbury Park Empire in London with Morecambe & Wise also on the bill. The band also featured in Britain’s first true rock ‘n’ roll movie ‘Rock You Sinners’ and also made some discs with Philips Records including the collectable ‘Rock You Sinners’ 10” LP.

 Art had many failings and just before he was due to appear on the BBC’s Six-Five Special TV show in May 1957 he was sacked. Shortly thereafter he turned to crime for but still sang whenever and wherever he could, mainly in the Thanet area but also in London and the West Country. He became resident singer at the GI Club in Chatham for Sid Rose and also appeared regularly at the Bridge Hotel in Westgate for proprietor Vernon Jones. But in later life it was as resident singer at the Frog and Nightgown club in London’s Old Kent Road for thirteen years from 1978, that, as the press reported, he became a ‘South London legend.’ In 1997 he still managed to sing as he was wheeled to the operating theatre at Greenwich hospital but sadly he never pulled through.

 The biography gives a remarkable insight into his life and of the 1950s music scene in some detail.

‘From Here to Obscurity in 240 Days’ is published by Jules P. King through Amazon and is available from 20 May 2013 priced at £7.99 (ISBN 978-0-9576268-0-5). Julian King has also published a tribute website to ‘Art Baxter the singer’ which is released the same day, and can be seen via;

So, at long last the paperback version of the Art Baxter Story ‘From Here To Obscurity In 240 Days’ has been printed and is available from the 25th October through eBay and details can be found by inputting ‘Art Baxter From Here To Obscurity In 240 Days’ in the search box;

Julian King - 9 Barrington Mead,  Sidmouth,  Devon 01395-515190   
Eric Gomm - Derwent, Effingham Road, Burstow,  Surrey  RH6 9RP 01342-713487

Danny Beckett
Strollers - Candy Choir

Ray King

Once a MusoRay KingRay played drums with numerous bands including The Lost Souls - The Rebounds - Inner Circle - 1974 John Brown's Body and Diablo in the Medway towns, from the early sixties until 1980 when he moved to Norfolk, Ray is now living and teaching drums in France. He was first introduced to the music scene at 12 years of age by his father Don who ran a Latin outfit the "Don Rey Quintet" and a jazz club "The Crescedo" under the Hong Kong Restaurant in Chatham.

For the last two years Ray has been touring in France his funky bluesband "Bluesgroove".

Ray would like to hear from old band members from The Lost Souls, The Purple Fruit Machine, The Inner Circle, John Browns Body, Diablo, and the Terry Milton Sound.   

Ray has written a book called "Once a Muso" an autobiography, but full of funny anecdotes, lots of B&W photos and interesting little bits of info. It is essentially a book for drummers, and Kent musicians with a lot of historical content regarding the Kent music scene as it was?

The book is published by Athena press, and can be bought through Amazon, distributors Gardeners, Books A Million, and has had rave reviews in the States, and in the "Classic drummer" magazine.

See sample page below .................................................................................................................................................................................

pace from Ray's Book

Mick Rogers

1974 Medway jazz rock band John Browns Body
Mick Rogers( Vocals)

1969 - 1972
Gravend Bands Heart - Blitz

Alan Cork

I was in PPB from 1980 to 1982 when we played every Sunday night at the Who'd a Thought It in Grafty Green. We also did other gigs around Kent.
PPB (Private Parts Band) had a number of line ups before I joined because it grew out of an informal session, possibly at The Harrow, but I'd like to think that the period I was in the band was the height of it's popularity!
The line up was Richard Wight - lead vocal and guitar, Pete Hayward - bass, Pete (Mitch) Mitchell - drums and vocal, and myself on lead guitar and vocal. Jez Wyatt was on keyboards when I joined but left after a while.
Prior to me joining, Eric Snowball of ESE music was the regular pedal steel player and Dave Bloss did a couple of gigs. Others probably included John Bray.
I have some photos and a Kent Messenger article which I will send for inclusion at some point.
Richard still lives in Kent and I have just moved back after 25 years away. After a successful career in design, Pete is now a successful dance DJ and producer. I think Mitch is still around. I believe Jez moved to the USA.
I’ll update this as time goes on and my memory comes back!
I moved to London in 1982 and played on the circuit in South East London for many years including stints with Steve Waller at the Half Moon Herne Hill on Sunday lunchtimes.
Other Kent bands I was in were Orpheus, Scapa Flow, Pipedream and Skintight Jackson (and the Do-Rons). Details of these to follow but my friend John Buckingham has a good website for Orpheus and Pipedream at

Mick Dunford (Drums) - in Enry - Father Luke

Judge Dread

born. Alex Hughes, 2 May 1945, Kent.
d. 13 March 1998 aged 53 On Stage in Canterbury, Kent.

Click for Alex's page

Chris Blunkell

Bobby Moore lifted the World Cup and Waspjuice singer Chris Blunkell was still relying on his Mum and Dad to wipe his bum in the year guitarist Brian Barnett formed his first band. As Chris slowly got to grips with basic hygiene, so Brian formed and deserted bands with gay abandon. Tintagel Toy Hiccups, Cripple Nipple and Dead Leg Antennae between them featured the use of meat products, a one-string guitar, a milk bottle and precious little by way of equipment. Their passing was not mourned.

In a volte face, Brian then launched high energy vaudevillian acoustic blues trio Have Mercy, whose ranks were to swell to an impractical 15 howlers, twangers and blowers. Spotted by a German blues enthusiast in Bunjie Folk club in London, Have Mercy were invited to play in Aachen, Germany. They went, and Brian was to ply his trade there for the next eight years.

With Brian safely out of the way, and with the bum-wiping thing now pretty much under control, Chris formed his first band. The Aged, whose name owed its coining to the bass player having access to unlimited 'Help the Aged' badges, were, by common consent, truly terrible. It was no surprise to anybody, then, when Chris co-founded the world's original bad-taste punk country band. The Alternative Alternative Country Boppers and Jim quickly drew the attention of the national press when the band's members were thrown out of school, their performance deemed to have spoiled a Carnival Club talent show. Notoriety beckoned, but the lads were all too well bred to take advantage.

In the mean time, Brian was hired as a German label's house songwriter, reporting to James Last's nephew. They wanted Oompah music, and Brian buckled down to the task in between voice-overs for porn films.

Back to London in 1984, Brian continued activities with Have Mercy, recording a new CD and touring. Not long afterwards Chris formed Black Cillas - a rather fey, instrospective guitar band whose performance supporting a heavy metal band at the Marquee led to him being called a 'f*****g w****r by Motorhead's drummer. A high-point of sorts.

They met when Chris moved in next to Brian in Whitstable. Angry exchanges over the garden hedge as to who was responsible for pruning it quickly gave way to gigs, festivals and recording and radio appearances. Originally two voices and two acoustic guitars, Waspjuice now also feature itinerent herbert and percussionist Andy Capon and reformed metallurgist Dave Minter on bass.
Because more wasps means more juice

John Milton

John Milton has been writing songs for most of his life. he taught himself to play the guitar & keyboards when he was younger and has always had a passion for music.
In 1981 he co-wrote a song with Mike Stock of Stock, Aitken & Waterman under the alias of J Gully called '1-9 For a Lady Breaker'. it was preformed by his band Mr Gentle and it reached number six in the local chart.

In 1982 the song was released again One Nine For a Lady Breaker (writers M Stock / J Gully / C Stock) - Go 401A - Julie Music - Logo Records - RCA - Artiste: Chris Britton (Mike Stock - who claimed that he wrote it )
Produced by Peter Collins for Loose End Productions (Pete Waterman)
Pete Waterman said in an interview "One Nine for a Lady Breaker was an utterly brilliant pop song". .He loved the song so much he bought it from Mike, and produced it for a singer called Chris Britton in 1982. In fact it was this song that brought Stock and Waterman together and Aitken 18months later..
No royalties have been paid to John - Yet................

John then went on to form a studio band called New Dimensions (featuring the late Keith Harwood on vocals) the band recorded a cassette called September Days in 1982 (at Europa Sound Studios) tracks were:
1.September Days - 2. Love Refused To Linger - 3. Land Of The Free

Since he trained as an aromatherapist five years ago, he has become interested in the power of music as a therapy. A 34 minute instrumental CD entitled 'Mother Earth' (© somebody's music) was released in 2001 (local sales have totalled 975 & rising). Extended version of mother earth is to be released in the summer of 2003 (© somebody's music). A new CD entitled 'Dream Away' (© somebody's music) is also planned for a December release.John still writes non therapeutic songs and has just started recording a solo project (calling upon various local musicians)
The cd will include the following tracks: 1. One Year On - 2. Love refused to linger (my tribute to Mr Harwood) - 3. Hey Girl, You Know Who You Are - 4. She's The One - 5. I'm Here - 6. I Remember - 7. Maybe - to be recorded at Lemanis Studios(© somebody's music)

the music lives on ....

Billy Veal

Folkestone (Guitar & Vocals) now living in America.

Bands: Vostoks - Southern Four

Trevor Sutton

Folkestone (Drums)

Bands: Nomads - Vostoks - The Lonely Ones

Became a Professional Photographer

John Atkins
The Fyrebirds
- The Haunters - The End - The Prowlers

Dave Butler - Blue Horizon Blues Band - Shadwater Weir - Daniel - Steam - JCB

Peter Fuggle

Bass & Vocals


Bands: Enry - Alley Kat



Paul Mylnarz
Although a lousy sax player ( He Says), Paul was a good showman - eventually becoming lead singer for many years with Kent based comedy showband LIFE 'N' SOUL.. The band spent many years gigging within the UK and abroad. Paul can be heard playing sax on a number of earlier recordings with Arthur Kay and The Originals (popular UK ska band) as well as the Last Resort album "A way of life - skinhead anthems" plus Life 'n' Soul recordings. Paul now lives in Australia and still earns his living from being a Skool Teecher.

John Philpott (Billie Hayes)The Bugaloos
See also Billy & The Heroes - Life'n'Soul

He is a funny guy - outwardly very showbizzy - He lives quietly in EK, but kept this fairly quiet.

Paul Mylnarz Writes

At 18 John he was chosen to be one of 4 cute little English kids, in a replacement series for HR Puff 'n' Stuff - which is quite a major show, sold around the globe, etc. Jack Wild had made the show, so why not 4 English kids not one.
John was picked and took the role of "Courage" in the show - The Bugaloos. It made 17 shows - viewed coast to coast in the US and sold around the world. Sadly, not in the UK I think. Certainly not as big as HR Puff and Stuff. They were incredibly marketed with Barbie style dolls, all the kids stuff - I have seen flasks, board games, cigar wrappers (?) for sale on ebay. Lots of videos are for sale. There are numerous websites dedicated to his band. I even saw a US 70's teen mag that had small pictures of David Cassidy and The Osmonds and a huge pic of this guy on the front cover.

What other EK music person has stayed in the Playboy Mansion, received a letter of thanks form Henry Kissinger for a copy of the bands album for his kids and done a series 19 TV shows in the US? If you've been surfing on E-Bay, you may have seen an auction for the "Oscars 2002" issue of Entertainment Weekly, featuring a photo of the Bugaloos!! It goes on and on.

It appears that after 17 shows, they came back to the UK for Christmas, with a proposed new series, album and film ready for the new year. They never got a call, were totally dumped and, I imagine, totally fazed out. It would certainly put you into a bit of a "downer", the way it was done.

I met John thru Terry Cutting (Life n Soul) who had known him for some time. John was singist in Billy and The Heroes and Mister Meaner and I just heard that he had been in a band in the US (yeah, yeah, heard the crap before). He replaced me with LNS and stayed for some 15 years, leaving because The Bugaloos were about to be made into a new film by Danny Devito's film company with three of Boyzone (or whatever) and Britney Spears. There was a plan for the originals actors to reform and tour the US SHopping Malls promoting the film. John left LNS to be free from commitments but, sadly, the call never came again.

So, how do I know this. Certainly not from John. He keeps it very quiet, yet he has done far more than many of the musos around. I was idly passing time on google, entered his name and WHAM, I couldn't believe it. Try John Philpott Courage Look at and and

I just found that they were in a Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade - which is a huge thing. Quote from the girl in the band
"I remember it was a really exciting day, and afterwards, the Mamas and the Papas group phoned us to say they had seen it on the telly and congratulations. That was really nice as I had always liked their music."

Kevin Bowyer
Kevin Bowyer © Chris Ashman

Ian Cheswright
Ian Cheswright© Chris Ashman
Solar System - Staires - Gary & The Moondogs - The Maroondogs -

Terry Cutting
Terry Cutting © Chris Ashman
Life 'N' Soul - Arthur Kays Originals

Keith Harwood aka Keith Uren
Memorial Album available on Red Admiral Records from 23rd July 2007
The melody fades but the Memory lingers - on 18th July 1998 Keith collapsed on stage at Seasalter, near Whitstable at the age of just 48.

I say we do mind Keith, you've left the stage forever.
Tribute to Keith Harwood by Mick Cork - Folkestone Herald July 30th 1998
Difficult accepting that someone you knew well has left this mortal coil so soon, albeit - if we could choose - on stage, where he belonged. Keith Harwood was a talented solo performer, though I knew him better as a member of what I believe was his first ever band - an early 70s rock outfit, somewhat bizarrely named Captain Black, after the type of pipe Keith had been smoking one practice night.

At a mutual friend's wedding reception I had been persuaded to come of (some kind of) retirement to back this nice little folk duo - Keith and Andy (Reynolds) who sang nice little folk ditties like Jamaica Farewell, chastity Belt and assorted Simon and Garfunkel songs. I'd like to think that I, along with my old friend. drummer Bill Regan, helped bring both of them into a broader spectrum of sounds. (I seem to recall that Keith said his dad was a bandleader, so his range of appreciation was never going to be limited).

In those days, his early 20s, Keithy boy always seemed a little insecure - but then weren't most people at that age? certainly most artistes and performers have had that about them. It somehow goes with the territory. We had good times.
Keith loved the music of David Bowie. I owe him for turning me on to that. And colin Blunstone (ex-lead singer of the Zombies, who later became a pretty close friend of Keith's). I can still hear yer man doing Blunstone's 'Say You Dont Mind' a great song of its kind, and surely a unique choice in any local outfit's repertoire. When the rest of us fancied a beer, we'd leave the stage to Keith and he'd sing Vincent -"starry starry night" and all that. But we'd still listen. It was worth it.
If I could meet him now I'd probably say - to his face - he was always a poser in the nicest sense of the word. What solo artists aren't? It takes bottle to get up on stage and perform. In a band you can hide if needs be and take strength in numbers. On your own you've got to be a bit special, have something special.
Keith had that something about him and deservedly enjoyed a very successful solo career around the pubs, the clubs and the cabaret circuit, both at home and abroad.
He also played bit parts in The Bill, Minder, and probably a lot more.
But it was as an important part of the local music scene for longer than he'd care to admit that he'll be remembered most. "That's me in the corner, that's me in the spot - light" he sang in my local, in what will now forever be the last time I saw him - and more especially - the last time I heard him perform. In the spotlight. Where he belonged.

Left - The famous Medallion Man Gig. Devised by Barry the landlord at the The White Lion and finely executed by Chris of the Gig Guide. Half a million newspapers later Keith turned up for the gig and carried on as usual without batting an eyelid, ignoring the cheesey grins of landlord, staff and fans (they knew who would be performing from the wording alone) Keith knew his audience, and posing was part of it. He did it so well. - Ed
Bands: Keith & Andy - Captain Black - Solo - New Dimensions - Keith Harwood Band - Keith Harwood & Lee (Guitar) Robinson

Tim "Magic" Hughes
(an appreciation)
It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Tim "Magic" Hughes who died in Bangkok, Thailand after having suffered a major cerebral Hemorrhage on Thursday 15th January 1998. He underwent two major operations in hospital and later was pronounced dead on Friday 23rd January.

Timothy John Patrick Hughes was born at Little Aston Park, Staffordshire, England in 1944. As a small young lad he wore corrective leg irons and had a horrible stutter. The irons worked and he eventually outgrew the stammering.

Tim was not the slightest bit interested in sciences, and preferred studying art and languages. His keen interest in the guitar and pop music eventually led him to become involved with three pop groups in various locations in Kent, The Klan - Bern Elliott - Bern Elliott and the Fenmen. See Also The Cortinas - The Zephyrs

The band had a hit with a song called Money, which was originally written by Berry Gordy and first recorded by Barrett Strong. The Beatles version is a
Bern Elliott & the Fenmen where the only group to have a U.K. hit single with this song and their version entered the British Top Twenty near the end of 1963. It wasn't a patch on the Beatles' rendition (which had been released at about the same time on their second LP), but it was actually a pretty decent, soulful interpretation Tim's group played in a sort of tough Mersey beat style (although they weren't from the Mersey region).

Tim and the group made several appearances on Ready Steady Go, Five O'clock Club, Easy Beat and Saturday Club shows during the '60's. He toured regularly with the well known Mersey side groups of the day as well as big names like Roy Orbison, the Supremes, the Hollies, Manfred Mann, The Animals, The Who, Spencer Davis (Keep On Running), and many others.

Latterly in the 1960's he did a few gigs with Michael Cox and Marty Wilde before finally moving to Spain.

Tim worked in promotions for Carreras Rothmans and Castrol, before leaving and moving to Bangkok in 1969. He joined the Anglo-Thai Corporation, the British trading onglomerate, later becoming Managing Director of The Ford Motor Company's automotive operations in Thailand until 1982, when he decided to become an independent consultant.

An accomplished big-game fisherman, he successfully competed in the prestigious Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament in the seventies and served on the International Game Fish Association, headquartered in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. He has represented Thailand on the committee since 1975.

When Tim found time to relax his other interests included trekking in the Himalayas as well as in Peru, and of course he loved his music. He often used to be invited to the Royal Palace in Bangkok where he would organise 'jam' sessions with the children of the King and Queen. Tim leading them with vocals and of course his guitar.

Tim leaves behind a mother and married sister in the Malta, who have stated through the World Wide Web and Internet that Tim will always be "Magic" to them.

On a personal note I would like to add that I never had the opportunity of meeting MAGIC, feel that I know him so well through the kind words and messages that I have received on the Internet. It is so ironic to think that I would have played the records Tim and his band made, when during the 60's I was also in the music industry, as a disc jockey on the pirate radio ship, Radio Caroline.

Compiled by Miles Robert Wilson Tim's brother in law.
28 January 1998

Bern Elliott

Bernard Michael Elliott, b.17.11.1942 in Erith, Kent
He went to school at The Picardy School for boys, on leaving school at 16 he went to work in an insurance company.
However, Bern had his heart set on forming a pop group and it was not long before "Bernie and his Boys" were playing at local dances. He was to sing with a another local group called "Bern Elliott and The Bluecaps" before forming the Bern Elliott and The Fenmen.

With the Fenmen he secured a recording contract with Decca, and his first disc "Money" written by Berry Gordy, beat all other versions in the race for the charts. Money and success now came to Bern, his recent disc "New Orleans an old Gary US Bonds hit bounded into the best sellers. During the summer months Bern has many club and dance hall dates lined up.

His next disc was a number penned by Johnny Worth called "Good Times" backed by his new group " The Klan". With the new boys, TV appearances and a film called "Swinging UK" are in the offing.

Dave Munday Folkestone - Deceased July 2013

As a Folkestone based Keyboard player/organist, (originally from Harrow), was the leader of a long established self contained Hi-Tec Duo/Trio, for many years. At one time, he had an amazing 18 piece band, working world wide on cruises, ferries, clubs, holiday camps, hotels, corporate functions, weddings and much more.
He started at the age of 8 on piano accordion given to him by the famous Joe Loss, then encouraged by the Anglia Television music director, Peter Fenn, while working at a holiday camp in Corton Beach, advanced to the Hammond organ, and finally the versatile Tyros2 keyboard which is an "orchestra on it's own". He worked with a very dynamic and outgoing female vocalist Laura, and a recent amalgamation to the band, George from Aberdeen. Together, they created a very professional top class Duo/Trio, covering all kinds of music from cocktail to Pops. A top class Band for that "Must have the best" venue.

Dave worked in Channel 9 Television in Sydney Australia for 6 years in programme continuity as vision mixer and coordinator/Director in current affairs, live shows and childrens evening shows. He was also a frequent news reader of the mid day news for almost 18 months appearing in many station IDs and TV commercials and featured in several films both in the UK and overseas. Hehad the privilage and pleasure of appearing on "Deal or No Deal" meeting the most wonderful people and the great Noel himself.

Ever optomistic Dave stated on one of his web pages just a few months before he lost the fight against Cancer in July 2013.

"with a repertoire of over 2,500+ numbers, there is something for every taste. For many years, we have worked on cruises, (including, Cunard, Thomson, & Holland America). Ferries, (including), Sealink, DFDS, Britanny, & Irish Ferries, social and working mens clubs, five star hotels and holiday camps both in UK and overseas, corporate functions and much more. We all have full passports. Smart dress is always worn while working and have own transport for mainland Europe. Non smokers and Non drinkers (but we do enjoy a nice coffee) Our equipement is all recently new, with the latest stereo surround sound system, a modest 1000 watts. As a Duo or Trio, we are currently accepting both long and short term contracts worldwide from May 2013 and are open to all offers, either onland or aboard ships,and are happy to attend auditions in any part of the country at any time. We may be seen as any combination of two or three piece band. Please contact us direct should you require photos, or audio tracks give us a call on the mobile. We do not currently have DVD as we have never needed one. Our main work is gained through recommendation. Thank you for reading our profile and hope we may be of service to you in 2013. Anyone having previously taken notes of our band, it is with regret I have to advise you that our second keyboard player, the very talented Jean Allen passed away recently so we are no longer able to supply a 4 piece."

Roger Humphries

Roger HumphriesRoger Humphries professional musical pedigree stretches over 5 decades now having started playing music in the mid 1950’s when skiffle music, that eclectic blend of hillbilly, blues, american folk & roots music, became the overnight sensation in the UK, spearheaded of course by the late Lonnie Donegan and Wally Whyton, (both of whom were later to become personal friends of Roger Humphries).

Like so many of his generation, Roger Humphries went on to play the full gambit of musical styles, (as a bass player), and during the 1960’s he achieved some notable success working alongside such musical luminaries of the period such as The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, (then known as Davie Jones), Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages etc. etc.  Highlights in his career include an appearance on the legendary 60’s TV show Ready Steady Go and a year working in “Franco’s” Spain ………. Oh, and of course in common with the period, not getting paid for a lot of it.

It was during the 60’s and the stint in Spain, that Roger initially worked alongside Jon Keys and over the next 40 years, they have developed a musical rapport that has earned them the reputation of being something of a rhythm section “A-Team”.

Following his 1st marriage in 1968, Roger quit the music industry for 5-years to embark on a career as a Police Officer (PC 4461) in the Kent County Constabulary, but after seeing the error of his ways, returned to full-time music in 1972, but at this time channeling his attention to the then fledgling country music scene in the UK.

By 1976, having always been his “own man” so-to-speak, Roger switched from bass to acoustic 6-string guitar, whilst at the same time honing his skills as a songwriter, (something he has always done since the early ‘60’s), and he embarked on a solo career & released his 1st album, “Some Of Me Songs & That !!!”, which received very positive critical acclaim and which immediately drew him to the attention of management, bookers & the public at large, resulting in the next decade being taken up with over 350 gigs each year including several appearances  on the now legendary Wembley & Peterborough Festivals of Country Music in the UK, numerous radio & TV appearances, not only in the UK, but overseas, leading his own band consisting of the cream of country musicians then available.

Further memorable albums followed and Humphries literally toured the world including Canada & the USA, gaining a solid reputation everywhere he performed, with both audiences & some of the most noted country musicians of the day as somebody being primarily into his music.

Roger has never ceased to be completely absorbed in music and the attention that he has  generated in himself during his long career has never been his motivation. He has always had the opinion that he’d prefer to let the music speak for him and that in his view there are only 2-types of music anyway, one being good & the other being not necessarily to his particular taste. As a result, he finds it easy to move effortlessly from one musical genre to the other, and in recent years has found him in the fortunate position of being able to live to play, as opposed to being forced to play for a living.

More recently, Roger Humphries & his band have shared the stage at festivals & shows in the United States, Scandinavia, Lithuania & Germany as well as the UK with such noted artistes as Nanci Griffith, Joe Sun, Carlene Carter, Tommy Cash, Asleep At the Wheel, Heybale, The Cornell Hurd Band, Dale Watson, Kimmie Rhodes and many many more.

Roger’s discography: “Some Of Me Songs & That !!!” (1976). “A Blast Of Fresh Air” (1982). “Live At The Cruise Café, Oslo” (1987). “For Your Ears Only” (1996). “Benchmark (A Very Live Album) (1998). “Solo, Unplugged & Acoustic” (2005), "Where Were You?" (2007)

Dave Webber Tenor Sax Tamborine and Vocals
Band Seven - The Zephyrs

Peter Jansen
The Travellers - The Jazz Gentleman Ragtime Players
- Band Seven

Gary Dean

Bands include
Southern Four - Sky High - Echo II - Life'n'Soul - Gary & The Moondogs - Gary Dean Band
In a 1984 a local newspaper's readers poll put Gary and his band on top spot for everything. Co Founder of The Rocking Horse Club a music charity organisation.

Dave Shackle
Dave Shackle © Chris Asman
The Circuit - Inhibitions Prologue - Tristram Shandy - Daniel - Edison Lighthouse - Crush - New Dimensions
Dave could have gone Pro. at 16 but was unable to tour abroad with his Band The Circuit
Pictures :
left: Dave with Edison Lighthouse at the Folkestone Camelot 25 Club
right: Dave in a band called "Crush" which was to all intents and purposes "Edison Lighthouse" but they had a new single out at the time called "Today's A Tomorrow" written by "Georgio Moroder" and weren't allowed to use the name.
Dave is the really cute one kneeling down.

Neil Bassford - Dover - Bass - Masterstroke - Recording Prisoner of Love 1982?

Rod Jones
Rod Jones 1968 Supplied by Rod

Folkestone - Guitar & Vocals
The Suspects - The Wild Sect - The End - The Circuit - Sons of Chopin - Lamb Brothers - Pure Gold - The Freddie Mac Extravaganza - Ian Hunter Band - Love Children

Rod left The End to work with various others in the industry to include Pure Gold (pop Group) signed to President Records, The Freddie Mac Soul Show, Ian Hunter (of Mott the Hoople fame) then onto Love Children a pop group who were signed to Decca on the Deram label. Then working with award winning songwriters and producers Ben Findon & Peter Shelley.....More

Michael Wilkins

Bands: The Circuit - Sons of Chopin - Lamb Brothers - Love Children





Bill Whitewood Drummer - Lived at The Durlocks, Folkestone
Bands: The Haunters - The Wild Sect -

Cyril Sutton
Cyril©Folkestone Herald
The End - Renaissance Faire - Whispering Wind -

Spud (Peter) Taylor
Spud© Folkestone Herald
Bas Player - Left handed - Epiphone
Bands: The End - Renaissance Faire - Danny

Mick (Tinker) Tordoff - bass player in The Concords -

Les Freathy - Concords - Willow Pattern - Festival - Same Size - Twos Company - Company
1962 vocalist/rhythm with the first band of Concords
then went to London around 1965 and played with a few bands on the circuit
Returned home in 1966 formed the second band of the Concords
then became a member of Willow Pattern
then Festival
then formed Same Size which held together for about 4 years
then Twos company, first with Mick Tordoff then over 20 years with Gareth Jones
finally as solo under the name Company and called it a day last years 2011
Liam Humberstone - guitarist from Canterbury.

Moved back to Kent in 1986 and started playing with Jenaah (Nigel Barker - Bass, vocs, Justin ? - Drums, Christine Jenner - Keyboards, Liam Humberstone - guitar), we came second in our heat in the Leas Cliff Hall Battle of the bands that year, but also played quite a lot around Folkestone. Memorable venues were Toffs (ex Tofts, or was it Heroes by then), Mr P's, and the Frenchman. Maybe Pullman's wine bar too. We were also called So Lies the Land, and finally About Face. About Face ended up with Russell Pay on guitar, and a new keyboard player whose name I don't recall. Did a lot of Black Horse gigs if my memory serves me right.

By about 1989 Christine Jenner and I had moved on and met Trevor Pressman (vocals) and Nigel Reed (Drums). We formed a band called Stranger Still. Now this is where things start to get interesting. We were sort of Ashford based, and there weren't many gigs about, but there were quite a lot of bands wanting to play. There was also a great pirate radio station in Ashford called UST (Underground Surrealist Transmissions?) who were keen to play local bands and advertise gigs. Martin Allcock and Howard Turtle were the key people in organizing the radio stuff for us, but there were many others involved.

Out of all this, we met up with bands such as Family of Noise, Radio Moscow, Inserpt, Beat the Jeep, and started the Ashford Musicians Co-operative. The idea was that we found venues and organized our own gigs, 3 band specials mainly. The key people doing the work were Christine Jenner, Colin Denby (Inserpt), Phil Dumke and me. After a few gigs co-organized by Richard Murrill (who should feature heavily in 80s and 90s Folkestone history!) at Bottoms, and some Community Hall stuff in Ashford, we ended up with a regular friday slot at The Woodland Inn in Charing.

Must have gone on for most of '90-'91 in there. Other bands that played were Heavy Plant Crossing (from Thanet), Sugarland (Maidstone), Cardinal Fink (Medway/Tonbridge). We also had this fab alternative DJ from Folkestone called Keith. Used to bring all his REM records up and play them for nothing. Great guy.

Back to me. Around '90 I left Stranger Still and formed Red with Phil Hulbert (Vocs), Dave Salter (Bass - from EK1), and Andy Race (Drums - from EK1). We did lots in Thanet, London, and the Woodland Inn occasionally. All got a bit too serious for me. Left and in early '91 was invited to join Beat the Jeep (Wayne Bridle - guitar, vocs, Ian Allcock - Drums, Tim Allen - Bass).

Beat the Jeep was a bit of a tour de force back then. My first gig with them was to a packed Brixton Academy. We did lots of local stuff too. Penny Theatre in Canterbury, Woodland Inn, Kings Hall Herne Bay, quite a few in the Medway towns, Bottoms in Folkestone. We stopped gigging quite so regularly in '95, and now just do 2 or 3 a year if we can.

Then I met Bob Fridd in about '93. Became an occasional member of the City Blues Band (too many members to count over the years), which I still am, and formed The Standard Five (Alan Clark - Harmonica, Bob Fridd - Vocals/Guitar, Robin Elinore - Bass, Bill Johnson - Drums, Liam Humberstone - Guitar). Both bands are still going strong, and both feature regular appearances by the one and only Arthur Kay - legendary stuff!

Bit short of time now. I'll try to dig out the late '90s stuff (Gifthorse, Victim, Burst, Uncool Frank) at some time in the near future. Probably got some old photos too. Leaving Kent soon, so I'd like to leave something behind! Let me know if it's of interest, and I'll carry on digging stuff out.


Dave Fanti - Local band member.
I still consider myself to be a singer/songwriter despite gigging in a purely covers band these days. I've been the lead vocalist and lyricist in most of the bands I've been in.

Below are the bands I've been in - dates as close as I can remember.
Tomahawk - 1979 to 1981. Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar.
Zenith - 1981 to 1982. Lead Vocals
Lazy Toad - 1982. Lead Vocals, Bass
Rough Diamond 1983 to 1984. Lead Vocals, Bass.
Medium Wave Band - 1984. Bass, vocals
Pump Action - 1999 to 2005 Lead Vocals
Monkey-See, Monkey-Do 2006 to– 2010 Lead Vocals
Goodbye Eric – 2010 – Present. Bass, Vocals

Monkey-See, Monkey-Do

Chris Bailey: Guitar
Jon Bryant: Bass (see also ‘Enry)
Dave Fanti: Lead Vocals
Iain Maitland: Drums
Matt Maitland: Guitar
Charlotte Rose: Lead vocals

We play a mix of modern and Classic rock from Zeppelin and Bad Co. to the Chillies and the Foo’s. We gig around Ashford, Dover New Romney and Folkestone, mostly pubs, but we do pick up the odd festival and function. A great bunch of guys (and Gal); it’s always a laugh.

Tony Gardener - State Organisation - Tristram Shandy

Norman Swan
The Fyrebirds - The End

Ray Vardon
Southern Four - Southern Five

Ron Price
Ron Price played bass with the Southern Four and childrens entertainer at Newbeach Holiday Centre (1982-84) alongside Uncle Charlie and Sky High (latterly the Gary Dean Band).

Melvyn (Dusty) Miller
Polaris - bass guitar in Rocking Edwardians
Bob Bartell Bob has seemed to be around for ever, and is still writing and performing!

Gary Swinard New albums available After Five and Day Of The Hurricane

1963 to Present in Florida

Bands: The Young Ones - Couriers - Cleopatras Needle - Oliver - Gary Lee James Band - Sounds Country - The Gary Dean Band - Live'n'Kickin - (USA) Nitelife

Hi Chris
Just come across your site re Kent bands.

I thought I would drop you some info about my history as my name does appear in several places.

For the history and dates hear goes:
I Started playing in a band called The Young Ones' in 1963 where we played the local church hall regularly. Following this, I joined 'The Couriers' in 1966 where I played rhythm guitar and then bass. Andy Kealey played lead guitar, Peter Kealey keyboards, Steve Marriott vocals and Tim Relf drums. The band changed drummers a few times with the last being Les Sampson. Andy and Peter left but before they did the band name changed to "Cleopatras Needle'. After this 'Oliver' then became the name. I left the band in 1976 and formed a short lived 'Gary Lee James Band. A six piece band with brass. After a couples of years rest, I joined and then toured for three years with a band called 'Sounds Country' In 1982 I left and went solo and performed at the World famous club called 'Gillies in Texas USA. In !983 I joined 'The Gary Dean Band' and in 1986 formed the now popular 'Live N Kickin where I stayed for 14 years. Some of the original members of 'Live N' Kicking' were in Cleopatras Needle in the 70's. The band was formed and the name born after a good music friend Dave Trott had died of cancer at the age of 37.

I hope the above will interest you. I have not given you all the in's and out's as there were many. I would like to wish all of my friends and acquaintances in and around Kent my sincere regards. All in all, apart from the 2 year rest I have been non stop in playing and entertaining almost 37 years.

I now live in FLORIDA and am currently playing lead guitar professionally for a band called 'Nitelife' I play about four nights a week in and around Orlando.
Members of my present band have played with the BoxTops and Bruce Hornsby. One more thing to add, you English bands are so lucky today, the normal playing times hear in the US a minimum of 4x45 sets and at weekends 5x45 sets.

We play tributes to The Blues Brothers, Garth Brooks, Elvis and I do an Eric Clapton show so will send you some pics on that show. Last year we palyed Nashville and Las Vegas and recently had Charlie Morgan drummer for ex Elton John guesting with us as our drummer was out of town. The band plays a lot of private parties and corporate events.

Have come across a couple of old Couriers pics that I need to get put on disc and will send to you. One of them has Les Samson and the Kealey Brothers.

I was also pleased to see my name mentioned in Pete Dugdale's information. I remember going to EMI studios very early on a Sunday morning to record the demos that got Pete Dugdale his record contract. I think it was around 1973. I played both base and guitar on those songs. When Pete was doing the remakes for release I was unable to play on them due to the fact I was playing at a major gig in London the same night as the recording session.

Anyway pass on my regards to people who know me and once again thank you.

Please pass on my email address to anyone who wants to say hallo, My personal email address is
Please check out my new web site.  There are some great memories there and do not laugh too much at the previews'

My Red Admiral Records page
My Albums on iTunes


Martin Judd

1967 - Present Day.

Bands: Tar Baby Stompers, Warlock, Porcelain Frog, Frogg, Quint, Live'N'Kickin'

My first foray into music came at the Simon Langton school with David Jones and some others who names elude me. We formed a jazz band called the Tar Baby Stompers.
My next band was called Warlock, we rehearsed and played around the Canterbury area, had the obligatory mentions in the local rag and had a whale of a time.
Now I'd really been bitten by the bug.
The next band was called Porcelain Frog. This band had Pete Robinson on keyboards, Bob Brown on drums, John Cheeseman on vocals, Mick Curd on guitar and myself on bass.
The band used to rehearse at at the Longbridge Youth Club in Canterbury.
Nigel Blow, an old schoolfriend of mine replaced Pete on keyboards after a time.
We later got the opportunity to tour abroad via Folkestone agent Dave Watkins and spent a year in Italy and a year in Germany. During this period we were left stranded by our agents and had strike up new associations to live and keep working. Agent Arno Lintner came up with work for 2 months in Zurich (Switzerland). We also did some television through Renzo Menin.
Now called Frogg and stranded in Italy, we befriended 2 Italian bands called "Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso" & "Il Rovescio della Medaglia". These fantastic guys actually paid for us to get home with some of the proceeds of a concert!
This period, although hard, was the time of my life and having arrived home I couldn't wait to do it all over again, so, following a lineup change, Geoff Spinner replacing John on vocals, we headed out to Italy again.
The next band was Quint with Steve Marriott on vocals, Graham Quinten Jones on guitar, Roger Diamond on drums and me on bass.
We recorded several singles with Bradley Records, RCA & United Artists, reaching number 70 in the charts with one of them. I also recorded a solo single in this period which again got to about number 70 but we'll say no more about that!
Graham left towards the end of Quint's lifespan and was replaced briefly by Mick Warren on guitar and Trevor Hills on keyboards. This lineup lasted a short while but never recaptured the success of the original and Quint folded shortly afterwards.
I had a brief spell of inactivity which I absolutely hated when I was approached by Gary Swinard and Steve Marriott to form the band I still play with today, Live'N'Kickin', with Mick Warren and Tim Relf on drums.
Tim left after a very short time to be replaced by Roger Diamond on drums. This highly successful lineup went on for 10 years.
Mick decided it was time to hang up his Les Paul at this time and was replaced by the jaw-droppingly good Martin Kidd on guitar who has stayed with us ever since.
A year on and Roger decided that it was time to call it a day due to several factors, Tinitis being the main one, and he was replaced by Nick "The Greek" Milton on drums.
2001 brought a couple of changes with Nick leaving to sort out some personal problems and Gary emigrating to the USA. Chris Jones replaced Nick and Jim Cobb coming in on keyboards to replace Gary.
A year later, Jim left to be replaced by the inimitable Martin "Wiz" Wisbey on guitar and vocals.
Nick rejoined the band in 2003 when Chris was having some personal problems of his own and todays lineup was complete.
We are just coming up to our 20th anniversary as I type and a lavish concert will be held to celebrate this milestone at The International Hotel on April 8th 2007.

Andy Kealey

1950 - schoolboy band - Rodney Burke and the Kluds -1964  Cleapatras Needle - 1970 Tristram Shandy - 1976 Noel Redding Band -1982 Dawn Trader - late 1982 ABK (Andy, Boris, Keith) - late 1990s Stumble Brothers - 2006 to present - Buzzard

Les Peel
The Circuit - State Organisation - Solar System

Richard "Dick" Paul
(Vocalist) - Folkestone
The Fyrebirds - The End - The Circuit - Sons Of Chopin

Pete Dugdale AKA J.Ryder
Bands: Inhibitions Prologue - Square One - Mirrors - Freeway

Pete's Page and Pictures

Danny Clarkson

Danny along with Gary Dean was responsible for the organisation of the charity team creating the Kent Aid for Africa event at the Leas Cliff Hall in 1985 and the Rocking Horse Club venture - Live Aid Kent Concert at Folkestone Football Ground in 1986.

The End (Roady) - Renaissance Faire (rhythm) - Whispering Wind - Tricks - Danny - Stevidan - Shambles

Steve Tozer

Dear Chris ,like the web site!
I joined my first band in 1964 aged 12 as lead singer and bass player with schoolmates Brian Glanfield, Stuart Gain, Roger Garner, Steve Whitfield and Ron Harrisson. The band was called Sounds like 3 as there were usually 4 of us. Things got louder in 68 with "Peacefull" {me Brian, Stuart, Derek Kneller and "H" Ebdon} [ now appearing with the Phil Chaplin Band in south London checkout the web page]. I got married and Brian moved to Canterbury,. In 72 Roger and I and Mark Hewins were working for SCHWEPPES of Sidcup. Mark and I left to "go pro" with "Mother Sun" mostly touring the London circuit with John Hawkins on keys Vic Coleman on drums and Dave Bell on lead vocals. This lasted just over one year, we played the Speakeasy and topped the bill at the Marquee twice and a third time as a printing error! One of our tunes was 34 minutes long!!!!
Victor joined Gerry Cottle's Circus and went to the far east Dave became a Magician John went to work the cruise ships and Mark left for Canterbury . Check out Marks pages at ( he's currently touring with St. Bob himself!} I went home to Blackheath and Brian invited me to join
"Fury" his Canterbury band .{ I'd tried to do this before with his band "Feast" before Mother Sun but the drive was too much}
However Fury was great, with a 16 year old Steve Wise {WIZZ} on drums and John Case on second lead. Did some recording at olympic studios with our manager Mike Stuart who promptly left for the U.S.A. with our tapes and publishing advance money from ATV. John left to marry and was replaced with Adrian "ADA" { don't remember his last name} Brian was in another band at the same time "Danny" with Danny Clarkson, Roy Adams and Spud Taylor. As Fury died "Tricks" was formed with Danny on drums { he played pro drums for Whispering Wind for 5 years up north and supported Mother Sun at the Global Village in London in 72}
Tricks played the Kent clubs and pubs for two years 76 to 78? We did the Disco thing and recorded a lot at Andy Bells studio in Ramsgate. Our manager Johnny Jones {Jonesy} took our tapes to K-Tell in Denmark and ended up using a recording made at Decca with Steve Whitfield and Roger Garner the first prototype Tricks members. That was the last we saw of that manager. We had Bob Coltart ,a guy called Clive and later Nigel in the band at different times playing guitar. Brian got a letter from EMI as the band was thinking about splitting, we had sent them a tape and we recorded one track at Regents Park Studios. It was never released as that month the Pistols were signed, punk rock arrived and we were filed away.
Tricks disbanded and a few years later I started gigging solo as Steve Tracy encouraged by Bob Coltart and Keith Harwood. I later formed a duo with Danny Clarkson "Stevidan" which lasted almost 10 years until Nov 91 when I emigrated to Canada. Stevidan also performed as a four or three piece with Roy Adams and Kieth Adams. During Stevidan reign Danny and I also played the holiday camps as the GSD band with Gary Dean and later with Gary and Tick Brown in "Miami" We recorded two tracks at your studio and were due to appear on Opportunity Knocks in front of 65 million viewers with an original song when Les Dawson died suddenly and the show was shelved. During the Stevidan period Danny, Gary and I formed the Rocking Horse Club which is well documented on this site .

Since arriving in Canada I have worked in various bands notably The Knucklebusters with Beatle Bob Angel playing Rockabilly and I sang lead vocals for three years for Chevy Ray and The Fins a seven piece 50's R&R band .

I now perform with my wife Sandy in The West Coast Whistle Co. We have a CD out and web pages We play anything from Celtic to Steppenwolf with originals with several different guys depending on the gig ,usually with Antony Duke on drums and John Hannah {of Brian Adams band fame} on bass. Sandy and I also tour with Will Millar formally of the Irish Rovers and will be touring in Florida next spring. I'll look up Gary Swinard if I get the chance.

O.K. that's about it I'll send you pictures of these bands when I get round to it. If any of my old pals want to e-mail me I'm at

P.S. Danny carried on with Kieth Adams in the duo "Shambles" and is still at it..

- Steve Tozer.

P.S. You should pump Roy for lnfo he remembers every little detail and even has an old pic of himself with Jimi Hendrix in Folkestone.

Mark Hewins
Guitarist/Songwiter - A valued and sought after guitarist in every genre of the music world.

Starting his career in 1970 at 15, his first "pro" band was Kent band MotherSun. He has continually, kept his main roots in Kent but worked and travelled the world bringing his own unique sounds to enhance the performance of the big and famous.

Bands: (Some of) -----New Indus, Music Doctors, EDQ, MotherSun , Soft HEAP, Research, T-MIT, Dreamtime, Pearl Divers, 4Tet, The Guitar Quartet, Mad Axe Quartet, Sinclair and the South, Polite Force, Caravan of Dreams, Grace Kennedy, Phil Collins, Julie Felix, Dennis Gonzales, Richard and Dave Sinclair, Phil and Steve Miller, Earl Turbinton, Django Bates, Ken Hyder, John Martyn, Gail Thompson, Danny Thompson, Bill Bruford, LeMarr, Theo Travis, Fred Frith, Joe Lee Wilson, Nick Evans, Marc Charig, Andy Latimer, Andy Ward, Colin Bass, Peter Blegvad, Michel Gentils, Maggie Nicholls, Didier Malherbe, Dudu Pukwana, John Stevens, Errol Kennedy, Robbie T, Tania Evans, Carol Grimes, Spy, Mervyn Africa, Mamadi Kamara, Lol Coxhill, Joe Cang, Anthony Aldridge, Trevor Watts, Paul Bhattacharjee, Louis Moholo, Paul Rogers, Pete Thomas, Bob Loveday and Andrew Cyrille, John Abercrombie, Lou Reed, Neil Finn, Fernando Saunders, Mike Rathke, Frank Tontoh, Joe Dalton, Tony Aiello, Nitin Sawhney, Gong, Bob Geldof Band, Elton Dean, Jean Baptiste New Orleans Marching Band, Immanuel Infants School Jazz Band and Arthur Kitchener amongst many others.

Mark has been and still is, an important influence and participant of the Canterbury Scene wrapped around Hugh Hopper and the Sinclair brothers.


John Andrews ( "Andy" Andrews)
born 1945
Bands: 1960 The Strangers - The Lonely Ones - The Travellers (Dover) - Antiques Roadshow
Currently lives in St.Margaret's at Cliffe, Dover where he is a financial advisor and real estate broker.
Phil Marriot

keyboards - Renaissance Faire

Micky Christmas (vocals) Shades of Black - Died of cancer
Chris Daughters
Vogue - Solar System - Valley Forge - Echo - Denigh - Freeway

Steve Bennett
Vogue - vocals with Valley Forge

Terry Sexton

The Checkers

Terry was a key member of the Checkers throughout the early 60's. When the band broke up he appeared to stop playing altogether, though he was known to strum a bit after a few whisky's.

On completion of his Carpentry apprenticeship he trainer to be a diver working with Folkestone Salvage. After a long period of diving in the Middle East he returned to Folkestone and started his own carpentry and building firm.
Sadly Terry died in March 2000 from complications caused by his years of deep sea diving.

( When Terry lived in Church Road, Cheriton I went with him to music shop in Tontine Street to buy his first amp - A 15Watt Watkins amp - I remember it was Blue and White with Gold Knobs and White carrying handle………Ed)

Terry bought his guitar from Terry Hughes.

Derek Goodwin
Bands: Kriptkickers
- The Checkers

After a brief period in the Sea Cadets trying to learn the bugle and side drum Derek and his school chums decided to form a group. In 1961 they had their first practice session with Derek banging an old army base drum and Ivor, a friend of one of them invited in because he was the only one able to strum a guitar. Ivor left the session after a short time saying that Derek would never be able to co-ordinate himself sufficiently to play the drumsl
Not to be put off Derek bought his first drum kit. This was a 'Gigster' kit purchased from his mother's clothing catalogue. The noise of his practice attracted the local musicians and soon 'The Checkers' were born. Memories are a little vague at this point, the original line up is believed to have been; Derek on drums, Ian Milton rhythm, Martin Vincent bass and Bob Evans lead. Martin soon left to be replaced by Terry Sexton. This was the line up that appeared on the first live gig at the St. Martins fete which would have been about 1962. lan Milton left to be replaced by Dave Caswell and Pete Godden an ex rock and roll singer provided much needed vocals.
Derek's father bought him his first 'proper' drum kit and also arranged drum lessons with a jazz drummer who worked with him. This was the first time Derek had heard the likes of Dave Brubeck and other contemporary jazz bands, which was to have a lasting effect on Derek's playing style; always first and foremost a 'rock' drummer but very able to play jazz and rhythm and blues. In fact as his playing matured rhythm and blues became the favoured playing style.
When the Checkers disbanded Derek played one or two 'one offs' with local bands and musicians, including a country and western night with his doctor, and ended up as the resident drummer in a local nightclub. The piano was played by his barber! This strange partnership was only to last a few months and it was around this time that Derek decided that being married and playing the drums didn't work too well so he decided to 'retire' and sold his drums to a local working men's club.
In the mid seventies whilst working as a bus driver Derek bought another kit and was joined by two work colleagues and an exceptional guitarist from Hawkinge called Dave? and his friend Adrian Hackett. Adrian brought along his sister who sang. The bass player was a clean living young lad called Kevin Bowyer later of the Maroondogs. Sadly the band never quite got off the ground, pressure of work and practice proving a problem. Once again Derek sold his kit and stopped playing.
The next time Derek lifted a drum stick was in rather different circumstances. Derek had 'seen the light' and was attending a local evangelical church. Not having touched a set of drums for about eight years he bought a brand new kit, placed it on the stage at the front of the church and halfway through the next service, walked up and started playing. After several years of playing in church praise bands Derek was asked to play the drums in a musical based on Pilgrims Progress. This proved to be a bit of a challenge as he had never worked with musicians and actors but was very enjoyable, with three performances in Ashford. Derek's final gig was backing 'Ishmael' a professional Christian singer and song writer at the Stour centre in Ashford. Derek is now 'officially' retired, although who knows?

Bob Evans
Bands: Kriptkickers - The Checkers

Bob learned to play the guitar at the age of ten. Self-taught, his first guitar had been passed down by his brother, who had reluctantly accepted that being tone-deaf was a significant drawback for a would-be rock star! Bob had no such difficulty and soon proved to be a very accomplished player. His Mum and Dad bought him a pick-up for his acoustic guitar and an amplifier for a Christmas present, which provided him with his first electric guitar. After being heard 'entertaining' the neighbours one day at his terraced home in Folkestone there was a knock at the door and a young lad called Martin Vinson introduced himself. Martin played the bass guitar and asked Bob to join his band. The other member of the band was a guitarist called Ian Milton. Drummers were in short supply at the time, so the band played without one. After much searching, Bob remembered a school friend called Derek Goodwin who had bought his first drum kit. Derek was still learning, but the band decided to ask him to join the band anyway, being sure that he would soon be able to keep the beat.

Martin Vinson left the band to be replaced by Terry Sexton. Up to this point the band had no name, then one day Terry's parents suggested 'The Checkers'. The band played its first gig at St. Martin's fete. Ian Milton left the band for 'other interests' and the band played as a trio for a while. One night, while playing at the pub called the 'Oddfellows Arms' in Folkestone, Pete Godden got up and asked to sing a song. As a result, he was recruited to 'The Checkers' as the lead vocalist. Dave Caswell also joined, a little later, to play Rhythm Guitar.

Bob recalls that 'The Checkers' became a popular and exciting band performing to appreciative audiences across the county of Kent. Looking back, some of the gigs were quite lively! Unfortunately, 'The Checkers' disbanded once the gear was all paid for and the apprenticeship completed! At the age of seventeen, Bob reluctantly gave up his place in the band in favour of his school work. He subsequently went on to Dover Technical College and finally Brighton University where he left with a good honours degree in Electrical Engineering. At around this time he met his future wife Marilyn. They subsequently married, moved to Crawley, West Sussex and had two children. He is now a Chartered Electrical Engineer and works for a defence company, as a Software Engineer.

Still living and working in Crawley, Bob and Marilyn have seen both children through university and 'fly the nest'. Bob still kept at least one guitar to hand and has continued to play as a hobby, quite often finding it therapeutic. Bob recalls, "making music always seemed to be in my blood for as long as he can remember". He always enjoyed making up tunes when he played in 'The Checkers'. With time once again to himself, Bob has resumed his interest as a guitarist and has teamed up with work colleagues, performing at occasional work functions and birthday parties. More recently, with the aid of the computer, Bob has produced a home CD containing a number of his recent compositions. 'Pop Idol' watch out!

Goto Bobby's Website

Perry White
Bands: City Blues Band - Athur Kays Originals - Moving Targets inthe early 80's - solo

Andy Young
Andy "Diddy" Young ©Chris Ashman
The Breakaways - Winston & The Churchills - Rhythm Of Blues

Mick Brett
Mick Brett ©Chris Ashman
The Breakaways - Winston & The Churchills - RAM - Rhythm Of Blues

Mick Cork
Mick Cork as in TrepassersLeft - Mick Cork (bass)1962 - Folkestone
Bands: Trespassers - The Mystics - The Mixed Feelings - Captain Black
I was originally in The Trespassers which started up again as The Mystics, with Dave Pain (singer), Ian Milton (guitar), Bill Regan (drums), Phil Kirk (keyboards)

We played all kinds of stuff (Animals, etc), making use of the addition of a keyboard player in Phil, who was pretty good, though Ian Milton left at some stage and was replaced towards the end by an old friend of ours, Trevor Wright.
Before that, though, we'd become fairly well established in east Kent under the management of Roger West.
Although we had plenty of laughs,
I personally fell out with the rest over - guess what - a girlfriend who was getting the way and was chucked out!!! Disgraceful. They got local legend Johnny Berry in on bass, but didn't last too much longer. We played locally at places like the Hillside Club, formerly Pfizers where Bill once jammed with Noel and Hendrix late at night. One of the happier times. Bill had come out of Henry (which also featured Johnny Etchells) and was one of the best drummers in Folkestone for quite some time.

WHEN the others realised the error of their ways they asked me back, and then, joined by Peter Hourahane (ex-Vikings), Ellis Glasby (keyboards), Dave Pain, myself and Bill Regan became the Mixed Feelings. playing Motown and soul and becoming regulars at both Tofts Club (Grace Hill) and the Leas Cliff Hall, backing Unit Four Plus Two, the Four Pennies, the Yardbirds (with Jimmy Paige) and others.
At Tofts, we also supported the likes of Spencer Davis, The Who, and The Cream (Clapton/Jack Bruce/Ginger Baker)
From memory, we had to pack up when Dave Pain moved away with his work.

SEVERAL years on from all that, I was asked to play bass with Keith Harwood (then known by his real name, Keith Uren) and Andy Reynolds, a couple of local folk singers.
Gradually I got Billy Regan involved, and we evolved into a band called Captain Black (named after some wierd pipe that Keith had: "What the hell's that you've got in yer gob?" I'd asked, one practice night. "It's a Captain Black" said the great one. So we were)
We built up a fairly big following, especially at the sadly no longer Neptune (in Dymchurch) where the local football club adopted us as their own.
Keith decided to go solo, and enjoyed a truly wonderful career on his own until he collapsed on stage at Seasalter, near Whitstable at the age of just 48 (someone else must know what year that was)
In the meantime we'd managed to get hold of an outstanding talent in Richie Bilious, who had grown up in Cardiff with Andy Fairweather-Low (Amen Corner), and who had played with Tom Jones in his very, very early days.
Richie had been in a duo with a lad called Jim, but as Captain Black, with Andy, Bill, Richie, myself (Mick Cork), and roadie Steve "Doris" Read on bongos/conga drum, we did very well. Again we had a big following at the Neptune, in a later guise, as well as the Golden Arrow (now Jester) plus all kinds of other venues, near and far.

Richie was probably the best guitarist I'd ever played with (Ian Taylor in the Trespassers probably improved with other bands, even though his talent was deifinitely there)
For whateve reason, the two singers Richie and Andy Reynolds, decided to leave after finding they could earn good money as a duo (the Reyn Brothers)
Bill Regan and I (Mick Cork) tried to carry on with Steve and a chap called Brian out of the Rocking Edwardians, but we were nothing like us good as we wanted to be (or had been) so we jacked it in.
Bill - station officer Regan of the Kent Fire Brigade - has, I know played with other bands, but he'd better tell about ALL of them!!
I hope this is not all far too long winded - anyone who reads the Folkestone Herald or Dover Express will know what I'm like!!)
As the original Captain Black, we frequently played at The Five Bells, Brabourne, amongst a host of other places) There is also a pic of us at Pfizers Club, Sandwich, which you may be able to use, and which I'll send you some time!

Regards, Corky

Trevor Wright

Dear Chris

Just come across your most excellent site. Just been tripping down memory lane by looking at some of the musicans from the early years of Folkestone rock. If ok would like to share some of my memories.

Started playing the bass guitar in 1958 in I believe to be Folkestone`s first rock band called "The Seekers" ( not to be confused with the subsequent famous band ! ) I was 13 at the time and just desperate to play. My cousin Mick O`Neil was on drums, Jeff Rattecliffe on lead and Jim Williams guitar and vocals. The very first gig was the Railway Club by the Scew Arches in Canterbury Road. We went on to play various gigs around the Folkestone area including the 37 Club ( I think that was the name ) in Bellvue Street. In 1961 the band started the Jazz Club at the Kent House Venue, up west in Folkestone. We also played at the old Pleasure Gardens Theatre next to the origonal "Tofts".

The Seekers faded away at the end of 1961 ish ! I went for audition with " The Mystics" who later became "The Mixed Feeling", and became their lead guitarist for many a year. Had a great time with them. We backed many top bands including " The Who". I left in 1967 ish being replaced by Peter Houraine. Other members of the band were Dave Paine vocals, Ian Milton guitar, Mick Cork bass and Bill Regan drums. ( brilliant drummer).

Mentioning Bill Regan I was also lucky enough to be present with the Noel Redding and Jimi Hendix Jam at the Hillside Club that used to be on Grace Hill. Noel was in the same Art group as me at the Harvey Grammar School. We played in the school band together and used to play together as kids with his sister Vicky in the Horn Street Park. Funny enough when I lived in Cheriton Peter Kirtcher lived 5 doors away ! Used to practice at his place when he had just boxes to play on ! Great times and still are !!

Since living in the stunning Cumbrian mountains for the past 20 years I have continued to play the bass. ( was never that good on the lead !!) I have played with the blues outfit CA9 who sold well on an independant label in the 90`s. Played in a Jazz band backing Ella Fitzgerald`s baritone bass player Marvin "Doc" Holiday at the Art Centre on Tyneside. Currently playing with "The Spirit of Elvis", A tribute band who earlier this year had a short but successfull tour in Spain. Also perform with an amazing guy from Sandwich ( would you believe !) Trevor Reed has been a street entertainer for 40 years ! We doo pubs an clubs locally. Great stuff !

Over the years I have earned my Equity card. Television credits include " Wire in the Blood", " Rocket Man", "55 degrees North", " Byker Grove", Catherine Cookson`s " The Girl" and Alan Bleasdale`s adapation of " Oliver Twist". The latter being filmed partly in my home !

I have had a great time and probably have reached the height of my own incompentence now !!!

Thankyou for allowing me to wander down memory lane with you.

Kind Regards

Trevor Wright

Kieron O'Connor
South London
Keiran OConnor sadly died some years ago, I think we could say "Worn Out".
This was a man of excesses.
Words like, Too much - Over the top - Rock solid - Flat out - Asleep - Genius - Really pissed - The best - Crazy - Missing - Hairy, all apply. If you knew him in his personal life you would find it easy to add some more.

Keiran was a drumming genuis, he could play the tightest solid backing, live or in the studio, even when he was not capable of standing up.
This man could make a drum machine sound - o u t.
We loved you.

Paul Roland
Paul Roland first appeared at Folkestone's Europa Sound Studios to evaluate it, he said for productions. He was at the time looking for work as a record producer and had already turned out some great recordings of himself via Graham Quinten Jones at Canterbury.
Paul had enlisted some of Kent's best session musicians to create his music and continued to add to the roster via Europa right up to its closure in October 1987. Paul was a prolific wordsmith and zany writer, not always easy to work with but still got what he wanted of his musicians, co-producer and engineer Chris Ashman.
Throughout the 80's Paul churned out tracks and masters for his albums which were plentiful and unique.
Alberto Crosio has created a wonderful website for Paul Roland, Click Here where you can also find the most comprehensive Paul Roland discograpy by R.P. Lindenbergh, a great lyrics section by Nico Steckelberg and much more.

Noel Redding
Click on Pic for Newsb.Folkestone 25th December 1945
d.11th May 2003
- Cork
Bands: The Strangers - The Lonely Ones - The Loving Kind - The Burnettes - Jimi Hendrix Experience - Fat Mattress - Road - The Noel Redding Band

Noel Redding Discography (part)
The Loving Kind
45s/ Singles: Accidental Love/Nothing Can Change This Love (Piccadilly 7N 35299)1966
I Love The Things You Do/Treat Me Nice (Piccadilly 7N 35318) 1966
Ain't That Peculiar/With Rhyme And Reason (Piccadilly 7N 35342)1966
The Jimi Hendrix Experience -(part).Are You Experienced? (1967) Polydor - Axis Bold As Love (1967) Polydor - Electric Ladyland (1968) Polydor - Smash Hits (1968) Polydor - Radio One (1989) Castle Communications
Fat Mattress - Fat Mattress (1969) Polydor - Fat Matress II (1970) Polydor
45/Singles:Naturally/Iridescent Butterfly (Polydor 56352) 1969 - Magic Lanterns/Bright New Way (Polydor 56367) 1970 - Highway/Black Sheep Of The Family (Polydor 2058 053) 1970
Road - Road (1972) Kama Sutra
Noel Redding Band - Clonakilty Cowboys (1975) RCA - Blowin (1976) RCA
45s/Singles: Roller Coaster Kids/Snowstorm ( RCA 2662) - Take It Easy/Back On The Road Again (RCA PB 9026)

Book - Are You Experienced? (Redding/Appelby)Fourth Estate Books
More about Noel


Ref: Trevor Willliams "The Lonely Ones" Telecaster
Hi Chris

My name is Eric Barnett. I live in Glasgow, I am doing research for a friend who may have a guitar that was once owned by Trevor and am keen to get in touch with him to establish if this is the case. The guitar is a 1964 Fender Telecaster. I wonder if you know a contact number, email or contact address for him. If you do, could you let him know and ask if he would be kind enough to forward his email address to me. This is a genuine enquiry - my friend is a fellow musician and has got me interested in the history of this guitar. I appreciate that I may just be on the wrong track, but I have got this far and would like to see it through! If Trevor agrees, I will send him all the information I have which have led me believe (hope!) that I am not on a wild goose chase. Your site is top class - wish we had something llike it up here! Hoping to hear on this enquiry Regards


Ref: Fender Telecaster owned by Chris Adams, who is a musician, hoping to contact Trevor Williams(ex lonely Ones, The Joint, Judas Jump) who may have owned the guitar at one time.
Received a reply from Caesar Glebbeek, a Hendrix expert. This was intriguing because there no mention of Hendrix on my post: but he's correct, there IS a Hendrix connection. In his subsequent emails he has suggested that there indications that this could be the Telecaster used by Jimi on the Purple Haze sessions.

We have not as yet been able to contact Trevor Williams, but we contacted his friend John "Andy" Andrews. Who indicated that Noel Redding's Telecaster, which he had traded with Trevor had had a pschedelic paint job. . Obvoiusly, we don't want to intrude on peoples privacy, but this could have real historical significance and any suggestions you could make to progress matters would be appreciated. If you know any guys who know and played with Trevor and, of course, photographs of Trevor and/or Noel redding with the Telecaster, would be of great help.


Jim Leverton
Taken from Mick Abrams Photo Albumborn James Leverton, 1946, in Dover, Kent
The Big Beats - The Burnettes - The Lonely Ones - The Loving Kind - The Hump - Fat Mattress - Juicy Lucy - Ellis - Hemlock - Frankie Miller - Savoy Brown - Leo Sayer - Joe Brown And The Bruvvers - Steve Marriott & Blind Drunk - Steve Marriott & Packet Of Three - Majic Mijits - Blodwyn Pig - Jim & Geoff - Caravan - Currently working with: Caravan, Jim Leverton & Geoff Richardson.
Career Review

John Scott Cree
A prolific musician and proactive entrpeneur that spent some time in Kent and left his influence.
Go to his website at

1969-70: Dover: resident Railway Club, Crabble - Frank Horton Trio; Pipe & Twee (acoustic with Ray Cooke)

1971-73: Bill Barnacle Quartet; depping Martin Brown Band, depping Bod Bowles Jazz Band - Louis Armstrong, Dover playing jazz, blues

Trevor Williams Folkestone
Bands: The Avengers became The Dukes of Earl - The Nothings - The Lonely Ones - The Joint

Derek Knight Folkestone:
Deceased January 2005
Bands: The Loving Kind - The Lonely Ones - The Avengers became The Dukes of Earl thenThe Nothings

Pete Kircher
From a record coverFolkestone - Vocalist & Drummer
The Loving Kind - The Burnettes - Lonely Ones - Honeybus - Pete Dello And Friends - Shanghai - John Du Cann - L.E.X, - Andrew Mathieson, The Original Mirrors - The Nolans - Matchbox - Status Quo - Rossi/Frost

Discography: Loving Kind -Accidental Love/Nothing Can Ever Change This Love 1966 - I Love The Things You Do/Treat Me Nice-June 1966 - Ain't That Peculiar/With Rhyme And Reason September 1966
Delighted To See You/The Breaking Up Scene June 1967 - Do I Figure In Your Life/Throw My Love Away October 1967 - I Can't Let Maggie Go /Tender Are The Ashes March 1968 - Girl Of Independant Means/How Long- September 1968 - She Sold Blackpool Rock/Would You Beleive May 1969 - Story Album February 1970 - Story/The Night To Choose-March 1970 - She Is The Female To My Soul/For Where Have You Been- March 1972 - For You/Little Lovely One March 1973 - At Their Best CD August 1989-
Pete Dello And Friends -In Your Ears- Album 1971- In Your Ears -CD Reissue September 1989-
Shanghai - Album December 1974 - Candy Eyes-November 1975 - Shakin' All Over/Nobodys Fool January 1976 - Fallen Heroes Album February 1976-
L.E.X (Liverpool Express) -I Want Nobody But You/You Lied I Cried February 1979 - L.E.X Album March 1979 - Games People Play/Don't You Knock Upon my Door March 1979
Andrew Mathieson -True Romance/Johnny Let's Run June 1979 - Monteray Shoes- Album October 1979 - My Girls/Johnny Let's Run November 1979
The Original Mirrors -Could This Be Heaven/Night Of The Angels November 1979 - Boy's Cry/Chains Of Love December 1979 - Original Mirrors Album February 1980 - Dancing With The Rebels/Sure Yeah March 1981 - 20,000 Dreamers/Time Has Come June 1981 - Heart Twango And Raw Beat Album July 1981
The Nolans
Who's Gonna Rock You/Better Late Than Never November 1980
Status Quo
Dear John/I Want The World To Know March 1982 - 1+9+8+2
Album April 1982 - She Don't Fool Me/Never Too Late
June 1982 ( A Side) - Caroline (Live At The NEC)/Dirty Water Jealousy/Calling The Shots( not released) -Caroline (Live At The NEC)/Dirty Water October 1982 -1+9+8+2 CD Reissue May 1983 - Ol Rag Blues/Stay The Night September 1983 - A Mess Of The Blues/Big ManOctober 1983 - Back To Back
Album & CD Released November 1983 - Marguerita Time/Resurrection December 1983 - Caroline (Live At The NEC)/Dirty Water Going Down Town Tonight/Too Close To The Ground May 1984 - Live At The NEC Released July 1984 - The Wanderer/Can't Be Done October 1984 - 12 Gold Bars Vol. 2
Album November 1984 (Not all tracks) - Never Too Late/Back To Back CD Reissue (On Back To Back only) - If You Can't Stand The Heat/1+9+8+2 CD Reissue February 1991 ( Only 1+9+8+2)
Modern Romance (I Want To Fall In Love Again)/I Wonder Why
May 1985 - Jealousy/Where Are You Now October 1985

More Discography at

Robin Hatcher (aka Kane Lynton)
Bands: The Fyrebyrds - Cossaks -
Carlos The Singing Milkman
Carlos Gimenez grew up in Muniesa, Spain. He was taught to play guitar by his father, also a musician.
Carlos performed in many famous clubs all over the world and appeared on radio and television. He married an English girl and settled down to family life in Folkestone, Kent.

Carlos was employed as a roundsman by Northern Dairies. Due to his friendly Anglo/Spanish character he soon became loved by the people of the streets as well as the clubs. He would occasionally sing to his lady customers as they leaned over their balconies or peered over the hedge as he went about his work. It was they that begged him to make a record. Carlos also wrote stories and plays and wanted to be accepted as an actor, he would get furious if his work was turned down. The Breakaways asked him to play the part of a spanish train attendant on their recording "Monte Carlo", he was of course pleased to do it. Carlos was asked to be rude to his customers in this part and in fact got very angry when encountering the attitude he was to act against. He played the part so well that he was extremely embarrased about what he had said. The band were so pleased with his work they refused to have it altered in any way. I wonder what he said? None of the crew spoke Spanish.

Discography: Carlos The Singing Milkman - OLE 1 EP..My Hapiness 'Dame Felicidad' / Rumores / Maria Elena / Jean / Pajaro Choguy 'Choguybird' - Red Admiral Records - (Ole 1) 1981 Carlos Gimenez Guitar and vocals. - Carlos has since passed away

Ian Taylor
Folkestone - Lead guitar
Bands: The Trespassers - The Wild Sect - Lonely Ones
Then Tim (Trespassers) remembered that the Mirror had run a story about a lad from his road (Surrenden Road, Cheriton) about this guitar mad kid who'd runaway to London/Liverpool to try to get into a band. We tracked him - Ian Taylor - down, persuaded him to come home; practised one night and played the next! ....Mick Cork
Ian Taylor was inexperienced but an excellent musician who went on to replace Noel Redding in the Lonely Ones (yes he was that good) before becoming a doctor of music and all kind of other clever things, connected with various universities and music schools. I knew Ian at Harvey, finally managed to catch up with him at a hall on the wall at Dymchurch playing with the Lonely Ones in the mid 60's......E

Neil Landon

Neil Landon / Burnett / Pat Barlow born Neil Cahill, 28.8.1941, in Kindford, Sussex
Bands: Rolling Stones - Pat Barlow and The Cheetahs - Neil Landon and The Burnettes - The Ivy League - The Flowerpot Men (Lets Go to SanFrancisco) - Fat Matress

Pat Barlow and The Cheetahs- Single? , Somewhhere Over the Rainbow

Solo career Singles:
Waiting Here For Someone/I've Got Nothing To Lose (Decca F 12330) 1966
I'm Your Puppet/I Still Love You (Decca F 12451) 1966

An excellent review of Neil Landon & The Burnettes can be found at

Henry McCullough
Henry is one of the worlds great guitarists and has spent his time playing all over the world. For a while he resided in Folkestone and made a lot of friends here. During his stay he gigged and recorded with our local stars. Bands and people he has been in or worked with are to many to list here but we have listed some notables below. There is also a link to to his own website and discography.

The Sky Rockets - The People - Eire Apparent -Sweeney's Men - Joe Cocker - The Grease Band - Paul McCartney and Wings - Roy Harper - Marianne Faithfull - Leon Russell - Ronnie Lane - Donovan - Andy Fairweather - Lowe - Spooky Tooth - Viola Wills - Bobby Harrison - Gerry Lockran - Hinkley's Heros - Snooker - No Rush (1984) Eric Bell - Frankie Miller - Denny Laine - Eric Burdon - Tim Rice - Andrew Lloyd Webber - Pink Floyd - Last Bandits - Rosetta Hightower - Fleadh Cowboys - Teresa Brewer - Terry Clarke.
Henry's Website

Steve Wise
Bands: Fury - Gizmo - Arthur Kays Originals -

Bob Hiscocks
Rhythm guitar
Bands: The Daltons - The Lonely Ones

Jon Bryant
Bass guitar - Bands: Enry - Doubletime - Touchwood - Tripletime

Barry Catt


Bands: The Clovas - The Eavesdroppers - Jaspa - Sky High - Gary Dean Band - Second Site - Freeway - Revival - Doubletime - Touchwood - Tripletime.

Solo career as "Barry More" started about 1984

Barry's website site and history can be found here

Hello Chris,

I was just looking at your site and drowning in lost memories when it struck me that I didn't tell the world that I had done it a favour and retired from live performance after a gig at the Hythe Conservative Club on September 6th 2003.

When I did my first paid gig at the Wellington Club in Sandgate on December 23rd 1972, I was certain that when (and if) I ceased gigging, I would go out with a bang that everyone would hear because I would be at the top of my profession! Unfortunately, I went out with a faint whimper - way past my sell-by date.

Please convey my thanks to all the characters who supported me over the years, all the people who I had the pleasure of working with and, finally, please convey my apologies to all those who had to suffer my apathy during the slow realisation that I was not giving my best any longer.

I now (de-)compose in my loft - a far more enjoyable experience for me and the public (they only need to hear me if they want to) and have had a bit of radio, TV and film play. If anyone would like to hear my jottings, they can go to and have a listen.

Good luck for the future,

Barry Catt.

Beau Kent
Mid 60's
Beau Kent and the Loosends - Cortinas (ii)
now resides in Thailand

Roger Moore

Pete Butterfield - Folkestone

Pete was in many bands over the years including:

Latest Band - Risky Business
Starter Band: The Four Cosmonauts - The Tobyjugs - Cheetahs........-
Peter died Aged 63 in July 2011 but started writing his incomplete story.

His wife Caroline would be pleased if you fill in some gaps. Please email her at

PDF FILE and pictures - Here

Mick Wibley -



Bands: The Daltons - The Lonely Ones -Thunderbeats-





Rick Whalen
Reg Laws Band
Second Chance
Sugar Loaf Boys

Rick Whalen has played in many good groups over the years and a little shy of exposing himself here but he has a
really good group now (2005) called RIG (Rick, Ian and Glen - percussion by Kevin Richards) playing accoustic Roots and Blues.
Check their web site:

Jed Stacey (Drummer)

Bands: The Vampires 1965/6 - Harmony - Where's Brian in the 90's

Reg Laws - Folkestone
Guitar & Vocals

Bands: Pictures

Regulus - The Occasional One Band - Reg Laws Alibi - Rogue -


Chriss Hollingrake aka Chriss Hall
Drums and Vocals & Guitar

Bands UK: Uncle Bernies Bones - Mad World - Envy Sea - Citris - The Occasional One Band - The 46 String Thing- Roxoff - Sugarloaf Boys

Bands Oz: "Tickled Pink" which ran for 7 years and did some 1400 gigs - BSA (Bastard Sons of Adam)
G'day Chris,

I remember that trip to the studio in London with you and Citris ....particularly the four of us singing into a bucket. CITRIS was good fun...and you put in a lot....but things just would not happen (The band split before they got a deal)...remember how we almost landed a 49 gig european trip supporting Mott the Hoople...I think it was all the excitement about that...and then the disappointment when the Hoople broke up...that finally broke us's a long time ago...but fond memories all the same.

The Occasional One Band - Peter Claydon, Paul Davey, Bob Hodgeman, Dave (polecat) Williamson and myself. This was an all "original" band, damn shame I don't have any recordings of it. Did make the last 8 in the Melody Maker Competition in 75, not bad really when you consider there were some 5,000 bands entered, we went through with Barnacle, they were a great band. Peter Claydon left and was replaced by Reg Laws.

Finally a then and now pic of myself...of course you know me as Chriss Hollinrake...but over here in Brisbane I'm known as Chriss Hall. But back then apart from solo playing, I was in the following bands - Uncle Bernies Bones, Mad World, Envy Sea, Citris, The Occasional One Band, The 46 String Thing, Roxoff and the Sugarloaf Boys amongst other ventures. Over here I play mostly solo but had a couple of good bands "Tickled Pink" which ran for 7 years and did some 1400 gigs...and then there was BSA (Bastard Sons of Adam). I think I've got some pics of Roxoff I'll send you one when I find 'em...Spigs, Ray Barratt, Dave Bolton and myself.

I don't play for a living anymore but I do do gigs. I teach at a local college, Multimedia and specialise in image manipulation and web design...and I do a couple of days a week working as a graphic designer...and also teach guitar to a few private students...all of which keeps me very busy...hence I don't get time to record much. I'm gonna upload my site redesign soon...and I've included five songs on the site...but they're compressed so heavily to get them to stream over the net which totally spoiled the quality so that I might do them again bearing the compression in mind from the start.


Steve Skinner
Steve started in Ashford as a boy singing at Ashford working mens club. Dave Trot sold him his first Guitar and that was that.
Played in several bands, duos and solo all over the placein UK, toured Germany ,Italy.

Hi Chris
I know I grew up in Ashford, but I did live in F/stone between 1975- Jan.1983.
So I got to play with some great Muso/friends while I lived there. Chriss Hollinrake aka Chriss Hall,(Occasional One Band),(Citrus),(Rhondo) Kevin Bowyer (Marrondogs) (Smack Alley),Kenny Cox (More). Tick Brown and Mick Mumford from Dover (Cry Wolf), (Enry) Dave Green (Clasical), Paul Ovenden (Purple Pennants) and Graham Irving (Future),from Ashford. Spiggy and Beth (Duo). Dave Bolton and Vic Hollinrake (Citrus), Bob Blyth (Tickled Pink,Cry Wolf)too many to name. So as well as a lot of good jams, I remember the place very fondly. Say hi to all, and thanks again,
Steve King - King and Country -The Dynamic Duo. Saraband - The Future - Smack Alley - Cry Wolf
Left Kent for Oz in '83 where he plays regularly all over Queeensland

Brian Gould - Gizmo

Eddie Wheeler - Guitar & Vocals
Plus Four - Candy Choir - 1968 Vanity Fare

Vernon Woodward
Vernon Woodward ©Chris Ashman

Darrell Woodward
Darrell Woodward © Chris Ashman Echo

Bill Barnacle - Trumpet - Flugle Horn
Grand Daddy of Kent Jazzers

Bill Barnacle ©Chris AshmanBill has been active on the Kent Jazz scene since the late 50's and spawned some great musicians including his sons.
John Scott Cree writes:
From 1971 to the beginning of 1973, clarinettist Bruce Roberts and I joined trumpeter Bill Barnacle and his 14 year-old son Steve on bass, in the Bill Barnacle Quartet, playing every Thursday at Dover's music pub The Grapes. Bruce sometimes doubled on alto and tenor sax, and Bill played some electric piano. We improvised on anything except pop and had other musicians to sit in, including Mick Fox on harmonica, Jack Castle and Mick Morris from Mirkwood on guitars, trumpeter Ian Shawcross, and Steve's brother Gary on sax. Steve's younger brother, the talented 12-year-old Pete was too young to play drums in The Grapes, but was always around. The Barnacles' friend Nick Headon played drums with us on our first gig and Dick Lonergan and Chico played drums a couple of times, but apart from those 3 occasions we made a point of playing without a drummer, to make Steve and me work enjoyably harder. Some of these musicians went on to perform with The Clash, Tina Turner, Ian Gillan, Rick Wakeman, Queen and Basil Brush among others.

The Bill Barnacle Quartet played a memorable (for the wrong reason) mini jazz festival at Nero's night club in Ramsgate. We were badgered by an inebriated woman and her over-bearing escort to let her sing Hey ba ba ree bop with us. We refused because we weren't playing that kind of music, it wasn't that kind of evening and the woman didn't look up to it. However, we backed down eventually to avoid a scene. She was as bad as we had feared, crossing the beat and singing out of tune. We lost the audience within seconds. Ramsgate - a lot of people died there; I know how they felt

George Sketcher deceased 2009

Dover - Southampton
Saxophone - Tenor - Selmer Mk VI - Lawton 8*B - Bored out mouthpiece

George's career blossomed in the Royal Marines Band in Deal where he became The Lead Tenor Sax Player.
In 1976 George was chosen as the only low ranking Corporal ever to take a 12 piece dance orchestra to Stockholm for a Grand Ball & Concerts and also played the Lead Alto for a State Ball at the Paris British Embassy for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

Now in Civy Street. - 1970's to 1994
Own bands: (1) George Charles Combo - 4 piece Functions/Jazz (2) Sprectrum - 6 piece Function/Jazz (3) Whirligig - 6 piece Function/Jazz (4) Running on Ice - 5peice Jazz - Jazz / Rock Standards - Tenor, Keyboards, Bass, Guitar & Drums wrote all arrangements (5) West 42nd St - 14 peice Pop Rock & Jazz which was formed to prove that Pop could be played live. Lin-up Tenor & Alto Sax, Trumpet, Trombone, Lead guitar & Vocals, rhythm Guitar & Vocals, Bas Guitar, Keyboards & Synth, Piano, Girl Vocal, Girl Backing Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Effects. The Band only survived 5 gigs due to expense.

Played With: - Smax - Worthing Based Band with 2 singers; Shann Lee-Parker Soul band - Toured US bases & Clubs in Uk & Germany; Bod Bowles Jazz Band - Soprano Sax; Dave Corsby Big Band - Jazz - Lead Tenor & Soprano; The Passion - Soul, Rock, Jazz - Tenor; Hawkins Big Band - QEII - Tenor,Soprano & Clarinet; Phil Thomas Band - Cunard Princess - Jazz/Function; Topper Headon( Formerly Clash Drummer) Recording Band George put the band together and musicians were - Topper Headon - Drums; Gary Barnacle - Sax's; Steve Barnacle - Bass; Bert Osbourne - Guitar; Geoff Miller -Trumpet. 'Drumming Man' Got into the charts; Patchwork - 4 peice Function/Jazz; QEII Musicians Jazz Concert - Central Park New York. Naughty Thoughts
George has also enjoyed the luxury of doing solo's for many Bands.

Royal Marines Concert Wind Band - EMI & RCA
Europa Sound Studios Folkestone - Tenor & Alto Bills Bossa(Sketcher) For Film Breakaway to Shepway - Ritefilms;
Tenor - Play My Record / Sooty is a Rudie - Arthur Kay's Originals for Red Admiral Records (Nymph002)
Oakwood Studios Canterbury - With Shann Lee -Parker & Others
Buchery - Shann Lee -Parker
Deal Studios - Dave Corsby Big Band
Wessex Studios London - Topper Headon Band 'Drumming Man' Big Band arrangement by George Sketcher who played Tenor on 'A' side and solo on 'B' side Ducaine Rd (Mercury Records)
Cringe Music Production Library - Cringe 006 - Bills Bossa

George suffered the great illness and moved to Southampton where he is still playing, Sitting In at the University and Clubs he is again available to do occasional Soul, Jazz, Funk Rock Sessions. He says he won't ever give up due to Cancer.
Sadly the cancer won 26th September 2009

Bob Blythe

Bob Blythe ©Chris AshmanBands: Tickled Pink - Bob Blythe Band
Bob later moved to Australia where he did a bit of playing...unfortunately he died in 2002...RIP





Same For You - Bob Blythe by ToshMarshall

Richard Reyn aka Richie Bilious

Richard Reyn ©Chris AshmanCaptain Black - The Reyn Brothers - City Blues Band

Mick Rogers
Mick ©Chris Ashman Mick? - I don't know his name either, but he used to get up and sing Eddie Cochran numbers with us (Sky High, Gary Dean Band) at the Five Bells, Brabourne for nothing! .....bc

The mystery singer's name is Mick Rogers.
He used to get up at Stevidan gigs and sing Stones numbers. I believe he had a singles act, Gary knows him. .........ST





Ford Elliott
Bands: Fantasia - Chinagraph

Mick Morris - Guitar & Vocals - Dover.
Gibson SG Deluxe/Fender Stratocaster guitars/ Carlsbro Amp

Mick had been trying to get a band together with Les Godley and it wasn't really working out. so he accepted an offer to join The Rolling Stones, so Les formed his own band, The Big Beats
RollingStones - Playboys - Take 5 - Spectrum - Mirkwood - Sprinter - Easy Action - Icebreaker

More info about Mick Morris

Jack Castle- Guitar & Vocals
Burns Short-scale Jazz guitar (with various John Birch mods.) /Sound City Amp
Bands: RollingStones - Vikings - Playboys - Carl and the Invaders - Take 5 - Mirkwood - Sprinter - Easy Action - Icebreaker

Terry Hughes
Bands: The Avengers - Kayne Lynton & The Cossacks - The End

Terry was invited by school buddies at Brockhill School to join their band even though he couldn't play a note. He swopped all of his Adam Faith records to buy a Fenton Weil Bass guitar which he later sold to Terry Sexton of The Checkers. Terry has always said he was a busker and was not a very good musician in those days and appreciated the help given to him by members of the band. The Avengers originally being an instrumental band were soon looking for a singer, Terry tried and failed miserably, some of these problem led to him leaving the band and after a little practice formed the Cossacks in which he played lead guitar. The band was a success. As is normal the band reached a peak and then started disbanding, Terry joined The End as rhythm guitarist. The End were one of the most popular bands in South Kent during the middle to late 60's and picked up a huge following of girls. Terry has fond memories of his Watkins Copycat, Binson Echo, and Reslo ribbon mics, but like everyone else ended up with usual Fender Strat and Shure Unidyne III microphone.

Suppliers remembered - Arthur Seaton(Ashford), Lee & Doughty (Sandgate)

Ater a few years break Terry got back in the biz as a disc jockey in social clubs as 'Terry T' with Mike Hall (Scratchy Mick) set up MT Disco Show - Resident at the Black Bull until poached by the Rank Organisation to do 4 nights a week at the Sandgate Bar (Odeon Bar) by Tom Scannell the then bar manager.

In 1972 Terry and partners purchased the 'Talk of the Town Restraurant' in Tontine Street and tuned it into 'Stones' Burlesquteque? Terry changed his professional name to Lee Andrews, Then in 1977 he sold his share to Tom Scannell. The club is still there and now known as Pipers. Dave Shackle the spent some time there as the bar manager.

In the 2011 Terry reformed a band to remember The End and recorded a CD in 2013
Terry is a D.O.T. Approved Driving Instructor his firm is the Sandgate Driving School.

Len Lock - Guitar and Organ
Bands: Dave & the Downbeats - Vampires

Mick Hinton

Bands: The Haunters - Infinity





Les Sampson
Ashford - Cork
Bands: Couriers - Tree - Wild Colour -Tristram Shandy - Stray Dog - Brand Police - Road - The Noel Redding Band

Paul Samson - Lead Guitar Dartford Area - Pre - Samson

Roy Pratt

now called RoyAdams
Bands: Cossacks - JCB - Scandal - Antiques Roadshow - Danny - Stevidan
Roy passed away on 25th May 2013. Friends gathered after the funeral at the Grand Hotel for a musical send off.

First Band -------------Noel Redding- Jimi Hendrix - Roy Adams

John Funnel(bass) - Phantoms

Phil Waters(drums) - Phantoms

Nigel Blow (deceased 2010)


Bands: Orange Teacup - Porcelain Frog - Frogg

Nigel cousin of the Sinclair brothers (Caravan) started his musical career when he met Martin Judd at school.
1971 a tour in Europe was set up by Folkestone agent Dave Watkins Pocelain Frog toured between 1971/73 in Germany, Italy and Switzerland and even did a bit of Television.

In the late 70's Nigel found himself in Folkestone and visited the local recording studios operated by Chris Ashman. Nigel was disturbed to find no piano and arranged to obtain one. See The piano. Nigel introduced Mike Craig from Herne Bay to Chris and Europa Sound Studios was formed.

Ian Milton

Bands: The Checkers - The Mixed Feelings - The Mystics - Kriptkickers - Whispering Wind
Obviously got your message 15/4. Been too busy to get on the case. Perused in the early hours of this morniing and found the site interesting although some pieces are a bit out. It is my intentions before I die to get down on paper the historic story of my meteroric rise to failure, from unknown pop-singing greenkeeper to an even further unknown ace gigolo and then to a reasonably known coach driver!

The story goes back to a purchase of an Amphion single cut-away guitar and Bertie's Play in a Day book, obtained from Eddie Law for the crinkly sum of five English pounds. (A King's Ransom in those days, my boy!), who -by chance - lived next door but-a-couple from one Bobby Evans. Here beginith the tale!

Got to go now (a song?) as at my age the old prostrate check is needed and the tax man is coming around, and the car needs fixing.
Hey Ian perhaps you should consider sending it to a car donation place .......Ed

Will contact again with relevant details about Acid, Whispering Wind The Mystics, The Mixed Feelings, Raw Dog etc.(Is there any room on the site to mention all the beautifull women that used to throw themselves at the feet of us local icons?!)
Yes Ian, if you have the pictures to back up your claim..........Ed

Dave Ewer was the keyboard player of a band called Rare Bird. His father was Doctor Ewer who had a practice in Downs Road.

Mick Milton

Nick Milton Tomahawk - Gary Dean Band

Les Migles can still be found occasionaly playing a drum at pub open stage sessions in Broadstairs.

Rick Rossiter (Bass Guitar) deceased 2009 Tomahawk - Sick Note Blues Band

Chris Stace Tomahawk

Phil Allchin -


Last Orders - Denigh


DENIGH Pix by Rob Grain

John Everett

Bass & Vocals



DENIGH Pix by Rob Grain

Ian Devlin


The Watch



DENIGH Pix by Rob Grain

John Reagan


Denigh - Echo 11- Network (1988-92) - Pump Action



DENIGH Pix by Rob Grain


Ben Colgate (lead guitar)

Pete Barnett (drums)

Steve Blattman - (Guitar)

Steve Blattman has spent the last 30 years playing in local bands including :

Galaxy Tramp

Last Orders

Red House

Hippo Band and most recently the

Rhythm Doctors (1993) who are currently doing the pub circuit in Kent & Sussex.

Chris Mayfield

i my name is chris mayfield..I was active in the music scene in Kent ..Ramsgate and all along the coast and South London in the late 50's and on. I am still a working muso have just returned from 20 years in the U.S.A. am running a blues band out of the Gloucestershire area right now nationwide .but not in kent!!!!!!

Would be fun to track down some of thoses guys the last band i was in down there was called the "Moral Set". we did some recording with a guy called Wout Stienhouse {i think thats it} who was a BBCc guitar player living down in Broadstairs. I think think we cut a Soloman Burke tune ..long time ago.

also the guys who were in David Bowies band The Lower Third all came from Thanet........anyways i will give it some thought

you can contact me at or 01594..844..631 sounds like a fun project
adios chris mayfield

Tick Brown
copyright Tick BrownDover - Lead Guitar
Bands: - Dead Dogs Don't Lie - Enry - No Surrender - Miami - Scandal - Little Alligators - User Friendly

The Highlights, ( there is much more , 32 bands and counting but I`d be here all day ! )

Hi, my 1st notable band was BARNACLE ,I joined in the early 70`s. The band featured the 3 brothers Gary , Pete and Steve who later became
famous session musicians. The highlights of this were surporting many famous bands like E.L.O..HELLO, GEORDIE,GLITTER BAND and STACKRIDGE among others and playing at the B.B.C.`s Paris theatre and at the 1975 melody maker rock concert at The Roundhouse in London to 3,500 people. We also won the oppurtunity Knox roadshow at the Leas cliff hall hosted by Hughie Green.
I moved to London in late 1975 to join art rock band GLORIA MUNDI which was quite an experience getting my head around various costume
changes and make up all over my face.
The next project was a band called TORPEDO a heavey rock outfit . We played on the London pub circuit at places like The Bridge House . The Brecknoc, Fulham greyhound and The Green Man in Ilford to name a few.
After that I was asked to join THE TIGGER LIONS BAND and recorded a single with them. Tigger was previusly in a band called HUSTLER who got a mention in the guiness book of records for doing the most gigs in a year.In 1975 they did 362 gigs ,alot of these were surporting QUEEN on there world tour that year.
I moved back to Dover at the end of the 70`s to join DEAD DOGS DONT LIE , we recorded with Topper Headon of the CLASH and used him when he was available for live gigs because our drummer also played with Robin Knox Johnson from the VIBRATORS.
Next I thought I`d like to make some money out of this music industry so I joined FABEGE` a husband and wife caberet group and found myself in clubland surporting the MINI TONES , a duo featuring 2 dwarfs one of which was inside R.2.D.2. in the star war films !
Martin young the 1st BARNACLE singer contacted me to join his band `ENRY. This I did and had a great laugh for the next 3 years , the gigs were hillarious.
After `ENRY I formed CRYWOLF playing a set of original songs by Derek the singer and me. When Derek left we bcame NO SURRENDER with the famous Bob Blythe on vocals, or Bob the groaner as he was known after an accident between his neck and a gangplank.
We changed the name of the band to TICKLED PINK and when Bob left to go to Australia we recruited Andy Mcmurray thus starting a long and fruitful musical partnership between Andy and me.TICKLED PINK recorded a song by the keyboard player called Easy Now which had a lot of interest . People still ask me to play it today.
Next I jioned THE GARY DEAN BAND which then became MIAMI.
After a couple of years I was contacted by the Wisby brothers Martin and Clive and we formed SCANDAL. 6 years and nearly 1000 enjoyable gigs later in 1996 USER FRIENDLY
was formed and has been getting better year by year ever since. Also running in tandem to USER FRIENDLY I formed LITTLE ALLIGATORS with my wife Lisa and have also done gigs with GO BOB and LAZARUS.

Thats enough for now as I have writters cramp but the tale isnt over ,
the best is yet to come!

Tick Brown , 13:58 9th January 2008

Dave Martin SLR - Firestorm - Hell for Leather - Bluespell - Dave Martin Band - State of Play

Martin Young - Dover - Sax & Vocals
Bands: Barnacle - Styx - Enry - The Charlesworth-Young Band - Just Martin

Hi! Chris, I am Martin Young (ENRY) Frontman and Sax player with 'Enry'. Yes, I remember you coming down The Gate at Hythe and taking that picture. Do you remember the article that appeared in the Folkestone Herald? It sort of back fired on us! band was formed in 1979 when I lived in St Margarets at Cliffe.

The name 'ENRY' came about because Henry was the middle name of Pete and myself - we mucked about talking like 'Enry Cooper' and it stuck. Our band logo was based on a Don Martin cartoon character named Carbuncle that apperaed in 'MAD' magazine. We were the first Band to play at the Red Lion Inn at St. Margarets at Cliffe.
We split up in December 1981, when due to 'Maggie and her Hoods' the Railway Works at Ashford where I worked was closed, and I had to make the choice to move elsewhere (Derby) Strange to say, we've always kept in touch as friends and even resurrected ENRY in 1996 for a few months - 'hitting the road once at The Swingate'. Then, I got a job in Greece. To say the least I wasn't very popular again. I sing with Tick and Lisa's band Little Aligators from time to time as a guest - but that's another story.

I was lead singer with Barnacle before Roger Betts replaced me. The band after Barnacle was called 'The Charlesworth -Young Band' 1972 - 1975.
Again we played The Leas and the East Kent circuit.

I've got a lot more to tell you and lots of photos and anecdotes if you want them - not got time at present. Interestingly enough Mick Morris was in a band called 'The Rolling Stones' in the very early 60's in Dover, and his drummer was my old boss from Ashford Railway Works named Brian Scotcher. (give Mick a ring)

The Couriers lead singer was Steve Marriott, and the Bass Player was Dave 'Wiggy' Trott, from Ashford. Both worked at the Railway Works as Apprentices 1 year above me. Steve now with Live'N'Kickin - as for Wiggy tragically he died of cancer in the early 80', a loss to us all. The guy was an absolute NUTTER!

The influence of Gary Barnacle, David Bowie, Rory Gallagher and Andy Mackay led me to play the alto sax to be different from guitar based groups, and increase the range of different songs with sax riffs.  My first tutor was the late Tim Smye-Rumsby who was a Royal Marine bandsman, and my second was the late jazz musician Barry Cole.
I moved back to Kent in 1988 and regularly sang on Friday evening at the Headcorn Jazz Club with The Imperial Jazzmen.  I started performing my solo act as ‘Just MARTIN’ in 1993, going out with backing tracks on CDs.  Two of the tracks, ‘Baker Street’ and ‘Running with The Night’ were compiled in a studio with Tick playing the lead breaks; both recorded in one take.  Awesome!
One highlight in my musical career was appearing live on daytime TV from The Assembly Rooms, Derby on the first Tom O’Connor Roadshow in January 1987, where dressed in a pink and white Cowboy outfit, I sang a Goodies song called ‘Cactus in My Y-Fronts’!  What a laugh!

Pete Hourahane - The Mixed Feelings - The Vikings

Bill Regan
Bands: The Suspects - Henry - Trespassers - Mystics -The Mixed Feelings - State Organisation - Tristram Shandy - Captain Black



Keith Adams


Lead Guitar

Bands: Nomads - Vostoks -Thunderbeats - Infinity - Stevidan - Shambles









Geoff Hillion

Folkestone - Rhythm & Vocals
Bands: The Daltons - Thunderbeats

Geoff would like to thank Mick Whibley; Dave Mitchell, John Berry Keith "Coco" Adams, Dave Sheppard , Chuck, Noel Redding, Martin Jones, "Boz'' Leggett and Alan Andrews for their friendship in some of the best days of his life.
Geoff sadly died from a heart attack in Canada January 2012 ( info Dave Sheppard )

Geoff met Dave Mitchell around 1959-60;Geoff was playing Skiffle, Johnny Cash, early Elvis stuff on a accoustic. Dave had a solid electric and would fill in and play lead while Geoff played and sang in Daves apartment in Folkestone. Pretty soon they had enough songs that sounded reasonable so they decided to form a band. Geoff and Dave met up with a bass player John Berry and a drummer Chuck.
Chuck had a farming job and worked erratic hours and could not be relied on to be at practices so he turned out not to be reliable. John was great and as well as being a great guy, he had probably the best parents in the world. They used to let them practice in their house (even devoted a room where they could leave their gear set up in ) and endure the inevitable din that practices bring.
Pretty soon the band had a good list of songs up their sleeves and started to get gigs in pubs, dancehalls, villagehalls even some private functions,so they were off and running. Chuck could not make a very important gig one night so we begged Mick Whibley who was the drummer for the Lonely Ones at the time to help us out. He said he would do it for 25% and free beer,, we agreed to that but he didn"t know we pee"d in his free beer (just kidding}. Mick was the best drummer in the area at that time and greatly improved the sound of ''The Daltons". Mick decided to stay with us,so we had to let Chuck go because he was so unrealiable. Dave, Geoff, John and Mick were the "The Daltons". We played most of the venues around the Kent area {too many to mention}and had just the best time doing it.
Like most bands disagreements set in and "The Daltons'' split up and regrouped and became "The Thunderbeats''. Geoff and Mick joined up with Keith Adams and Dave Sheppard two great guys to form this group, Keith with his red Gibson added a great sound to the band {especially Chuck Berry numbers} Dave had a great personality and fitted in very well with the rest of us. The Thunderbeats were the most accomplished of the two groups mainly because of the experiences we picked up through the years and management from another great guy Allan Andrews."

Career Highlights ---Supporting Freddie and the Dreamers {Leas Cliff Hall} {we were told we were the better band.
Supporting Sounds Incorperated {Leas Cliff Hall}{couldn"t compete with the Brass back up}
Winning the Deal Football Club Rock Band competition {many, many, bands entered}

Band jokes ----Littlestone Golfclubs
The Daddylonglegs at the "Ship Hotel" New Romney -Mail:
Address: 3 Peacock Blvd, Port Hope , Ontario ,CANADA ,LIA2X2
Tel: Area Code 905-885 -8653
sad about Geoff i lost contact years ago but will always remember the Daltons with affection as they played all the music that appealed to me at the time in the very early 1960s. I used to look forward to our weekly trip to the club in Cheriton on a Tuesday night at the rear of the CO-OP shop now gone and part of the shop itself. .... Les Freathy

Ray Fairbrass
- Bands: Just Four - Satans
great singer/bass player

I would like to know what he`s up to these days. ...Mick Janisch. ( Koalas).

Dave Legge (Lee) deceased January 2012

Canterbury - The Swinging Secrets, The Others, The Ways And Means and Chaucers Tales

Dave Lee MBE
Dave started his career as a drummer and had several records released (well escaped) and then went on to join a comedy show band. From there he launched himself on an unsuspecting world as the Dave we all know, as one of the countries top stand up comedians. A Panto Legend who appeared at 16 productions at the Marlowe Theatre

His Dave Lee's Happy Holidays charity has raised more than £2 million since 1994 for sick and disabled children. His efforts were rewarded with an MBE in 2003 and was to be made a Freeman of the City of Canterbury on January 31st 2012

Dave was nominated in the British Comedy Awards. He is equally at home working in Theatre, After Dinner Speaking, Conferences, Cruising and Television Studio’s or in the middle of a war zone entertaining the troops. He is a truly versatile entertainer.

In Dave's Words
It all started with a kit comprising of bass drum (with only front skin) a snare drum and high hat and a really tatty cymbal all bought from a lad in Chartham (Robin Arnold) for the princely sum of for £5 all wrapped up in a mattress cover! I remember practising to a record player in my Mums front room at the tender age of fourteen.

I was invited to audition for a group at Littlebourne village hall, I set out on the bus from Chartham to Canterbury then by train to Littlebourne carrying my drums only to be told after playing Apache that i bought a brand new meaning to the word crap! (or words to that effect) They could talk, two guitars and mikes through a watkins domenator. My great escape, or am i just bitter/ The latter i expect.!!!!!!!!!!
Never give up.
I then discovered Arthur Seatons music shop in Ashford WOW my first experience of a real music shop, he always greeted you with a "Good day squire" and then set about selling you your dream kit, in my case a white pearl unnamed full kit, I've arrived (poor boy i was fifteen) what a great day. This was followed by a Trixon kit (crap fittings) but looked fantastic, i chose Trixon after Tony (Sounds Inc) let me have a go on his kit after i saw them play at the Dreamland Ballroom one Sunday night, then came a black pearl Premier kit which i used until i sold them to my mate Buster Osmond!
I am now the proud owner of a 60s Ludwig kit, have a look with my band The Bewildered Gentlemen, a fantastic bunch of elderly ex rockers.  

I have now discovered a real music shop Music Bay in Folkestone, its just like music shops should be, and run by all my mates led by Dave Hall, Athur Seatons love child!
Great. I guess we all started like this! All the best.
Dave Lee or Dave Legge. Burp!

I am looking for copy's of the three records released by The Ways and Means, can anyone help please?  
Many Thanks
Dave Lee
Dave passed away mid January 2012 after a short illness that forced him to pull out of the next Cinderella production at the Marlowe Theatre

I have just read Dave Lee's comments regarding Arthur Seaton's Music Shop in Ashford - what a brilliant music shop that was.
I bought my first expensive drum kit in there, a Premier Marine Blue Pearl kit, and Arthur Seaton took my old Olympic kit in part exchange. As it was in the days of calf drum heads he would frequently lap new heads on my snare drum and what a great job he did. Always a pleasant person to deal with, Dave's mention of the shop brings back many happy memories.
Gary Hyde
Margate 1962 - 1964

Dave Caswell
Rhythm Guitar
Bands:- The Checkers - Nomads - Vostoks - Thunderbeats - Stand-in for The Trespassers

Dave Pain

Trespassers - The Mystics -The Mixed Feelings - The Lonely Ones - The End - Renaissance Faire - Davey Payne and the Medium Wave - The Medium Wave

I came across this excellent web-site recently and it brought back many good memories, however the frightening thing was how many things I read about myself and people I played with that I have no recollection of. So here is a quick dip into the past from my perspective but if I have “mis-remembered” then please let me know (e-mail is

The ‘singing career’ started at the Harvey Grammar School and we created an unnamed band to do a couple of songs at the annual school concert – the songs were;
“I’m a Moody Guy” and “Just Because”. This led to the formation of the Trespassers.

To my mind the best bands in the area in the early days were the Sundowners and, although very different, the Lonely Ones with Noel Redding who were exceptionally good.

 I moved on to various local bands over the years: The Mystics    The Mixed Feelings and for a very short period of time The Lonely Ones and we played all over South East Kent mainly on our own but very often backing many of the big names of the day –some of whom were very good but others were surprisingly poor when seen ‘live’. In those days, and for some unknown reason, SE Kent was considered to be a very hard place to play and perhaps this is why so much talent came out of the area.
One of the gigs that we played as the Lonely Ones was the Albert Hall where we had an audience of 12,000 people which was great. I think the line up of the band  was me, Ian Taylor (lead guitar), John Andrew (bass guitar) and Laurie –Nu Nu Whiting (drums).

I then moved away from Folkestone and from singing but I missed it  and decided to return to Folkestone to create a new band to turn professional. I tried to entice various members of the End away from their established band but they convinced me to join them and they agreed to turn professional.

We re-launched ourselves as Renaissance Faire and turned ‘pro’ but unfortunately Phil Marriott (who was very creative) wanted to go to college and so he left the band at that stage. We played all over Southern  England and eventually we secured a record contract with Ember Records (their ‘star’ at that time was Glen Cambell who had a UK hit with Wichita Lineman) .

We cut a record which Kenny Lynch  wrote and produced called “A Walk in the Sunshine” ( too many trumpets!!) and the record company decided to call us The Medium Wave. I think the record sold about 28 copies in the UK but it was launched in Europe using different names such as Davey Payne and the Medium Wave and I once received a royalty cheque from Germany for about £3.50!!

Soon after this excitement I decided to give up singing and earn some prpoer money; whilst we were professional we made on average £8 per week each (not really enough to live on even in those early days). I went into the exciting world of Insurance and  did quite well –ending my days as a Director of a small UK Insurance Company but it was certainly not as fun as those early singing days I retired in 2004 and now live in Steyning in West Sussex. 
David Pain   August 2008

……references to Davey Payne and the Medium Wave can be seen by using a search engine on the web (not to be confused with Davey Payne who was a saxophonist with Ian Drury and the Blockheads)

.…….”A Walk in the Sunshine” - Rainy Day Mind: Ember Pop 1969-1974 can be heard on line by going to  HatchFM  (WFMU’s Hatch –Artists Played playlist -6 August 2005) –which comes up if you search for Davey Payne and the Medium Wave.

Andy Reynolds - Captain Black - The Reyn Brothers

Peter Ball
Played guitar with Valley Forge - left in 1975 after a gig at the East Cliff Pavilion.

Martin Vinson
Bands: The Avengers - Kriptkickers - The Lonely Ones - The Joint

Peter Frampton

Peter Frampton born April 22, 1950, in Beckenham, Kent, England. At the age of 10, Peter was in a band called The Little Ravens, playing the same bill with George & The Dragons, which included Bromley man David Bowie. Peter later played with The Trubeats then The Preachers, produced and managed by the Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman. At 16, Peter was recruited as lead guitarist/singer for The Herd. Then Humble Pie with ex-Small Faces singer/guitarist Steve Marriott.

Mark Taylor
G'day Chris

An ex pat here who relocated to Australia from Folkestone in 1980 aged 19.
I had 'played' a gig with the 'Moondogs' a Folkestone RnB band in 1978 and formed and rehearsed 'Purple Rump' a school band (Hillside/Wyndgate) and jammed with Denigh in 1978.
That was the Kent music side.
In oz I worked as a pro muso in two of this country's most popular touring bands through the 80s.
Do I count for your Kent muso list? Will send pic if so
Cheers , Mark Taylor

Mike Craig 
Studio and radio engineer

Jill Pryor

I worked on the Kentish Gazette/Kent Herald from 1966-72 and wrote loads of reviews of local bands in that time. I remember that I and a few of the other junior reporters who came and went (John Catt and Caroline Moulsdale are two names) put together a column which was in the Kent Herald every Wednesday. I expect it was called something like Disc Date!
I guess there are copies on microfiche in Canterbury Library.

If you were interested I wouldn't mind having a look for you - good excuse for a bit of nostalgia. I'm very busy so it won't be immediately, but in the next few months I could visit Canterbury and see what I can find. If you've already got this covered, fine.

Cheers, Jill Stevens (formerly Jill Prescott-Decie [first marriage]; nee Jill Pryor)

as usual thanks for your help. As long as I don't have to re-type your articles I will happy to expose a few more oldies email text or word docs are fine.....Ed

Nigel Stewart - Former Manager Leas Cliff Hall
I have just looked at your web site and in particular the Leas Cliff which I was involved in from 1972 to 1984 when I moved off to Weymouth

Remember fondly the association with Andrew Macpherson from the early days with Expedition and then when I asked him to get more involved with gigs. [He was remakable at finding bands at short notice when we were let down by bands not showing]

Other bands and people were Pete Brown, oh what fun we had, Pete was in my house nearly every day drinking loads of coffee and telling tales, Roger Betts, Bill Barnacle "Blue Horizon" Jimmy Tagford the list goes on.

Great Website I will continue to visit it

Nigel Stewart

George Harland

George was born in 1926 and served in the Intelligence Corps 1944-48. Trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 1949-50 - Deceased 2013

His first proffessional appearance August 1950 was followed by reportory experience as an actor and director throughout England, Scotland and Ireland, then touring as an actor in England and Southern Ireland. Appeared in "Judith" at her Majesty's Theatre 1962, Various TV credits for BBC and ITV.

Since 1973 George brilliantly performed a series of Solo performances as Charles Dickens, recreating the authors own performances of scenes from his novels and now has the largest reportoire of any Dickens performer. Performing as Charles Dickens, George was under exclusive contract to P&O crises working on the "Sea Princess" for 2 1/2 years. George has toured his Dickens show five times on the USA East Coast and performs at most British Arts Festivals. Now residing in Folkestone.

Audio recordings available "A Christmas Carol" - "Nicholas Nickleby" at Dotheboys Hall. - "Sikes & Nancy" (the murder from Oliver Twist)

Sike & Nancy was recently performed for Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theatre in a recreation of Dickens final performance.

Roger "Twiggy" Day

It all started with an appearance on Southern TV's Pop The Question hosted by Muriel Young. It was a panel game where members of the public joined teams of pop stars to answer questions on pop music. It was recorded in October 1965 at the Winter Gardens, Margate. Guests were the Fortunes and Chris Andrews. As a result of this he was offered the resident DJ spot at Dreamland, Margate. Soon he was also spinning discs at the Starlite Ballroom in Herne Bay.

In Spring 19666 Roger was hired by a new pirate station Swinging Radio England.
While on shore he was compere at the Uppercut Club in Forest Gate owned by the boxer Billy Walker. While there he introduced one Jimi Hendrix on only his second appearance in Britain.

Radio Caroline was the next stop in 1967 where the nickname "Twiggy" was adopted.
Another shipmate was Johnny Walker now of Radio Two.

When Caroline ceased broadcasting in March 1968 Roger went to the legendary Radio Luxembourg where he stayed until he left to compere the Beach Boys European Tour, which also featured local groups Vanity Fare and Candy Choir. During this period he was voted one of the top five disc jockeys in Britain

After that he created a mobile roadshow that played at most venues in Kent, and still makes selected appearances today. Another award came along as being the best live disco.

In 1970 it was back to the ships again with Radio North Sea International.

Since then he has worked at radio stations in Manchester, Birmingham, London and Cornwall. In 84 Roger returned home to Kent for the launch of Invicta Radio where he stayed until 1992. Then to BBC Kent.

Now he is a freelance broadcaster and hopes to return to the airwaves of Kent soon.


Well I've had the most amazing couple of weeks. Starting with the Radio Caroline Staff reunion on the 28th March 2004. This was one of the best days of my life, you know the sort that is one of those real special but unrepeatable days. I attach a favourite picture taken at the event with myself , The Admiral Robbie Dale and Sir Johnnie, the first time the three amigos have been together since March 68. As you can see we have retained our boyish good looks!!!!!!!! Great to see JW looking so good. You see when you have fought governments, Cancer is no problem.

Then it was up north for the thirtieth anniversary of Piccadilly Radio.
Back down to Essex for the broadcasts on Pirate BBC Essex on a lightship in Harwich Harbour. Don't know if you heard any of it, but well done to the Beeb for a fitting tribute to offshore radio. It was fantastic fun and the reaction from listeners was incredible. Sure proves that there are a lot of people who don't like what is on offer on Brit Radio.Pity it can't be permanent.
Which brings me to ask, would you like my Caroline shows to adopt that format or leave then as they are. Or perhaps a mix of the two.

Photo by Mary Payne at the Radio London Website
Finally it was down to the Riga Bar Southend for the Fortunes Gig and great to meet so many of our wonderful listeners.
What a couple of weeks. Don't think my liver could take that sort of treatment too often though.
Anyway back on Caroline this Saturday at 3.00 pm, then BBC local radio in the south and south east on Thursday 29th, Friday 30th and Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May 19.00-22.00 plus Radio Kent Saturday 1st May sitting in for Dave Cash at 18.00-21.00
Oh yes, almost forgot my birthday was in the middle of all that as well.
Best Wishes

Roger Day

Miles Robert Wilson - disc jockey on the pirate radio ship, Radio Caroline.

Miles involvement witht Caroline in the 70's to operate the Mi Amigo Roadshow then left for Denkmark where he also operated as a Dj in the clubs. He became a BBC Reporter and broadcaster and worked on local stations. In 1998 he moved to Malta where he again along with his wife Michele operates the Roadshow across the island. Finding music for his shows should not be too difficult witha library of 49,000 records.

Michele is the brother of Tim (Magic) Hughes.

Eddie Austin -
Holds record for the largest fine given to a private pirate radio operator.

Eddie was one of the main creators of Shepway Sound, White Cliffs Sound and Thanet Sound Radio .He was an important part of the team that won the franchise for Neptune Radio, broadcasting to Folkestone and Dover in Kent. Sadly it lost it's independance when later absorbed into KMFM. Eddie now lives in Kuala Lumpa

Eddie Austin from Dover, Kent, born 5th September 1949. Like many of his generation, Eddie was fascinated by the offshore stations of the sixties. As a 16 year old student, he planned to launch a part-time station, Radio Dover, from a friend's cabin cruiser although, sadly, this came to nothing. In early 1970 he met Steve & Debbie England, as both he and they had local mobile disco businesses. At the time Eddie was sharing a flat with Robin Adcroft and together they operated the land-based pirate Channel Radio. Eddie takes up the story a few years later: “In early March 1974, Steve asked me to visit the MV Jeanine to assist Andy Anderson with engineering and present the Yawn Into Dawn show (on Radio Atlantis). As my wife was expecting our first child it was agreed I would only stay a few weeks.” Eddie remembers one funny incident whilst on board: “I decided to do some spring cleaning after coming off air at 6am. I picked up what I thought to be some rags in my cabin. Later that day Dave Rogers was quite upset when he could find his underwear!! On my departure from the ship, I was given a stack of 10 inch open-reel tapes and asked to record shows to be used as ‘storm tapes’ for when the sea got too rough to play records. As these recordings could not contain time checks or any reference to chart positions, I decided to make up comedy sketches between the songs.” As well as being used in times of rough weather, Eddie says these were also transmitted sometimes late on Saturday nights, after the chart show. He also helped Atlantis in other ways: “When the station needed urgent supplies from the UK, I would send them on the Townsend Thoresen ferries at Dover and they would be collected by A.J Beirens in Belgium (who held a senior position for the shipping line at that time). A.J. ensured they got onto the tender out to the ship. During Atlantis' last week on air, in August 1974, my wife gave birth to a daughter. We named her after the station's ship, Jeanine. News reached the station and her birth was announced on air during the final hour. In my opinion Atlantis was the most fun-loving and imaginative of all the seventies radio stations. It was so sad the audience was limited by such a low powered transmitter.” After the closure, Eddie brought back Channel Radio but was taken to court and fined a then record £250. He formed a company to bid for a local radio franchise. This resulted in Kent's Invicta Radio. He later put together another group to bid for an East Kent license and Neptune Radio was launched in September 1997. Eddie says “In 2001 I decided to sell my shares and move to Malaysia. Neptune is now part of the KMFM group.

Tommy Vance

Tommy Vance born Richard Anthony Chrispian Prue Hope-West, 11.7.1940, in Eynsham, Oxon died 6.3.2005, in Kent.

Not only was he a great pirate radio presenter, but was involved in early formation of the Folkestone disco scene in the early 70’s and co-owned a record shop in the Old High Street..

Legendary rock radio DJ Tommy Vance died of a stroke in the early hours of Sunday March 6th 2005. He was 61 years old and had one of the most recognisable voices in radio. Tommy's career began in the early 60s in US radio followed by a successful stint with Radio Caroline South where he made his UK debut in 1966.
Read more about TV on radio's career, tributes from Radio Caroline DJs and listeners, and links to other tribute pages on the web by clicking here.

Tommy was in partnership with Seventies Disco DJ Johnnie Scott (aka John Scotchmer) in a record shop called Scenic Sounds in the Old High Street (near the Earl Grey pub). I believe Tommy had put up the money while John managed the business on a day-to-day level. Later John was promoted to entertainments manager at the Grand Hotel and left the partnership: his place was taken by Gary Fowler. (Eventually, Mike Oliver took over the business).

Tommy used to turn up regularly to see how his shop was doing, and would usually do the rounds of Seventies and some of the other local night clubs.

When I was DJ at Seventies in 1973, we booked Noel Edmonds to make a personal appearance for what was then a huge sum - £1,000. (Noel was at that time the breakfast DJ on Radio One). However, his agent cancelled at the last minute, for reasons which were never fully explained (not to me anyway). Hundreds of people had bought tickets and we were in a fix. Johnnie Scott had the brainwave of calling upon Tommy Vance to come and do the gig at just a few hours' notice. Tommy was at that time helping to set up Capital Radio, which was due to go on air soon. He arrived in the nick of time accompanied by none other than Dave Cash. Between them they did an incredible show, and put away quite a bit of Fundador brandy - which is what we were promoting that night. Tommy's opening words were "We're here to tell you all about Fundador: it comes from Spain, where the boys say "Ole" ... and the girls do!"

Whether working as a DJ or as a voice-over artist, Tommy was one of the very best. He gave me much valuable advice which - though I never remotely achieved the heights that he did - has served me well in my own career.

Best regards Robin Quinn.......

Tommy's funeral took place 2.30pm Tuesday 15th March 2005 at Golders Green Crematorium in London N.W.11.

At last, thanks to BFBS Radio and Sanctuary, I've now been able to post a PODCAST of an archive interview I did with legendary DJ Tommy Vance in 1978. It lasts about 16 minutes and includes plays of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer <>, His greatest hit, and The original Flamenco. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the Podcast at

John Scott Cree
Horley, England

website -

some "new" JSC vids on Youtube of unreleased songs from the 1978 "Wivabandon" sessions:
Now is the hour - - track split for ease of Youtube etc loading with:   Young red eyes is back -   Jaded -   and a better quality edit of the pre-Christmas Rudolph (now that I'm getting the hang of it) at   If you enjoy, please spread the good word >  >John

Mike Brill

Mike Brill ©Chris AshmanMike Brill for some years presented the best Local Band Radio show in Kent. The show was called "Kent Rocks" on BBC Radio Medway and later BBC Radio Kent. The BBC dropped the programme, when they forgot they were supposed to be the Local radio Station for Kent people. Mike was originally an engineer for the radio station and ran the programme in his own time on Sunday nights, he is now a computer consultant.

Mike was a gentleman presenter even when his guests (2 or 3 Kent bands per show) would mis-behave.
Chris Ashman Writes:
I was fortunate to be on Mike's show in the 80's when he invited me to talk about the my studio and the Gig Guide. The next year I accompanied The Breakaways to Mike's Christmas show. The Breakaways turned up in Fancy Dress, including Roadies. Mike did not bat a eyelid, he just cooly introduced the boys as a fine young bunch of lads from Ashford who had been doing some recording at Folkestone recently. He was not really phased when a band member moonied through the control room window, he just said " my goodness" and went on introducing his next record.
About 8pm it started snowing very hard, everyone stayed a lilltle bit after the show and then decided to try and get home. I got home at 4.30 am. The band got stuck in a snowdrift at the bottom of Charing Hill and decided to walk. They were aprehended by a passing police patrol who wanted to know who this buch of fairys, gnomes, ghosts and Diddimen were doing up a lonely country lane at that time of the morning.

My next visit was with Winston & The Churchills after they won Battle of the Bands at the Leas Cliff Hall ( Mike was one of the Judges) complete with army uniforms and rifles loaded with party poppers. During my interview Winston burst into the studio and shot me in the eye with a "popper". a very painful experience. Mike was very concerned. He said later, " that he never, had anyone else shot on his show, however bad they were".

Ducky Petes - Willy - The Flat - - -

Ducky Pete "and friends" © unknown
Super Roady
40 years On Willy (Brian W. Wilson) has found us, he writes.
Dear Chris.
I just happened to Google a name and came upon your web site, I was Fascinated! 
Names from the past  kept coming at me!
I was Willy who you describe as the first lead singer of URF who <couldnt get the hang of it> I believe the original lineup of URF was Ellis, Bob, Roy Pratt and Myself.
(Could be, I took the job that night in a band called Infinity . URF was months later....Chris)

I started in the Folkestone Music scene as a roady with the Cossacks, then went with Pete Taylor and Roy Pratt to The End and then Roady with Rennaisance Faire.before moving to live at the Flat in Bouverie Road East with Ducky Pete and becoming involved with Bob Hodgeman who lived with his mother on the floor below.
I would like to get in touch with Bob if he is still around also Pete (Spud ) Taylor and Roy Pratt (Adams) who I went to school with. If you know of their whereabouts, please give them my Email address.

Do you remember the time when we went to see the Moody Blues at Bridge Country Club in your old Bedford van and they didn't turn up and we got stuck in the snow on the way back to Folkestone? (Oh yes I will never forget that night - We were supposed to be discussing a record deal and ended up stranded at Capel Le Ferne in 5 feet of snow - It was scary...Chris)

Well i am still married to Lyn who was with us on that trip. And I can definately say I was in the Hillside Club on the 31st of December 1966!

Hoping for some type of reply.
Brian W Wilson

The only known pictures of Pete (left and in the towel) with Nick Ashman, Ellis Pelham - Glasby, Pete Sewell ( seen here sporting "Virgin Socks") and Willy. He was a quiet sort of bloke who had a flat in Bouverie Road East at the top of a large house. The flat was used as a meeting place for the hoards of his friends and the other people living there. The landlord probably gave up on the property after he saw the psychodelia painted on the walls, and a bed in every space except the lounge which was always full of colourful people and foreign students ( studying Englands youth?)

We invite you to write the stories about " The Seance", "Clean Sheets", "Willy's Cooking" Bob Hodgeman's habits and sayings. All these stories may have to go past our solicitor before we publish, you've been warned.


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